Child rapist gets 13 years

Child rapist gets 13 years

There are 41 comments on the Evening Sun story from Nov 12, 2010, titled Child rapist gets 13 years. In it, Evening Sun reports that:

The man accused of raping a 3 A1 2-year-old girl at his York Springs apartment was sentenced Friday to up to 30 years in state prison.

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Bryn Mawr, PA

#21 Nov 15, 2010
Keep in mind Karma is a b*tch and if the ex wife did set this up it will come back to bite her in the A**.

Lancaster, PA

#22 Nov 15, 2010
Castrate the sick perv ... better yet put a bullet in his head, these kind of people never change. To them an innocent child is attractive. Just shoot him.

United States

#23 Nov 15, 2010
haha wrote:
mitch, i dont put my name for the same reason i shouldnt even be wasting my time now. its for the people like you and everyone else acting like they know more than the people involved! if he was given a fair and equal trial and was able to make his side known...then things would be a lot different! what do you expect to happen when you go up against the state with a public defender? seriously?!?! would you expect to win?? its hard to win against the state period, let alone when you have a public defender who isnt willing to fight for you. and actually i was there the night his ex wife heather claims this happened so yes, i do know its bull. and to "my thoughts," do you usually just read PA's papers just to make ridiculous comments? everyone just needs to keep their comments to themselves cuz this will be turned around and his story WILL be told. i used to be the same ignorant type of person and believed what i read and all that. after experiencing how a trial really is for a defendant and seeing how a "lawyer" can be, and reading all this mess...i only believe half of what i read and ALL of what i see. you people need to do the same!
Can he appeal ? I know public defenders are useless.
Concerned Citizen

Mifflintown, PA

#24 Nov 15, 2010
I wonder if Haha and Concerned Mother would allow this man to babysit their young daughters, younger sisters, or granddaughters? If so, they are even bigger fools then they appear here!

Hanover, PA

#25 Nov 16, 2010
HAHA is defending this man because her second child belongs to the child molester and she doesn't want to comprehend that she had sex with... and got pregnant by a child molester, while she was married to another man.. Now he won't be able to pay her bills anymore and it really hurts:( HAHA it will be ok!! He is in a "safe place" where his asshole will be taken care of now... and he will not be able to molest your daughter... or son that you kept your kids around everyday. I'm so glad your children are safe now! Thank you Lord that this bastard is in JAIL!!

Hanover, PA

#26 Nov 16, 2010
I just want everyone to know that I was a regular citizen in the court room while this jury sentencing was taking place both days. I don't know anything more incriminating than ANDREW D. HERSH himself saying on recording that "he touched her (the baby's) butt and became aroused by it" And "I picked her (the baby)up in the shower and rubbed my penis against her vagina until I ejaculated" and much more that shouldn't be disclosed... People just don't make things up like that and let the police record them saying it even if they've been in a room for two weeks being interrogated! He was only in the interrogation room for several hours... He is Definately guilty! I knew him in High School. He was always a nerd and always looked like a child molester. He and I hung out one time in middle school and I knew he wasn't right ever since then. We never hung out again. He deserves to be in jail and he needs help. He is a very bad liar and he is SICK!!
the fizzle

Hanover, PA

#27 Nov 16, 2010
REALLY and MITCH: This bastard had a real lawyer for the first two years in the case. His lawyer could no longer do anything to help his lies. Andy's family paid almost $70,000 to get himself out of trouble. His new girlfriend's mother then took out a second mortgage on their house to pay more $ to the lawyer who had already told him he was done. After the lawyer who was smart and milked every dollar out of him "I should say his family" bounced, he was stuck with the public defender! HAHA failed to mention that part! The sad thing is (for him) not the baby He had a 6-10 year plea but he gave it up to prove to his long life dreamed to be girlfriend that he was innocent! He would have done ANNNNYthing for HAHA. Afterall, She has his second child. She will never want to believe what he has done, because she can't fathom that she had sex a child rapist and got pregnant by him. She did not have a MAJOR role in the case. she was a character witness. Just there to say that he would never do that.(PUN to describe HAHA is like one of those mothers who never wants to think that their child did anything wrong, mean while every other mothers are WATCHING the kid do the accused, And when the other mothers tell his mother, she says, "my child would never do that" you're lying!) The only safe thing that we do know is now HAHA's children are now safe, and that is the important thing. Andrew will get what he deserves, and it definately won't be 13 years in prison. He will never make it that long before they kill him! I knew the Andrew, I knew that the day he was accused the way that he acted, that he was guilty! I think it is SICK that his family can turn on their own grandaughter and call her the LIAR! There was no brainwashing involved. The only thing that they had to do thanks to the great dad that Andrew was remind her of what had happened over and over again because Andrew was too much of a pussy to take punishment for what he admitted to. Andrew tried to rely on getting out of this his by daughter testifying against him and messing up what she said had happened.(The family didn't remind her! Her councilers who were there to help what he fucked up had to remind her just for this courtcase! She may have had a chance to forget what he did but not anymore!) Also just to clarify the ex-wife was not who made the allegations! And the Ex-wife was definately not molested by her father (the grandfather to the baby)It was an old neighbor. So HAHA should leave everyone else other than her second child's father out of this because the article was about him!! He deserves the spotlight! I just had to clarify a few things that were relevant to the article.
Nothing HAHA about it

