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#126 Feb 22, 2013
Thanksging Angel Angle 1 11 7

1 Timothy 4:3-4

King James Version (KJV)

3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

4 For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:

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#127 Feb 23, 2013

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#128 Mar 3, 2013
Gabriel Fusilier de la Claire
■Name: Gabriel Fusilier de LaClaire 1
■Sex: M
■Death: 1798
The first Fusilier to come to Louisiana was Gabriel Fusilier de la Claire, the son of wealthy merchants in Lyon, France. Gabriel was born 28 About, 1721in the parish St. Nizier, the son of Pierre Fusilier, burgher of Lyon, and Luduvine Chaufouraux of Saint-Quentin, Picardy.
His agnate grandparents were Pierre Antoine Fusilier and Genevieve Compagnon, parish St. Nizier, Lyon. The elder Fusiliers were married 7 September, 1681. His enate grandparents were Joseph V. Quantin Chaufouralt (sic) and Madelaine Pannier who were married 19 Avril 1612 in Nizier Paroisse, Lyon, France.
The Fusiliers were wealthy merchants and leaders of private armies raised to protect the king; thus the name "Fusilier" was bestowed upon the family by Louis XIV 2.
Births Marriages Deaths
Genevieve 5 Mai 1715 Anne 2 Juillet 1716 Claudine 3 Juillet 1717 Claude Pierre 8 Dec 1718 Claudine 19 Febrier 1720 *Gabriel 28 Aout 1723 21 Oct 1789 Claudine 22 Aout 1723 Marie 14 Aout 1724
Gabriel came to New Orleans in 1748 at the age of 26 years,and resided at 1555 N. Dorgenois Street. He served in various high level governmental posts until 1763 when the Spanish appointed him commandant of the Poste des Attakapas (St. Martinville) and in 1771 the additional command of the Poste des Opelousas 5.
While living in New Orleans, Gabriel had a liaison with Jeannette, a free woman of color, who bore him three sons. The oldest, Guillaume, was born in 1752 , Etienne Sem was born in 1755 and Cambre in 1761 . He brought his family with him when he moved to Attakapas.
While living in southwest Louisiana, he and Jeanette had two daughters, Françoise and Josephine. No records are available to document their births and baptisms. Françoise's death record indicates that she was born circa 1768. No secondary records exist for Josephine. The Church of St. Landry was not founded until 1776. Thus the family of Gabriel and Jeannette consisted of:
Births Marriages Deaths
Guillaume c. 1752 17 Apr. 1771 Françoise 1819 Etienne Sem c. 1755 5 May 1783 Maria Magdalene Masse 1811 Cambre c. 1761 Françoise c. 1768 20 May 1831 Josephine* c. 1771
Gabriel had two legal marriages. The first was to Jeanne Roman on 4 Mar 1764. Jean died 24 Feb 1770. In 1771, he married Helen Elizabeth Soileau. These two marriages produced seven children. Many records attest to the close relationship between the colored and white families of Gabriel. In fact, he gave identical land grants to Etienne Sem and Agricole consisting of eight hundred arpents (677 acres) located at the confluence of Bayou Bourbeau and Bayou Vermillion, where the two streams joined to form Bayou Fusilier, and was located on the Prairie Basse 9
Gabriel Fusilier retired to his plantation on Bayou Teche 10 . In 1788 he wrote his will at Natchez 11 . Shortly thereafter, he returned to France and died at Bordeaux 12 October 1789 12 .
The documented records of the mulatto sons of Gabriel begin with the Eglise-St Martin de Tours entry on page 22 of Volume I of the marriage of Guillaume (mulatto libre) and Françoise (griffe libre) on 17 April 1771. Gabriel was the witness to the marriage.
500-year-old Nostradamus prophecies become first French book to be archived on Google
By Graham Smith UPDATED:12:02 EST, 21 January 2010
A sixteenth century edition of predictions by Nostradamus has become the first book from France's vast archive of literature to be digitally preserved by Google.
The collection of prophecies is from a vault containing 500,000 classic French books stored at the Municipal Library of Lyon.
Nostradamus is best known for The Prophecies, the first edition of which appeared in 1555 and has rarely been out of print since his death.
France has a 750million euro (£650million) scheme in place to digitise its libraries and museums.

