Man who beat 2-year-old into coma now...

Man who beat 2-year-old into coma now facing domestic violence ...

There are 155 comments on the The York Daily Record story from Apr 24, 2010, titled Man who beat 2-year-old into coma now facing domestic violence .... In it, The York Daily Record reports that:

Arthur Cottle received an e-mail recently telling him the man who injured his grandson "is not the monster you make him out to be." "That's got me pretty well steaming," Cottle said.

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Law Abiding Citizen

Portsmouth, NH

#145 Apr 26, 2010
Well listen here you nut case!Obvioisly you need some Fu??innnngggg help you phsycho. I am sickened by your words, I can only ammagine what the hell you look like. Don't worry were not going to provoke Kitts, we know what he does when he is provoked like some one mentioned earlier. I wouldn't want him to break my jaw too.
It all boils down to this: Some people aren't man enough to walk away, but would rather do voilence to another to get their cookies off and to feed their ego about having total control over another.

Philadelphia, PA

#146 Apr 26, 2010
ok, he is clearly not worth the cot he sleeps on @ ycp. having said that i hope every woman takes a good look at this loser. he beats kids and woman and he acts like he is the victim.
let him go upstate w/ guys who have bids w/ nothing to lose. not the county.
his celli's who miss their families will let him really pay for his crime

Philadelphia, PA

#147 Apr 26, 2010
i think that the guy who hurt little hunter should be in jail for life who would hit alittle kid like that hunter cant have fun with friend cant have a kid like life but this ass hole can he can walk and have fun with friend but hunter cant i wish the worse for what he has done i wish someone beats him like he did to hunter and he feel the pain hunter is going through
I send the best for hunters family and hunter i hope he gets better and i hope that this gay pays for what he has done godbless hunter he looks like he is a bright kid

Chicago, IL

#148 Apr 26, 2010
She does have a kid to him, so does someone else.

Philadelphia, PA

#149 Apr 26, 2010
Nonya Biz wrote:
u get mofos on here talkin like they know somthin and they dont know about ****.....n u got pu$$ys on here talkin like they goin to do somthin to kitts id like to see that happen.....dont bring a knife or a gun to a fist fight.....he aint a monster like people say he is..... he is actually a really nice guy until prevoked as far as hurting people we all know he didnt do nothin to that little boy i know kitts n the leisenring family and lyndsay was the one who was beatin the kids and her own kids....her ex husband mike came home from work and seen his son hurt laying on the floor from lyndsay.....thats why kenny and lyndsay arent togeter any far as people sayin they know kitts and his family guess u dont know them to well there really nice people as well they just dont put up or take no **** from no one.....and as far as the freakin news paper goes there is alot of **** twisted in there....i know every thing that has happened and the paper is a bunch of **** fact the news paper shouldnt be puttin stuff that happened several yrs ago in the damn paper they shouldnt bring peoples past up is a person to move on in life....if every one believed every thing they read there would be nothing but chose in this **** place called for the legal system....lawyers con people into pleading guilty to **** they dont do i know this from my own experiance they do it to get ur money and close the case so they dont have to take it to trial although you want to cause you know your not guilty.....nothing is fair in this world....and for tracy you ass holes dont know her or kitts i know both of them and kitts got the shits of the abuse n started fighting my opinion every women needs there ass beat if there going to dish it like a man so there for i pitty no women that beats a man and doesnt expect it back....kitts and roadcap has a little girl together and nothing every happened to her.....whats wrong with that picture.....and the fact that the abuse against hunter was still going on while kitts was in jail should tell alot as well.....people talkin **** on her should pull there heads out of there ass and not say **** considering they dont know the true facts.....all your reading is bull **** and slander from the paper company....the freakin cops even like to talk **** to make some one look worse then they really are.....cops arent no freakin good as well....all they want you to do is cop out to somthing u didnt do so they dont have to do there freakin job......lazy donut eatin bastards.....bottom line is this....mind ur own damn business unless you truly know the facts and stop talkin about people like you truly know what happened.....
And you sir are a fool ....

Dover, PA

#150 Apr 26, 2010
Nonya Biz wrote:
<quoted text>
Thanks for your concern, Concerned... Just calling it like I see it sorry your are used to fake sugar coating... go home to your mommy if you want your little a$$ kissed and smoke blown up it... K thanks!
Really Now You are quite the loser!! K Thanks

Philadelphia, PA

#151 Apr 26, 2010
Nonya Biz wrote:
<quoted text>
Thanks for your concern, Concerned... Just calling it like I see it sorry your are used to fake sugar coating... go home to your mommy if you want your little a$$ kissed and smoke blown up it... K thanks!
Sorry to have appeared critical of the comments you posted in regards to this subject. I hope you and your life partner are reunited soon. It is obvious that you were just covering him from behind - as you always do.
Native Son

Reading, PA

#152 Apr 26, 2010
This boy needs to be taken out permanently, anger management class will not fix stupid or defective units. Terminate with extreme prejudice ASAP.

