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Amanda Whitaker

Jasper, AL

#1 Sep 20, 2009
I am a 24 year old disabled veteran from Alabama. I was stationed at Fort Dix and during my orders I lost almost everything I own from Hurricane Katrina. What little posessions I had left were placed in storage in Cookstown. This unit has been payed for almost 4 years now. Due to my current job requiring me to travel a lot, I was unaware they stopped doing the automatic deductions for payments (still unsure why). I received a letter stating my rent was late and scheduled for an auction. A picture was emailed to me of my unit and I noticed most of the belongings in the unit were not mine, so I contacted the storage facility in hopes to arrange something. I knew I was once again having to travel with my job, so during a tape recorded conversation (on my behalf once I saw most of my things were missing) we agreed I would come there this week to arrange something before October 1st. As I said I payed for this unit for almost 4 years to find my things were missing. I arrived back in Alabama this week and tried calling on Thursday to see if the check I had sent had made it and to let them know I purchased an airline ticket and would be there on Tuesday to see why my things were missing! I did not get a call back until yesterday afternoon stating my unit had been auctioned that morning. Within this unit was my military orders and medical documentation, birth certificate, uniforms I wore in Iraq, pictures and many personal belongings. It was agreed on the phone conversation I would have until the 1st of October, and they state they sent a certified letter (to an address that is not mine) signed by me....hmmmm, I was out of the country. The owner laughed (this on tape as well) and said most of her "clients" are military personnel so she does not care what my story is. I asked if the bidder could be contacted informing them ALL i wanted was my personal belongings, I would even pay over 500 dollars for them. She hung up on me! This story is really horrible, there are a million things that went wrong. All I want are the letters and pictures and military things that are NOT replacable back. I know things like this should not be kept in storage, however bare in mind I had NO home at the time. Someone please help me find the buyer so I can get these things back. My personal identity is BEYOND threatened with my social being on all my military orders. Someone please let me know what to do.
Amanda Whitaker

Jasper, AL

#2 Sep 20, 2009
By the way, my email is [email protected] if anyone knows how to help. I AM DESPERATE

Indianapolis, IN

#3 Sep 23, 2009
im not sure if it will help, but cant you get your first shirt involved, or shit maybe call the cops, cause they didnt get your signature on the letter if you were out of the country, so that there alone has got to be a law that was broke, seriously go up you chain of command they gotta be able to do something...

Southfield, MI

#4 Sep 26, 2009
A Child Of God

Peru, IN

#5 Oct 3, 2009
I feel so bad for you.
I agree, you should go to the police, to your commander, to the newspapers and anyone that will listen.
When the storage facilities advertised that they were going to have an auction, they probably posted it in one of the local papers. PErhaps you can place your own ad in the paper, perhaps the Trentionian.

Winchester, MA

#11 Feb 1, 2010
Call the police.!TAKE THEM TO COURT! They'll have to produce copies of all the papers they apparently sent you and any other paper work critical to the case. Don't let them get away with this! It's a travesty. Just make sure you keep all and any paperwork or evidence of communication with them like phone or cell phone bills, addresses on your bills or anything else that was sent to you during the times that they claim they contacted you so you have proof of where you were at a given time. And they will have to tell the judge who they sold it to.
Wish you success.Let us know how things turn out.

Wenonah, NJ

#12 Apr 23, 2010
hey CrAzYJiZzEr, i cant wait for the day every one in the united states thinks like u and no one joins the military and someone invades the US and u and ur family get slaughtered with no comments. Ur saying she is dumb for joining the military, and its people like u that make her wonder why they joined to save your life when their life has more value to it. someone that is actually nice and cares about the people arround them. Its the scum like u that make people afraid of the world. people that dont give a shit and will do things for themself and only for them self u selfish peice of shit
just me

Garden City, MI

#13 Sep 28, 2010
im sorry for your loss i am a buyer of unpaid storage units they cant auction them off until they are 60 days past due maybe you can find out the auctioneer that auctioned the unit at most auctions they have a sign in sheet for all potential bidders im sure whoever won the auction would be willing to give back the personal items or sell them to you i know i find a lot of things that i dont want to keep at these auctions photos,legal papers ect ...most storage facilities try to work with our military and give them extra time to pay ....
just me

Garden City, MI

#14 Sep 28, 2010
another thing you can do is type in the date and location in search and find out that way what company auctioned your things

Tonawanda, NY

#15 Nov 15, 2010
CrAzYJiZzEr wrote:
HHAHahahah what a shame losing all your shit you shouldnt of joined the military in the first place bunch of idiots! As far as your shit theres nothing you can do about it its all gone not to mention they probably sold everything or threw out what they cant use so next time use your wits dumb ass.
You are a freekin Idiot. Someone has more guts in there pinky then you have in your whole worthless body you piece of crap. I wouldn't spit in your face to save your life

