"Amish" heaters and EdenPURE heaters-...
Mark Witsken

Springfield, OH

#23 Mar 6, 2009
It's a cryin' shame that the proven Eden Pures with their copper-coil technology, had to get lumped in together with those "FREE" hokey Amish fireplace look-a-like jobs.

This is totally an apples an oranges comparison.

But if you go on the 'net, you'll see the Eden Pures listed under "Amish heater".
I think this is may be because Bio Tech Research franchised out the selling of Eden Pures, and didn't set forth or enforce any RULES for internet marketing, etc!
Big mistake there!
Patty Red Hawk

Romney, WV

#24 Mar 7, 2009
We purchased one of the Amish heaters without the mantle(cause it saved money), something very important these days. We wanted an efficient heater to add extra "warmth" in the finished basement because our outdoor wood heating system did not heat it as well as the main part of the house, and we didn't want to use electric back-up to heat this area. The heater is very pretty to sit next to and watch, the "flames" are relaxing and the heat does feel good. But, I will have to say it does not heat the room those extra couple of degrees we need without the electric heat on to help. I was disappointed when I turned the electric off and the next day the room was actually cold. I had ran the heater on high. I too read that the wattage was about the same as a hair dryer. So, I guess overall I was disappointed with the performance. I will keep it and use it because it is nice to sit in the room and relax in front of, but I would like to advise future possible purchasers to beware, the cost may not be worth it....I wonder if the Eden-pure works better? I am afraid to "waste" the money to find out!!!
Amish Surge Heaters

Fort Smith, AR

#25 Mar 22, 2009
I purchased on of those Amish heaters a little over a year ago. It worked pretty good but about a week ago it suddenly quit blowing heat. I called the place where I purchased it at 18009247964. The said my one year guarantee had ran out and they couldn`t do anything aboutit. They suggested that I call some small appliance repair man and see if they would work on it. I called all of them in my town and none of them would work on it and one of them said they probably could not get parts for it. I called Amish service dept. back and they said they could not get parts for their own heaters that they are selling and they could do nothing about it.
So I am stuck with a $350. heater that is no good.Please do not buy one of these heaters
have one

Cincinnati, OH

#26 Mar 29, 2009
I have the EdenPure heater and it has saved money on my bill. Also the one good thing about having it was I woke up one morning and it was cold in my house and I live with my grandma so I was concerned with going to work and leaving her in a cold house, but I remembered we had that heater so I plugged it in and went to work and didnt worry the whole day. It will heat my house and my furnace will not kick on one time unless I turn the heater off. I dont have to worry about my little cousins getting burned if they touch it or anything. I really like the EdenPure.

United States

#27 Apr 9, 2009
Hey Caleydog,

Nuclear weapons use FISSION, not FUSION. Miss that day in science class?:)

Florence, AL

#28 Apr 10, 2009
will it work

Florence, AL

#29 Apr 10, 2009
That was a test. A while back I bought 4 of the small Walmart or Kmart heaters and put them in differet rooms to save on my gas bill. My electric bill went way up & that negated the savings on gas. Oh well !

Nashville, TN

#30 Apr 11, 2009
I got to say that I was hesitant when I first heard about the Edenpure, but after having a friend that bought one last year and seeing and feeling that it actually worked. I bought one this past fall. After having the Edenpure run for about a day on full blast I lowered the temp setting on the Edenpure about a and left the house thermostat on 70 and aside from the emergency heat kicking on at night (no heat pump at my house) when the outside temp dropped it keep the house about 71-72 degrees and still lowered my bill by about 40-50 bucks a month compared to the year before. Way better than the Wal-Mart heaters in my opinion, but hey Opinion are like A**Holes, everyone has one and they all stink.... :-)
May Benson

Gilboa, NY

#31 Oct 2, 2009
I have personally experienced amish heaters, at my neighbor's house and a friend's house. They both put out an awful lot of heat, more than just my space heaters. I am thinking of getting one. They do not have themostats, just high and lo, but the high keeps the rooms close to 70 degrees, when it was only about 40 outside. My housekeeper has 2 sisters. They both love their amish heaters, and bought 2 or 3 of them.
May Benson

Gilboa, NY

#32 Oct 2, 2009
Also, never get a wood stove. Outdoor Wood Boilers are inefficient no matter what they say. And woodsmoke is 12 times more cancerous than cigarette smoke according to the EPA. 1 out of 2 men have cancer and they are expecting all of us to get cancer. Cancer is big business. Stick to electric heaters or oil or gas. Save your health!

Cincinnati, OH

#33 Oct 4, 2009
My son just bought a Chinese fireplace heater that looks like a real fireplace and produces 1700 watts of heat.It is great but the thing will,likemost Chinese junk,quit working when you need it the most. I wish him well.The 114 dollars he paid was much less than other units of similar design.