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#129 Mar 6, 2013
You can follow Gabriel from burger of lyons france,nostradamus time to
grand coteau la and st john burchmans church,you can then go to st
johns burchmans (who died at age 22 )to #22 district logan sqare
chicago:St John Berchmans followed from Grand Coteau La

St. John Berchmans Catholic Parish & School

2517 W. Logan Boulevard Chicago, Il 60647. School mailing address:

2511 W. Logan Boulevard Chicago, IL 60647.

I mentioned earlier that 1 between both sides of 7 is brilliant,
The above church has one address 2517 ( 717) and another 2511 (711)

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#130 Mar 9, 2013

Matthew 13:30

King James Version (KJV)

30 Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

Luke 3:17

King James Version (KJV)

17 Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and will gather the wheat into his garner; but the chaff he will burn with fire unquenchable.

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#131 Mar 9, 2013
Matthew 17:12 KJV
King James Version

But I say unto you, That Elias is come already, and they knew him not, but have done unto him whatsoever they listed . Likewise shall also the Son of man suffer of them

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#132 Mar 12, 2013
St John brchmans born 3/13/1599

“On the 19th of October I was obliged to report to the infirmary, and I did not leave it until the 15th of December, the day after the one on which God was pleased to manifest His Power and Mercy in my behalf. During all this time I was dangerously ill, vomiting blood two and three times a day, with constant fever and violent headaches the greater part of the time; and still the pain in my side continued.”

“I do not think I had eaten an ounce of food for about forty days. During that time I had taken nothing but a little coffee or tea, which for a week before I recovered I could no longer take. And for two weeks no medicine had been administered. The doctor said it was useless to torture me more. So, he stopped giving me any. The last two days I was unable to take even a drop of water.”

“I endured the pangs of death. My body was drawn up with pain; my hands and feet were cramped and as cold as death. All my sickness had turned to inflammation of the stomach and throat. My tongue was raw and swollen. I was not able to speak for two days. At each attempt to utter a word, the blood would gush from my mouth.”

“Being unable to speak, I said in my heart:“Lord, Thou Who seest how I suffer, if it be for your honor and glory and the salvation of my soul, I ask through the intercession of Blessed Berchmans a little relief and health. Otherwise give me patience to the end. I am resigned.” Then, placing the image of Blessed Berchmans on my mouth, I said:“if it be true that you can work miracles, I wish you would do something for me. If not, I will not believe in you.”

“I can say without scruple of fear of offending God: I heard a voice whisper,“Open your mouth.” I did so as well as I could. I felt someone, as if put their finger on my tongue, and immediately I was relieved. I then heard a voice say in a distinct and loud tone:“Sister, you will get the desired habit. Be faithful. Have confidence. Fear not.”

“I had not yet opened my eyes. I did not know who was by my bedside. I turned round and said aloud: But, Mother Moran, I am well!”

“Then, standing by my bedside, I saw a figure, He held in his hands a cup, and there were some lights near him, at this beautiful sight I was afraid. I closed my eyes and asked:“Is it Blessed Berchmans? He answered: Yes, I come by the order of God. Your sufferings are over. Fear not!”

“For the glory of Blessed John Berchmans, whose name be ever blessed! I deem it my duty to declare here, that from the moment of the cure I never experienced the slightest return of my former ailments. My flesh and strength returned instantaneously, I was able to follow all the exercises of community life from that moment. So that, after two months of cruel suffering and great attenuation of bodily strength from the want of food, I was in an instant restored to perfect health without a moment’s convalescence and could eat of everything indiscriminately, I who for thirty-eight days previous could not support a drop of water.”

“The doctor called to see me that evening, and what was his surprise to see me meet him at the door. He was so overcome that he almost fainted, and Mother, perceiving it, said:‘It is you, doctor, who needs a chair!’

Doctor examined the condition of my mouth and tongue, testified to their being well and that my appearance was that of a person in perfect health. The good doctor next inquired if I had eaten anything, and when the waiter containing remnants of my dinner was brought to him, he expressed anew his surprise, and once more declared that no human means could have ever produced such an effect.

Dr. Millard’s sworn statement of February 4, 1867, reads as follows:“Not being able to discover any marks of convalescence, but an immediate return to health from a most severe and painful illness, I am unable to explain the transition by any ordinary natural laws

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#133 Mar 16, 2013
Saint Leonard, Abbot of Noblac



Honored in

Roman Catholic Church,
Anglican Church


November 6


depicted as an abbot holding chains, fetters or locks, or manacles.


political prisoners, imprisoned people, prisoners of war, and captives, women in labour, as well as horses

Leonard of Noblac or of Limoges or de Noblet (also known as Lienard, Linhart, Leonhard, Léonard, Leonardo, Annard)(died traditionally in 559), is a Frankish saint closely associated with the town and abbey of Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat, in Haute-Vienne, in the Limousin (region) of France.