Stamford, CT

#16 Feb 10, 2011
It's a shame that you lost all of your stuff but you signed a contract when you put the stuff in the unit to begin with. I am a purchaser of these types of units, but I did not win yours. I do not save personal papers or photos, they go in the garbage. I have found birth certificates, death certificates, medical records and such. These items do not belong in storage, and if I spent the time to track down these people that owned the stuff who knows what could happen. I do not want any contact with these people, I just want to sell what I have purchased for a profit. If you don't pay your bill no matter what the excuse is, they have to recoup their costs and auctioning off your stuff is how it is done. I'm sorry to say but everything you said is just an excuse and everyone has them. That is why they hung up on you. Also the police can't do a thing since it is in your storage agreement that your items can be sold. You learned a valuable lesson in all of this, unless it is in writing, then it is not set in stone. Their auctions are scheduled a month in advance. Good luck but I think you are better off just moving on.

Fort Belvoir, VA

#17 Mar 9, 2011
i lost my more than $30,000 furniture in storage, after Chevychase become Capital one they did not recieve payment, the payment was going from last 3 years. They sold it for 2200,
They kept on calling me on my old address even though i did updated my address, and i have proof of that, is there anything i can do about that

Peru, IN

#18 Mar 9, 2011
I'm taking this as a true story and I'm sorry to hear of this.

I sent this story to Eye Witness news in hopes that it will draw some media attention.

I'd suggest that you do the same.
COntact the local media and put your story out there.

United States

#19 May 29, 2011
By law in some states if buyers find personal documents or photos they are supposed to return them to the storage unit office, and if that is too much trouble for them, then they go take all their personal stuf and when they ask just shrug and say sorry man. I buy units also and I return all personal items if find because I would not want to lose all my personal documents because I was late on a payment. Have a few morals...


#20 Aug 13, 2011
This sounds sad, but the story does'nt add up. First of all almost all checking accounts come with a debit card and seeing how you was in service and likely had direct deposit I am sure you also have a debit card. Then you say you mailed them a check......... if you were that concerned about it you would have made a debit (automated withdrawel) then and there. So why send a check in a time sensitive situation when you have a debit card. Then you say you called and made sure the check made it there ??? If you had the right address and the right postage you know it did, furthermore you could simply call your bank and see the check cleared. I buy units as well and the facilities have to hold them for 60-90 days and exhaust every avenue to contact you and give you a chance to pay the unit before they can touch it. I do this for a living, not a hobby. It sounds to me that alot of military people use their status as a venue for preferential treatment, let me assure you just because you serve does not make you above any law. You may say that your not using your previous status in the military but your opening line .....I am a 24 year old disabled veteran from Alabama. says that you are. You signed a contract and if you didnt read the fine print then thats your fault. I assure you your identity is not at risk, most just toss the info away.

Bronx, NY

#21 Aug 14, 2011
I can not agree more. All of the items in the unit were put there because you had no where else to put it. It takes several months of non payment before they even start the process to sell your items and at that time they give you another 60-90 days. I had some items in a unit that I no longer wanted and asked the storage facility to auction it off for me and they told me I had to stop paying. So I did and 8 months later they sold the merchandise inside. Most facilities do not have auctions monthly unless it is a large chain facility. Some only have auctions yearly. Next time be more careful. As far as your personal belongings, yes it is a law to return them, however if you can't prove that any of that type of items were in there, then how could it stand up in court. Besides it is your responsibility to make sure those items are safe.

United States

#22 Feb 18, 2012
I lost everything i own from a storage facility auction about 6 years ago. Is there any way to try to recover any of the items once they have been sold in the auction. i mean is there a wonderful place where people are willing to give special things like family photos and stuff back to the owner>


#23 Mar 4, 2012
Maybe this site can help you.

Valdosta, GA

#24 Aug 14, 2012
The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act prohibits the sale or auction of military personnel belongings. Section 307 involves storage auctions directly. A storage facility must get a court order before auctioning military units. And then, it is up to the judge to set the date of the auction, not the facility.

Cedar Rapids, IA

#25 Apr 13, 2013
my son buys up units. my mother found a class ring in one of his units and asked if she could have it. she took the class ring to the high school in miss and they traced down the owner of the ring. after weeks my mother gets a call from this women and she proceeded to tell my mother she left miss after hurricane katrina and lost all her stuff in a unit due to miscommunication with the storage unit. she flew in to mobile and met with my son and mother. she offered to buy her personal belongings back. she only wanted pics and things like that. my son gave her all her pic and personal belongs back to her. most of the furniture he had already sold. today 2 years later there has become a friendship between my mother and her. she lost her mother and son in katrina. she is a wonderful person but in lack of communication she lost her unit.

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