Carlisle, PA

#28 Nov 16, 2010
I think he is sleeping unpeacefully in Bubba's arms tonight.....and may he get ripped a new one every night for 40 years. I don't know any 3 1/2 year old that would lie about someone hurting them. That is the only thing children tell the truth about. DON'T FORGET HE TOLD THE COPS THAT HE DID IT. THAT HE WAS GUILTY.
ha ha

Lancaster, PA

#29 Nov 16, 2010
i love reading everyones thoughts here because more than half of your facts are wrong! now i know for sure how ignorant all of you are considering i never had sex with him :) believe it or not, men and woman can be friends without fooling around. if any of you would like me to take a lie detector test or pay for a paternity test..lets go!! oh but wait...andy already passed his polygraph test about the case, but that couldnt be used in court..go figure!
ha ha

Lancaster, PA

#30 Nov 16, 2010
best part is..i know who most of you commenters are and you have no right at all to be commenting on this. especially the one who I even defended when people said you were the one who killed your own baby...for attention! yea, remember that???
ha ha

Lancaster, PA

#31 Nov 16, 2010
so unless you REALLY care about this situation and dont just need the drama to make your pathetic life interesting, call me and confront me about it. not hide behind your little computer like the 2 faced little b:tches you are. have a great night :)
the fizzle

Hanover, PA

#32 Nov 17, 2010
Dang sounds like someone other than Andrew has a mean defense too! Glad ALL five of my children are all still alive? I'd call you HAHA and confront you but I don't even have you phone number or address! You told me to lose it when you fucked my boyfriend in High School! You'll never grow up! You should be in Jail with Andrew!

Lancaster, PA

#33 Nov 17, 2010
Enough! Cant you people just realize that its over with? It doesnt matter who thinks what. He got what he got and thats the end. Only God knows the truth and can judge. All of this negativity is senseless. I dont think it matters who is on whos side. Regardless of the comments here, God is the only one that knows the truth behind any of this!
No one important

Harrisburg, PA

#34 Nov 17, 2010
Sorry Jess, you are just a bit incorrect. God, Andrew, and the little girl know the truth! But I do agree that this bickering between people in this forum is getting a bit out of hand! Those who still have the freedom to do so, should go back to living their lives and put this petty crap behind them.

Spring Grove, PA

#35 Nov 17, 2010
Enough with the arguing. He admited to the crime. Now unless you did the crime, you wouldn't admit to it. Enough said.

Hanover, PA

#36 Nov 17, 2010
WOW! Lauren Ensor AKA "haha" you should change your name to "The Joke" I can't believe I just wasted five minutes of my life due to the overwhelming volume of calls I have been recieving about you writing on here!! Grow up!!!!!!!! and get yourself an education so you're not sitting around writing on the newspapers blogs all day! This blog is NOT going to be open for the next 13-30 years! Why would you even comment on this article if you weren't begging to make "pathetic life" interesting? Every one of these people have a right to comment! You on the other hand sound like you need some serious Prozac and Andy's favorite "Ativan" to make you hallucinate happy thoughts because You seem stuck on this news that is 2 years old! You seem to be having a serious issue getting over this! He admitted what he did and let the police record him! Why is it so hard for you to believe that people you know are sexual offenders! I'm begining to think you have a sexual offender fetish! Your old boyfriend that "NEVER RAPED ANYONE" is now back in Jail for a second sexual offense But he was innocent too! But thank you for including extra old news about my son! That was so 4 years ago! Welp gotta get back to class, If it helps you theraputically to write bad things about me on here go ahead! I am all for you getting better and becoming normal! happy trails to getting well mentally Stefini Andrews! I will not be back to waste anymore time on this EVER AGAIN! What a waste of ten minutes! PHEWWWW

Halethorpe, MD

#37 Nov 17, 2010
Bad karma for you to bring up super old news. Take some anitpsychotics and come back to reality. Denial is a tough thing to get over, but you sound like even if everyone in the country tried to tell you something you wouldn't believe it. A pile of evidence, a prior conviction, hello? Smell the roses. I feel terribly sorry for the victim because victims are often neglected because the perpetrator gets all of the attention and rehab. This little girls life is changed forever for the worst and will have problems concerning this FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE.. I feel bad for the mother to have to deal with this as well. Boo to you, its one thing to defend your boyfriend/husband, but it's another thing to not see reality. Please see a therapist.
Charlene Douglas

Hanover, PA

#38 Nov 17, 2010
My goodness Lauren Ensor aka "ha ha" I hope your poor children are ok if you really had this man around your kids. Somebody should call Children Services for you to have your poor innocent children evaluated too. You shouldn't have children if you are willing to put them into so much danger by "going through life with your blinders on" By the sounds of it, this isn't your first time either. You probably should see a therapist as Psychologist said. It can never hurt. Mabey they can help you find some relief so you can move onto your next stage of grief? I feel you would really benefit from a visit from children services. They'll point you in the right direction to get help if they don't take your children!There is also a good counciling service in Hanover called Adams Hanover Counciling. You should contact them before you find another sexual offender that is "innocent" to bring around your children. Bless your soul, I hope you get well "ha ha" your kids need you Lauren.
real eagle


#39 Nov 18, 2010
nail his nut sack to the floor and torch the building and let him burn and if he comes out the door shoot him he has no reason to live for what he did to a young girl lets get rid of the garbage in adams co

Myerstown, PA

#40 Nov 18, 2010
If you dont belive in the justice system, then who do you belive in, HaHa so you are calling our peers a liar, shame on you

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