The 25 Most Dangerous Cities in the U...

The 25 Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S. Are Mostly Nice Places

There are 20667 comments on the Gawker story from Nov 22, 2010, titled The 25 Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S. Are Mostly Nice Places. In it, Gawker reports that:

According to a study of FBI crime statistics by CQ Press, St. Louis , Mo. was the "most dangerous city in the U.S." in 2010, probably due to former St.

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Since: Nov 11

Taylor, MI

#19412 Oct 25, 2013
AB, you said:

Quote 1)Where is the black leaders and the black community of the world denouncing such barbaric treatment of innocent babies? What causes people or a race that wants to harvest live organs from babies and children for aphrodisiac purposes? Instead people are preoccupied about events that occur hundreds of year ago? Woe is me mentality...

The black leaders you speak of are there. I think when you think of black leaders you think of the ones who are the loudest when it comes to racism. There are black leaders who look for ways their community. Moreover, there are everyday black people who you rarely see on the news that are working diligently to make a change in their community.

Quote 2) Please post any comments that I stated you were racist, selfish or an irresponsible person. I have no doubt you love your wife and family. Never questioned your faithfulness to your wife

The implication is crystal clear. You didn't have to say anything. The fact that you kept speaking about "caramel colored" women and what I supposedly said about them, then making reference my wife and kid saying: "As I stated before I out all hypocrisy. Do you remember stating that you prefer dark caramel color african women and yet you also stated your wife was white. I bet your wife appreciates that Kallark. You gloat making statements quote,"white folks will certainly lose ground become "mongrel" and "inferior" again too.

Wow you would love to see that wouldn't you Kallark especially when you have children that are biracial. That coming from a loving and responsible father. I truly feel sorry for your children..." so give me a break AB. To say this about me and my family makes me out to be selfish, irresponsible, and careless.

I never heaped anything on anyone without backing up my statements. I challenge any poster that can provide any post that contradicts my view points. I have challenge whites as well as blacks on this forum. You choose to only chastised white and give blacks a pass. That's the difference between the two of us.

Quote 3) I have not jest or laughed at the "low" position of blacks in the world right now? On the contrary, you see blacks maintaining low positions in the world. Let me make this crystal clear. The highest paying entertainers in the world are blacks, the highest paying athletes are blacks. Some of the most powerful political leaders are blacks, General Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice and President Obama who is bi-racial. United Nation Secretary-General Kofi Annan is black. I could go and on with examples. No, blacks do not hold low positions as you stated.

I made a rather generic statement that you replied to. You also took everything personal. Of course there are wealthy and powerful black people. However, in the whole grand scheme of things, right now we are living under white supremacy Every car we drive has either a white mans name on it or an Asian. Most large multinational corporations are owned by whites and Jews. Predominately white nations are great places to live. Why? Because as I said before, white people are enjoying relative "favor" right now. Period.
Semper Fishizzle

Buffalo, NY

#19413 Oct 25, 2013
WARRIOR wrote:
<quoted text>I just found out my Uncle Tom was injured in Vietnam. Bad injury from what I understand..
I got seriously wounded in Nam. I lost two legs, two arms, two ears, two nuts, a penis, my ass and my torso. I'm still a head above the rest. Semper Fishizzle!

Arcadia, CA

#19414 Oct 25, 2013
lighteredknot wrote:
In other words if you are in need of gas it would be better to buy before or after East St. Louis, MO. See the above info above.
You simply DO NOT stop there. Really.

Since: Nov 11

Taylor, MI

#19417 Oct 25, 2013
WPWW wrote:
<quoted text>Kfeckless has made it known several times on this thread that he WISHES AND CAN'T WAIT for Whites to become minorities in their own lands. Good ole Kfart, the prototypical "anti-racist" aka ANTI-WHITE "RACIST."
So that's all you can say huh? Now who is crying over facts? Of course, facts are "wayciss" white?? ahemmm...right?? teehee ;-)

Since: Nov 11

Taylor, MI

#19419 Oct 25, 2013
SirICP2013 wrote:
<quoted text>Look Kwayciss your pack will never ever rule over us Whites you muddobbers are on your way out everyday the primates are thining the pack of urban yufes as us Whites sit back and watch the demise of you're subcultured uncivilized jungle bunny treehuggers my friend (lol) "If Your Not White your not Right This message was sponsored by the WPWW Network building a better future for Whites."Stay White Stay Strong you can't go wrong"7734/5372/SSS/2013 (;-(l)---+
"Is that [fear] I hear in your voice? Don't worry. It'll all be over soon."
before black momma

Temecula, CA

#19422 Oct 25, 2013
SirICP2013 wrote:
<quoted text>There is no fear in my voice,yeah it's going to be over soon for your kind bebo has a nice warm mudhut waiting for you now think about that cupcake lol.7734/2013/SSS88(;-(l)----- +
Their is great fear in the white community fear comes from defense. Who started it? If this great white nation was without fear you would not have all of these hate groups. Black panthers were form out of fear and protection from harassment. The KKK
Aka the classic clown cowards were form to surpress and intimidated anyone who wanted a fair way of life the American Dream all non white minorities,women,and others with different religious back grounds, or sexual orientation. Everyone and no one needs to be a leader look to yourself and set by example. So call church leaders who sit on a pulpit and worship themselves with the luxuries of the world glitter and gold
before black momma

Temecula, CA

#19423 Oct 26, 2013
I never make fun of no one misfortunes but the missing leg,penis,torso,arm thing was to funny sorry now you all see how shallow I can be
before black momma

Temecula, CA

#19424 Oct 26, 2013
WPWW wrote:
The reason why because they are marching the wrong way troops troops where are you you yo uuu you. Retreat retreat oh hell darkie I repeat darkie is on on the..... Oh hello sir I would never say anything against you peoplepeople what I I said its a nice dark night. Ok let me get this right Sir if I can name all the members of the wu tang club I am free to go...... And tap dance while singing Mr bojangles and name all the seasonings this this big momma person use in fried chicken,sock it to me cake and hot water corn bread. Once again who is this big momma!

