Who will be the next sheriff of Woods...

Who will be the next sheriff of Woodson County?

Created by Truth and Justice on Sep 28, 2008

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David Waddell

Tony Bauer


Wichita, KS

#21 Oct 7, 2008
Thank you for the last few responses. Goodness, people who write such bitter things must be very unhappy with themselves. I know for one thing I don't like to hear vicious remarks made about the other candidate such as what is going on with the Presidential campaign on television. Thank goodness David hasn't stooped to being this spiteful...

Woodson County is a wonderful place to live and a friendly place. It saddens me to think that we have such cold hearted mean people that want to hurt others. I know I have my blemishes but you learn and grow from them.

Look at all the improvements that have been made with David as the Sheriff. He has many years of experience and he gets along with his employees and the citizens. He runs a smooth office and the PD and the SO work together as a team. He balances his budget and you certainly don't hear about arguments every week with the commissioners in the newspaper. Will this continue?

Please think a bit before you write. Think about yourself a little. Thanks for your time.
Hungry 2008

Wichita, KS

#22 Oct 7, 2008
Yates Center Advocate

United States

#23 Oct 7, 2008
I am curious, where is Truth and Justice? He/she created this poll and has not posted once. Are they sitting back laughing at the conversations that is going on. Did they develop this poll to cause problems for the present sheriff or was it to cause problems for the other guy? So far, all the dirt has gone toward the present administration. Just seems odd to me...
Too Bizzare To B Believed

United States

#24 Oct 10, 2008
Woodson County is a wonderful place to live and a friendly place. It saddens me to think that we have such cold hearted mean people that want to hurt others.

Well____you've got the solar lady hahaha and that says it all!
KS Resident

Iola, KS

#25 Oct 12, 2008
Mr. waddell has done more things for woodson county than many sheriffs would ever think of doing. i believe that everybody should take a good look at what has been done since he has been sheriff. what would u rather have another sheriff like mark brockey. i dont think so. when david started there were two cars and three officers, and the office was a mess. Now look at it
Torontofarmersgi rl

Iola, KS

#26 Oct 13, 2008
Whats up with Brilke? He was sheriff for a long time. U don't know Brilke. Brilke weren't investigated for havin sex with a minor. U call Lori Heller. C what she tells u bout Waddel. Brilke didn't have two wifes and two married girl friends at the same time. U could ask his married girl firend now. KS resident ur right NOW LOOK AT IT. U should get ur facts straight before u run ur mouth.
Yates Center Advocate

United States

#27 Oct 13, 2008
I am not sure what the intent was when this poll was established. Was it to really see who would win Sheriff? Was it to trash both candidates? What was the real intent?

I would think it would be who can do the best job in protecting all of our citizens. I cannot speak for Tony Bauer, I truly do not know him and I don't know anyone in Greenwood County to ask about what kind of job he is doing. I only know what I see.

I see a Sheriff who took office and sometimes worked 16 hours a day to improve what he inherited from the previous Sheriff. I see a Sheriff that is dedicated to his profession.
I see a Sheriff that is proud to work for the citizens of Woodson County.

Does anyone really see otherwise? I think not.

Since: Sep 08

Iola, KS

#28 Oct 13, 2008
Torontofarmersgiri, what a nasty post you put up here. It is very obvious that you didn't finish high school or you would be able to write like an adult. It is uneducated backwoods hicks that are always the ones who throw the mud. To bad you don't have a little more respect for yourself instead of tearing down the people around you. Think about this, even though you are probably the lowest form of human life in this county, the sheriff will still protect you like he does every other citizen in this county. Thats more than I would do if I knew who you were.

Since: Sep 08

Iola, KS

#29 Oct 13, 2008
Your wasting your time Kansas Kid. People like that hide behind trees to throw their mud. You'll never learn who this person is.

Since: Oct 08

Allen, KS

#30 Oct 13, 2008
Hello, I would like to let everyone know a little about Anthony Bauer. How he is tied to our community, his experience and education.
Anthony and Heather have been married for 10 years. Anthony's great-grandfather moved to Woodson county in the 1890's. He is the son of John and Leon(Walker) Bauer. Heather is the daughter of Everett and Cynthia Schlotterbeck also long time Woodson County residents more than 32 years. Anthony and Heather own a home in Woodson County. Although they currently live in Eureka they still call Woodson County home. Anthony has lived a total of 17 years in Woodson County.
Experience: Greenwood County Deputy (February 2008 Anthony was named Deputy of the year for the 2007 Greenwood County) Seasonal Park Ranger for the Wildlife and Parks (he has worked 2 years at the Toronto Lake) Security Officer for Eureka Downs. Reserve Deputy (Woodson County and Wilson County)
Education: Anthony is a Graduate of Altoona-Midway High School and attended Labette County Community College where he majored in Criminal Justice. In 2006 Anthony graduated 5th in his class from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center in Hutchinson, KS.

Anthony is a Christian family man he will bring a positive influence to the Sheriff's Office.