Mesopotamia, OH

#34 Oct 15, 2009
Let's get serious. For one thing what the hell would a practitioner of the Amish lifestyle know about electric heaters? In general the Amish do not use electricity off the grid. For another, the cost of producing a given amount of heat (BTU's) is going to the same with any electric heater. And thirdly this b.s. about the heat an Edenpure produces being different and combining with water molecules to keep the temperature higher at lower levels in the room....I don't think so. I've been to Canton, OH and the same rules of physics apply to in north central Ohio as anywhere else on in the universe, unless of course Whipple Ave. is in some bizarro world parallel universe.
warm heart cold toes

Dayton, OH

#35 Oct 15, 2009
Wow! It does actually say fusion on the eden pure fireplace webpage at the very bottom.
I think they are cute as He// and i want one for my family room.
We use a small heater in there anyway and it looks so ugly sitting there.
I am leaning toward Amish since someone said they were smaller than the eden pure.
Dictionary.com difinition of fusion.
The act or procedure of liquefying or melting by the application of heat.
The liquid or melted state induced by heat.
The merging of different elements into a union: the fusion of copper and zinc to form brass; the difficult fusion of conflicting political factions.
A union resulting from fusing: A fusion of religion and politics emerged.
Physics A nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy.
Music that blends jazz elements and the heavy repetitive rhythms of rock. Also called jazz-fusion, jazz-rock
A style of cooking that combines ingredients and techniques from very different cultures or countries.
warm heart cold toes

Dayton, OH

#36 Oct 15, 2009
Man that is pretty, but what is meant by "some assembly required"?

Minerva, OH

#37 Oct 16, 2009
Actually, the EdenPure and the newer Amish heaters DO generate heat differently than a conventional electric heater. Big Hoss, the originator of this thread and conversation is actually wrong - it is not really all a bunch of marketing mumbo jumbo. Sure, it still is powered by 1500 watts of electricity, and yes, it is still just supplemental heating, however, infrared heaters like the EdenPure and the even more efficient Comfort Furnaces sold by the Living Well Company and Home Comfort Solutions actually cost around $1 per day to operate, and can reduce the gas furnace bill by up to 50% in some cases, saving a decent amount of money every winter. Those numbers are based on the national average of around 10 cents per kilowatt hour. So, there is a big difference between infrared heaters, and conventional electric heaters. Also, infrared furnaces are not generally measured in BTU's, so the comparison is really just innacurate. Infrared heat is generated through electromagnetic radiation, not just blast hot air through fans.

Cape Girardeau, MO

#38 Oct 19, 2009
The Eden Pure heater is the real thing. In my store we ran two of these heaters for the last year and cut our propane bills by $3000.00 last winter. Our electric bills did rise $600.00 over the same period but I for one will take that trade.
Weston Smith

Mishawaka, IN

#39 Oct 19, 2009
Eden PURE is not some new and revolutionary product, its been around for years. I first encountered it 30 years ago at a RV Mobile Home show a the university of Notre Dame, marketed by a company out of Peoria Illinois. We explored the possibility of distributing the heater then called The Infer Molecular Heater, and was invited to visit the companies headquarters in Illinois. They had a very impressive facility to demonstrate the heater and a very slick sales pitch, but they did not manufacture the unit but contracted out the manufacturing. With few exceptions it was identical to the Eden PURE but had 4 inferred lights and a steel plate with nails welded on inside.
Before we committed to a distributorship we ordered 25 heaters to run our own tests. To say the heaters were a failure was a gross under statement. In a cold home four heaters ran for three days and raised the temperature only 2 degrees. They would maintain 70 degrees in a small room that had been heated to 70 degrees but would not increase the temperature. After conferring with a teaching Phd Professor of physics at a major university who explained that the light bulbs and a small fan would accomplish the same results at a fraction of the cost. After running over 15 tests, of witch only 2 showed any mediocre positive results, it was our conclusion that a $30 of the shelf heater would accomplish equal results. The consensus of all of our people involved in the testing was that it was a well packaged and promoted high priced fraud.
warm heart cold toes

Dayton, OH

#40 Oct 22, 2009
Which is better? EdenPure or Amish? What is the chance of fire?

Rockford, MI

#41 Oct 23, 2009
The EdenPure heater is the BEST around. Nothing compares. You nutbrains who are saying all the negative crap about them must be on drugs! Furthermore, you're uneducated! Get a clue dummies....... go back to school and get a degree. Geesh!
your not a scientist

Saint Paul, MN

#42 Oct 24, 2009
I dont understand why you think the heaters at walmart are the same as the edenpure heater. I went to walmart and tried several heaters but they were not the same. With the Eden Pure heater you can feel safe to leave the room because it does not get hot. However it heats up the room includig the items in the room. It might have to do with the type of heat but it doesnt burn the air like other heaters. It is a calm heat. I have a very cold basement in winter. It takes about 30 minutes to get the basement toaty warm. Plus I have a cat and he sometimes sits on top of the unit. This is not a problem because it is not how and if it falls over it will turn off. If you are going to use Hilly Billy science then you probably are going to burn down your trailer home. If you actually research the eden pure and use it, you will be able to heat most of your trailer without the threat of a fire. Do a little research. Not just reading other posts. You probably are the same person who voted for George Bush. T
Michael M wrote:
Who cares if it lasts 2 years and dies. I paid 12 dollars for it. As for "feeling the heat" out of one or another heater. 1500 watts of heat is 1500 watts of heat,period.It gets my room just as warm. Now a heat pump is a different story. Its like a refrigerator,cooling the outside and heating the inside,so the heat you get is the power to run it,plus whatever heat it moved from outside. The problem is,they work best in mild climates.
Im not impressed with any electric heater. Its a very simplistic technology that is very hard to improve,unless you can make it smaller or lighter,or cheaper.

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