Madison Heights, MI

#19425 Oct 26, 2013
Sam38063 wrote:
<quoted text>
I never did mind the little things,right lining website may not be the best place to get your info.With both races at 10% no one will be saying that whites have a higher welfare rate because of the gap in population. Get it?
Fictional example
10% of 1000 white people= 100
10% of 500 black people= 50
With both races at 10% no one larger population AND have a larger percentage, RATIONAL people know more whites are on welfare and it has nothing to do with the raw population #. More whites are on welfare.
Continue this conversation waste of time as the outcome is already decided. May your children always bring you joy.
You're an idiot. You simple fail to grasp the concept of ratio, dummy.

What part of 5 to 1 population difference do you not understand? If the population for white and black were equal and there were more whites on welfare than blacks, you'd have a concrete backing. But when the percentage for blacks is higher than white with a 5 to 1 population difference favoring whites, it's pathetic for the black community. Since you want to play your game with population, there are more blacks in prison than whites. Add that to the overall low black population and it's absolutely horrendous. Now what?

The facts are simple. You choosing to spin them and/or ignore them doesn't erase them. It simply displays your ignorance and increases your stupidity.

Since: Jun 12

Location hidden

#19428 Oct 26, 2013
Take a chill pill, dude. You're whack.

Memphis, TN

#19430 Oct 26, 2013
Chaumette wrote:
Take a chill pill, dude. You're whack.
The hate groups have high jacked thread.
Memphis Bull

Knoxville, TN

#19431 Oct 26, 2013
Way to go memphis
before black momma

Temecula, CA

#19432 Oct 26, 2013
SirICP2013 wrote:
<quoted text>Attention: This message is sponsored and enforced by the WPWW Network and it's affiliates Hey W!gger boy move on troll bait before someone slaps the taste right out of your mouth now you have been served a nice hot cup of stfu we run the show here you slack jawed b/iotch "Stay White Stay Strong you can't go Wrong"7734/5372/SSS/2013( ;-(l)-----+We despise traitor's.Say it loud we're white and proud.
Yeah look st some of your comrades the ones you think are white are black check the ancestory I bet a lot of your comrades have parents who are either dead or no contact and the old trick go kill a black person then that just sends you to the state penal system.
before black momma

Santa Clara, CA

#19433 Oct 26, 2013
Yeah look at me, I be a butiful fulfigger sheboon l\ligger wit lips to match and I smell like musky swamp mud full of dead carp and my big fat azz be oily like a KFC grease pit. A million flies on a pile of l\ligger sheet like me cant be wrong.
sir icp lip lock

Temecula, CA

#19435 Oct 26, 2013
Look at me dude. Let's check all our comrade dicks to see who have darks ones but I can suck them all off I remember the taste of black dick to find out who is really agree man chimps. As a matter I will do 2 for the 1 today only. Then we can start our pre apocalyptical war against our internal troops [7732/5374/SsS/2013p] Turner Diaries unite white power

Saint Louis, MO

#19436 Oct 26, 2013
before black momma wrote:
<quoted text> Yeah look st some of your comrades the ones you think are white are black check the ancestory I bet a lot of your comrades have parents who are either dead or no contact and the old trick go kill a black person then that just sends you to the state penal system.
Actually the penal system is full of you spades or there located @ you're local zoo you old azz silverback primate now take your meds and stop munkying around it's about feeding time there having you're favorite meal and it's a coonffet KFC, bananas and tripe samachiches (lol)don't you call that soul food but the catch is you have no soul your future is dark.This message was enforced by the WPWW Network for a whiter brighter future. 7734/5372/2013.Philthy worthless race of scum sucking leeches.(;-(l)--------+
TN Voter

United States

#19437 Oct 26, 2013
Congratulations to all the Africans of Memphis... Thanks to you Tennessee is now the most dangerous state in the nation... Who would have thought it but then again when you got a city that two million negroes what do ya expect... I'm sur the fake dr Martin king is proud of you all.... This makes me sick... You animals don't take responsibility for your actions... You want things yet you won't work and for those few that do few have a good work ethic... Yep it's a proud day to be a black American
Rastus and Cylus

Santa Clara, CA

#19445 Oct 26, 2013
Sam38063 wrote:
<quoted text>
So you stay in Memphis ?
So you say you is or is you not a l\ligga, l\ligga?
black momma

Temecula, CA

#19447 Oct 26, 2013
WPWW wrote:
<quoted text>"Kloecockdasian " bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Damn it Jim, that there is funny, I don't care who you are.
It is White boy funny with a laugh track. The same one they use for happy days.
black momma

Temecula, CA

#19448 Oct 26, 2013
One Word wrote:
<quoted text>One Word sums it up:
Go to the rural urban areas and tell your chimp group how you feel. Oh I forgot you need a ratio 6 to 1 not one to one w/o a gun. New school white boys can't but old school white don't have the wasted time to lean on a oppress. Fear is so awful poor thing don't worry we will give you back the caves just like the doomsday peppers live with the ANIMALS again this time try not to have sex with them so will not end up with snakes, sharks, and rats again. Ok

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