I have taken this information from the Anthony for Sheriff flyer. I have met Anthony and his family and I believe he will be a RESPECTED SHERIFF FOR WOODSON COUNTY.

El Dorado, KS

#31 Oct 13, 2008
"RESPECTED" is the key word here!

United States

#32 Oct 13, 2008
I personally have known Mr Bauer for many years and I can say that he is an excellant person with very high morals. I have seen him in situations that have called for calm and control and he can diffuse an ugly situation with his winning personality. Woodson County would be very lucky to get this young man to help it move forward in these troubling times. In case you dont know it you can call the Eureka Sheriff and ask about him. For those of you that dont know Tony he is surrounded by family that is in law enforcement too. I dont beleive that he would just fire everyone and start over. I dont know much about the current sheriff but I do think that some things have been looked over that needed to be taken care of.
Tony stands for Law and Order, so I hope that you will vote for a change in Woodson County, you wont regret it.

Derby, KS

#33 Oct 13, 2008
Enough is Enough wrote:
Hey "YC GIRL", you know what slander means??? Theres not a damn thing you wrote that has any truth to it!!!!!!And I believe Yates Center knows rumors/jealously from truth. Watch your accusing, it could come back on you!!!!
I wonder if you should be scared YC GIRL sounds like you hit a nerve there. But I too know the women who seen this and sat on her until the Police arrived and took her away. There should be a record of this on file with the police department or Iola lock up. Unless the police is covering for him like some are saying. I bet his neighborhood would know.

Derby, KS

#34 Oct 13, 2008
Too Bizzare To B Believed wrote:
Woodson County is a wonderful place to live and a friendly place. It saddens me to think that we have such cold hearted mean people that want to hurt others.
Well____you've got the solar lady hahaha and that says it all!
Could you tell us about Tony Bauer, Do you think he would be a good Sheriff or not. I mett Tony and his family at the Chili Cookoff. He seemed very nice.

Chanute, KS

#35 Oct 13, 2008
Tony bauer has grown up around the yates cnter mainly buffalo, just b he left the small town to go to a bit bigger one to broaden his horizen and elarning ability, to gain more experience doesnt mean he dont know squat. He has worked hard to get where he is and he would mke a great sheriff. It time for a change!

Sterling, KS

#36 Oct 13, 2008
I agree with the Kansas Kid, Im shocked at>>>
Some of the mean & nasty things that are being spread about people...

>>> & their source>>> >>>GOSSIP<<<

Ive lived here most my life, I grew up in YC & attended the YC schools... Yes Im a Hometown girl...And I have always been very Proud to say I was from YC...
But Im amazed at the nastiness that is coming out of some of you, Ive always thought people spreading awful untruths, ment they were VERY unhappy people in side,,, or outsiders just trying to cause trouble, for someone they didnt like, or some one who had given them a ticket or two...
I know for a fact Dave has done a lot for our community...
He Cares<<< about our county> our town & the people... One of his goals was to help better our community, & I beleive he has!!!
>>> I too<<< have a scanner & everytime theres something happening if Dave isnt already there, then he is called & is there... I dont see how he has time for a personal life since he is a 24/7 Sheriff...
You hear him at all hours, if some one calls in sick, Dave works the shift...
I know if I needed help> Dave >The Sheriffs deputys > The local PD would be there to save me... Because of them I feel safe in Our lil town...
So, if all you have to do in life is spread awful nasty rumors, then I suggest a hobby!!!
& Yes I am voting for Dave AGAIN!!!
>>> Dave For Sheriff <<<
Some One Who Cares

Melbourne, FL

#37 Oct 13, 2008
I don't know anything about David Waddell but I can tell you what I do know about Anthony Bauer.

He is a family man. Both he and his wife have worked with law in some form. Tony set his sites on law enforcement when he was in highschool. He started out doing drive alongs with his brother in law before going on to college. He has not refused anything that came his way. He wanted training and has held several positions so that he could become well rounded. Yes he may not have as much expierence as others but that may be to our advantage. He is young and fresh and may bring some new and great idea's on improvement. He will be fair. I am sure he will want to here idea's from all of his employee's to come up will well rounded idea's to meet challenges head on.

He deserves a chance.

Since: Sep 08

Yates Center, KS

#38 Oct 14, 2008
Does anyone know what Anthony's plans are as far as the current dept staff? I don't want to see the current staff let go if a new sheriff comes to town.

United States

#39 Oct 14, 2008
From what I know Mr Bauer is very well acquainted with the officers in the department and has known some of them for years. I'm pretty sure he is willing to work with all of them. Tony is not only a well respected person but he is also a very RESPECTFUL person. I don't see him hurting others for no reason. I have personally never heard him have a bad word to say about anyone. So I do think people are worrying about something that isnt necessary. He will do his job if he gets elected.
OUr country , state and county are facing some hard times ahead I fear and its going to take change and hard work to see us through. Personally I will be voting for Tony. Not that I have anything against the current person, but I think its time for someone younger, with new ideas and good values. I VOTE FOR CHANGE!

Iola, KS

#40 Oct 14, 2008

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