"If the American people knew what was in this bill, there would be a massive outcry against it." - Senator David Vitter (R-LA).

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Read FAIR's full analysis of the Z visa - a new visa in S. 1348 just for illegal aliens (PDF).

Last week, Senator leaders met, once again behind closed doors, to negotiate a "compromise" to move the Bush-Kennedy bill forward. These Senators announced they would re-introduce the bill you so loudly said you did not want. This move clearly says the will of the American people is stronger than the solidarity between big business, special interests and lawmakers.

I'm showing my support of FAIR and telling Senate leaders I still object to any and all amnesty proposals with my contribution!
Make no mistake, this bill, which will be re-introduced this week, still undermines our nationís basic sovereignty, jeopardizes homeland security, and undermines the middle class. There still has been no cost analysis done and many of the Senators, who had not read the bill the first time they debated and voted on it, still have not read it.

We must tell the Senate once and for all that this bill is unacceptable to the American people and not in the best interest of our nation.

With your support we were able to win the first battle. With your continued support we can win again.

I will support FAIR's efforts to do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to oppose S. 1348 and all amnesty legislation and to support strong enforcement legislation to protect America by:
Making a special and urgently needed contribution now to support FAIR's efforts to stop passage of S1348 and all amnesty legislation and
Contacting my senators to let them know I oppose this legislation.
Thank you!