say no !!!
Jack Summers

Keller, TX

#1 Jun 18, 2007
Urgent Alert! New votes likely on Senate immigration bill this week.
Tell your Senators "NO!"

President Bush has been twisting arms, and Senator Harry Reid has been cutting deals in an effort to secure additional Republican votes to move the amnesty bill.

Bush has come up with an additional $4.4 billion in border security funds. Reid has agreed to votes on 22 amendments to the bill, split equally between the Democrats and Republicans. Negotiators believe that by adding these measures, they can provide enough cover to protect Senators from the wrath of voters.

Please contact your Senators yet again to let them know that you have not been fooled. Tell them to reject any bill that includes amnesty or guest worker provisions, and to vote against cloture until there is a decent enforcement bill on the floor.


Now is a crucial time for you to ask your Senators to oppose this bill. Send a fax or e-mail by entering your ZIP Code and clicking "Go!" You can also place a phone call through the Congressional Switchboard
wake up people

Keller, TX

#2 Jun 22, 2007
Action is needed, we were told the borders would be secured if we passed the Reagan amnesty, now look at this crock were in.
wake up people

Keller, TX

#3 Jun 22, 2007
have you people ever seen "we hate "
Rosie Jones

Coppell, TX

#4 Jun 27, 2007

How the government's immigration policies are destroying America

Posted: June 5, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2007

It's finally undeniable. America's very existence as a free nation is threatened by a full-scale illegal invasion from the south. The nation's transformation from what once was a unified Judeo-Christian culture into an angry cauldron of squabbling groups and nationalities grows daily. And the U.S. government's response to this momentous threat to America's national survival? Excuse it, legalize it and encourage it!

Why is the federal government doing this? How can Americans stop it? And most importantly, what is the right way to deal with the nation's overwhelming and ever-worsening illegal immigration problem?

That's the focus of the June edition of WND's elite monthly Whistleblower magazine, in a blockbuster issue titled "NATIONAL SUICIDE: How the government's immigration policies are destroying America."

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich calls the government's current effort to fix the problem "madness." Pat Buchanan and David Limbaugh both call it "suicide."

And President Theodore Roosevelt, looking forward through the decades to today, warned us sternly: "The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities."

Yet today's government, by allowing and indeed encouraging a Third World immigrant invasion of the United States – encouraging it by offering endless incentives like Social Security, food stamps and free education, as well as refusing to enforce existing immigration laws – is overseeing a radical conversion of America.
Rosie Jones

Coppell, TX

#5 Jun 27, 2007
This new fax has been posted in your Action Buffet based on your answers to the Interest Survey.

You can find this fax by proceeding to

Your Republican senator voted "NO" on cloture on S. 1639 this week! Their "NO" vote was a vote against amnesty.
Rosie Jones

Coppell, TX

#6 Jun 28, 2007
AMERICA SAID NO And Congress Stood behind us...
That is what it takes to stay Strong..THANK'S

ALERT! HUGE VICTORY! Senate cloture vote on immigration bill fails.

Congratulations. And thank you.

Concerned Americans like you rose up and derailed the amnesty plan.

Supporters not only failed to get the necessary 60 votes, but they also failed to get a simple majority, as the vote was only 46 to 53 in favor of limiting the debate. Thirty-three Democrats, 12 Republicans and one independent voted for cloture. Voting to block the bill were 37 Republicans, 15 Democrats and one independent.

We will be back to ask you to help us pass enforcement legislation instead of this flawed amnesty and guestworker package, but for now, please savor the victory.


Coppell, TX

#7 Jul 2, 2007
Millions of Americans were angered because a collection of geezers, slime balls, back-alley deal makers, weasels, wimps and "all of the above" were agreeing to sell out the country to cover their dereliction of duty in protecting the borders.

Thanks to Ted Kennedy and the president pushing for an idea so bad that it should have been called the "'Hold muh beer, I wanna try somethin' bill," the American people acted, and it's a good reminder for all parties involved that citizens aren't at the mercy of the government, but rather vice-versa. As for campaign financing, let this also be a reminder that politicians who will accept our money, but not our calls, will ultimately end up with neither.

Kennedy's frustration might also be borne of the fact that the immigration reform flap has more voters wondering what other problems are perpetuated by politicians who have the nerve to seek praise for attempting to "fix" messes they caused. I can only quote Albert Einstein: "You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it." Now Americans just need to keep making it clear that the same mind that created the problem won't be re-elected either.

Here's another point to file under "What were they thinking?" It's no secret Democrats have been trying to bring down Bush since he and the Mrs. were measuring for new Scotchguarded Berber in the Oval Office. They've called Bush vile names, they've accused him of crimes, and they've questioned his intellect and common sense.

Then something happened. Democrats such as Kennedy agreed with Bush on the amnesty issue and wanted us to believe, for one shining moment, that Bush – the man Democrats constantly bash as having a vested interest of stripping Americans of their privacy rights, is in the pocket of big oil and who is wrong at virtually every turn – is acting in the best interests of the United States on one issue alone?

The lesson for Ted Kennedy, and most other politicians for that matter, is that you should never beat a horse completely into a coma if there's a chance you might have to hitch your wagon to him in the future.
This means you

Wylie, TX

#8 Jul 26, 2007
Don't their cries of "fruit rotting on the vine" fool you. The H-2A guestworker program provides the agricultural industry with all of the temporary labor it needs. But the H-2A program has wage requirements. The AgJOBS amnesty would relieve employers of that requirement, allowing them to set the wages for the indentured, formerly illegal workers at any level they wish, down to the minimum wage.
Since aliens will have to perform agricultural work in order to become permenent residents, they will have no choice but to work at whatever wages and working conditions employers choose to offer.
Once again, the Senate is trying to force an amnesty on the American people for the purposes of driving down wages!
Please call your senator on this note today and slam them for trying - yet again - to pass an amnesty. Check the quotes on the instructions page to see if you senator said anything particularly inane, and drive the message home that they should have learned after the "grand bargain" amnesty bill that rewards for illegal workers and their employers are NOT acceptable to American voters.Tax payers have to burden the cost..THIS MEANS YOU!!!!!!

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