Clifton Heights, PA

#153 Apr 26, 2010
This savage beast needs to die.

Lemoyne, PA

#154 Apr 26, 2010
Nonya Biz wrote:
<quoted text>blah blah blah dont know shit cuz if u did u wouldnt be talkin trash like a tough guy....reveal ur self tough guy
reveal ur self tough guy??? this coming from someone who lists united states & nonya biz as his name. looks like u dont have the balls to reveal who u r or even where yr from.
Family friend

York, PA

#155 Apr 26, 2010
Leroy wrote:
<quoted text>just cause i apologized dont mean im soft M F. Eventhogh I apologized to the mans brother who I dissed doesnt make you any better for coming on here bashing me after i did get over yourself and move on.
I agree, it takes a big person to apologize. We were posting at the exact same time ironic. No beef that was very respectable to do, peace!
Family friend

York, PA

#156 Apr 26, 2010
lovely wrote:
<quoted text>kitts didnt beat no kids lyndsay did that stuff to that boy thats why kenny divorced her sorry a$$ there for again u have no freakin clue wtf your talkin about....mind ur own freakin business.....k thanks.....
LOL Looks kile you don't know what yur talking about ...learn the facts yourself Hunter's mom name is Yvette re tard
watch ur self

York, PA

#157 Apr 26, 2010
no shit yvette is the mother lyndsay is the fathers ex wife that he divorced for beatin there kids.....u need to educate ur self on what was said....
not the only victim


#158 Apr 26, 2010
glsr wrote:
Hey Tracy,how many more kids are you gonna have with this fine specimen of a man ?
Hey buddy, whats my daughter have to do with it?

Philadelphia, PA

#159 Apr 26, 2010
Unbelievable! Scum of the Earth! Anyone that hurts an innocent child should be punished severly. Eye for an Eye! Take it like a man!

York, PA

#160 Apr 26, 2010
this is a bunch of shit talkin bull crap these people are doing considering if they knew the true facts no one will have any thing to say....these people must not have nothing better to do other then strive off a bunch of shit talking people whom know nothing about nothing....PEOPLE GET A FREAKIN LIFE

York, PA

#161 Apr 26, 2010
crazy you mean take it like a women whom done it to this poor child
I am mean and nasty

Hanover, PA

#162 Apr 26, 2010
I'm meaner than the rest of you. I believe these kinds of people should be used for product testing. You know the kind we submit poor, helpless animals to. Locking them up only cost, us, the tax payers money. Today jail is a good place to be. Three meals a day, a warm, safe place to sleep and minimal work. I believe the prisoners even get paid when they have jobs. Oh and then your friends bring you cigarettes and magazines etc. Heck you can even get a free education these days. So my sentence is testing. Let's see does hair spray sting his eyes, or bleach up the nose damage his nostriles, or some nasty acidy stuff smeared on his bottom leave blisters or welts? I truly don't care what happens to him. Fry him up in oil, just don't leave him in prison for life unless he will be in general population and then they will take care of his sorry butt and make sure he is tortured like he did to the litle one. Blessings to all.

Elizabethtown, PA

#164 Apr 26, 2010
speechless in windsor wrote:
<quoted text>Wow, you sound like you're nearly in the same category as this a$$hole Kitts...were ya buddies growing up?
I happen to be a Tracie too that suffered being stalked,threatened,and the such...why are you picking on the victim? Are ya gonna say some stupid snide comments to Hunter too?Why don't you focus on just maturing so you don't grow up stupid, ok?
Well I"ll tell ya something and your not gonna like it....... how about the incident where the womens boy friend torched her house and killed her 2 kids in Lancaster on Chestnut St.How bout the guy who killed his girlfriend w/child and her remains were found long after the killing happened,this happened in York. Who's responsible for bringing home the boy friends.There were red flags that popped up in regards to these men,before,during and after the said incident.These guys are/ will be in jail and they will still get girlfriends and find love.

York, PA

#165 Apr 26, 2010
jail isnt like every one thinks it is just let me tell ya...there isnt no one going to do nothing to know one in there every one is worried about them selves and are not judge mental if u were in jail then u would know these things as far as state prison goes its the same way just better.....all these people think oh they will take care of his butt but really no one cares about the other person and is worried about doing there own time and going home to there familes oh but you prolly wouldnt know that either if you never did state time....with that being said things you think that happen in prison really doesnt happen......

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