As a Frequent visitor to Wrangell and the Stikene, both on charter and private trips, I would hope that the Forest Service would keep the rules as they are. The limit on comercial excursions is needed, and needs to be enforced! I would be totally PO'd if a troup of tourists tromped up to a Forest servic cabin I had rented, with their guide, and proceede to use the out house that my group and I had provisioned. It is a liitle far, if I had a boat, to run to Wrangell for TP.
However I do not feel that private and/or family groups should be limited. I was at the input meeting at the Nolan Center in Wrangell. As a former resident of the Owens valley I can understand why the local people feel threatened, and rightly so, by the Forest Service.
I think the Forest Service would gain much more credibility and cooperation if they would ENFORCE the rules now in place instead of turning a blind eye when an "18 pack" puts in and disembarks at the tubs or other locations treasured by those who live and play in Wrangell and Petersburg.
Nancy Bay
Rochester, WA 98579