American people were heard today.

American people were heard today.

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Worried Grandmother

Coppell, TX

#1 Jun 28, 2007

The average American citizen won. You disproved the cynicism (born of great experience) in this town that this kind of victory was impossible.

53 U.S. Senators actually paid attention to what you had to say, felt enough pressure to wonder if there might be validity on our side of analysis, and concluded that through combination of political wisdom and policy wisdom they should vote the way the majority of their constituents believed proper -- rather than be swayed by all the power, money and prestige of The Establishment.

That may not be a miracle, but it is a mighty cool breeze of representative democracy on a hot, humid, sticky mid-day in the marble chambers sitting atop the swamps along the Potomac!

Just to make sure you don't miss the context of your victory, consider this:

In recent months, the pro-amnesty, pro-globalized-labor forces had assembled this Establishment Goliath of support for their "comprensive immigration reform" concept:
Pres. Bush
Senate Democratic Leaders
Senate Republican Leaders
House Majority Democratic Leaders
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Dozens of other corporation lobby groups
The largest philanthropic foundations
Perhaps 90% of the newspaper editorial boards that weighed in
The Washington offices of most major religious denominations
Nearly all ethnic advocacy groups
Most of Washington's think tanks

As the L.A. Times said on its Sunday front page, NumbersUSA activists were probably the largest and the loudest going up against that formidable force.

Coppell, TX

#2 Jul 2, 2007
For years politicians have said the "best disinfectant is sunshine". Light tends to expose the deals made in dark rooms. Talk radio and blogs are doing a great job of bringing issues into the light that were done in darkness. Talk radio may just be the only outlet America has to make her voice heard. Without talk radio and the Internet, the Senate, once again, would have voted and passed legislation that the American people clearly reject. They would have received billions in pork for their votes and potentially cost Americans $2.5 trillion in future expenses.

In my June 4th, 2007 column, I mentioned this bill would never see the floor of the House. If by chance it did, Congress would kill it. Congressmen are far more accountable to the voter. They face re-election every two years. It is a good thing the politicians did what was right. But never lose sight that they did so only when held accountable by the voters.

A revolution started in America because of this amnesty bill. Not one shot was fired. Not one person was killed or injured. That is unless you count Ted Kennedy's, John McCain's and George Bush's egos. But don't let the revolution die here. This is only the beginning, not the end. There are more battles to fight. The price we pay going forward is eternal vigilance. Stay informed, stay engaged and make your voice heard. It is part of your responsibility to the country and future generations.
Mike Sowell

Coppell, TX

#3 Jul 4, 2007
June 28 was a very fine day, indeed. For one thing, under pressure from my fellow Americans, the boobs in the Beltway caved in and stopped trying to shove the amnesty bill down our collective throats.
It was also the day the Supreme Court finally got around to deciding that in a society that keeps insisting it's colorblind, race can no longer be used as a means to determine the makeup of student bodies. I'd like to think Martin Luther King Jr. would have approved, just as I take comfort in knowing that Jesse Jackson doesn't.
My spirits were so uplifted by the news, it nearly made up for the fact that the 2007 New York Yankees are beginning to remind me a lot of the 1962 New York Mets.
The wonderful thing about the demise of the immigration bill is that it managed to delight not only those who wish Ted Kennedy would retire to the home for old sots, but those who are eagerly counting off the days until George Bush can finally devote all his waking hours to clearing the brush down in Crawford.
The bill not only drove a wedge between Republicans, with the smarmy likes of Hagel, Gregg, Snowe, Lott, Lugar, McCain, Craig, Specter, Martinez and Graham siding with Biden, Kerry, Clinton and Obama, but even between me and one of my favorite radio talk show hosts, Michael Medved. He was clearly irked the bill failed to pass. In fact, on the day of the bill's demise, he even railed against the mere notion of amending the Constitution to prevent the offspring of those in the U.S. illegally from being granted automatic citizenship. I happen to believe that such an amendment is long overdue. I grant that reasonable people can disagree about this issue, but whenever I hear anybody carry on as if the Constitution were etched in stone, I remind myself that two of the 27 amendments deal with booze!

When the feds can't even cope with so-called legal immigration, why on earth would we trust them to deal with the far more complicated problem of illegal aliens?
The biggest joke is when the number of those who have sneaked in is placed at 12 million. Is that a figure somebody saw in a crystal ball or deciphered in a glob of wet tea leaves? The president's mouthpiece, Tony Snow, has admitted that nobody knows who or where these people are. But the one thing we know for certain is their number?! Inasmuch as I keep hearing from readers in the Southeast, the Northwest and the Midwest, not to mention those in Texas, California and Arizona, that their towns are being overrun with illegals, I'm willing to wager that the actual figure is close to double that number There is one simple solution, and one that wouldn't even require the building of a wall. We'd simply make it a felony for anyone to hire illegals. If the potential employee was unable to supply a verifiable birth certificate and Social Security number, he couldn't get a job. You would soon see a mass exodus. After all, if they were able to make their way north, they sure as heck can make their way south.
It's a big fat lie that there are all those jobs Americans won't do. The fact is Americans will do anything from picking fruit to cleaning cesspools, but they won't do them for lousy wages. But, then, nowhere in the Bill of Rights is it written that the people who own farms, hotels, restaurants and construction firms will be guaranteed an endless supply of cheap labor. And nowhere is it written that providing the illegals with housing, schools, food stamps and health services is the responsibility of the American taxpayer.

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