[hide]•1 Traditional biography
•2 Diffusion of cult
•3 Veneration
•4 Gallery
•5 References
•6 Further reading
•7 External links

Traditional biography

According to the romance that accrued to his name, recorded in an 11th-century vita, Leonard was a Frankish noble in the court of Clovis I, founder of the Merovingian dynasty. He was converted to Christianity along with the king, at Christmas 496, by Saint Remigius, Bishop of Reims. Leonard asked Clovis to grant him personally the right to liberate prisoners whom he would find worthy of it, at any time.

Leonard secured the release of a number of prisoners, for whom he has become a patron saint, then, declining the offer of a bishopric— a prerogative of Merovingian nobles— he entered the monastery at Micy near Orléans, under the direction of Saint Mesmin and Saint Lie. Then, according to his legend, Leonard became a hermit in the forest of Limousin, where he gathered a number of followers. Through his prayers the queen of the Franks was safely delivered of a male child, and in recompense Leonard was given royal lands at Noblac, 21 km (13 mi) from Limoges. It is likely that the toponym was derived from the Latin family name Nobilius and the common Celtic element -ac, simply denoting a place. There he founded the abbey of Noblac, around which a village grew, named in his honour Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat.

According to legend, prisoners who invoked him from their cells saw their chains break before their eyes. Many came to him afterwards, bringing their heavy chains and irons to offer them in homage. A considerable number remained with him, and he often gave them part of his vast forest to clear and make ready for the labours of the fields, that they might have the means to live an honest life.

[edit]Diffusion of cult

In the 12th century, although there is no previous mention of Leonard either in literature, liturgy or in church dedications,[1] his cult rapidly spread, at first through Frankish lands, following the release of Bohemond I of Antioch in 1103 from a Danishmend prison, where the successful diplomacy was inspired by Leonard of Noblac. Bohemond, a charismatic leader of the First Crusade, subsequently visited the Abbey of Noblac, where he made an offering in gratitude for his release. Bohemond's example inspired many similar gifts, enabling the Romanesque church and its prominent landmark belltower to be constructed. About the same time Noblac was becoming a stage in the pilgrimage route that led towards Santiago de Compostela. Leonard's cult spread through all of Western Europe: in England, with its cultural connections to the region, no fewer than 177 churches are dedicated to him. Leonard was venerated in Scotland, the Low Countries, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, particularly in Bavaria, and also in Bohemia, Poland, and elsewhere. Pilgrims and patronage flowed to Saint-Leonard de Noblac.

Leonard or Lienard became one of the most venerated saints of the late Middle Ages. His intercession was credited with miracles for the release of prisoners, women in labour and the diseases of cattle. His feast day is November 6, when he is honoured with a festival at Bad Tölz, Bavaria. He is honoured by the parish of Kirkop, Malta on the third Sunday of every August.

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#134 Mar 16, 2013
Comet PanSTARRS warms up for celestial double feature's first show

Comet visible after sunset on March 13

13 Mar, 2013

The chances of seeing the comet in broad daylight would be extremely low because of the solar glare, but by March 12 and 13, the comet will be visible after sunset not far from the crescent moon, Director of Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators (SPACE) C B Devgun said.


Discovery and naming

Amateur astronomers Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok spotted the comet in photographs taken by an ISON telescope in September 2012.

Even from a great distance, the comet does appear bright, making it possible that its nucleus is somewhere between 0.6 miles and 6 miles (1 to 10 kilometers) wide, according to astronomer Matthew Knight of the Lowell Observatory and NASA.

ISON is expected to get as close as 800,000 miles (1.2 million km) from the sun's surface, providing it survives the gravitational forces or the sun's radiation. That closest approach will take place on Nov. 28, 2013.

Traditionally, comets are named after the people who find them, such as Shoemaker-Levy 9 that crashed into Jupiter in 1994, or Hale-Bopp that brightened Northern Hemisphere skies in 1997.

Comet ISON, however, is part of a newer trend that sees the name of the comet after the project rather than the individuals who discovered it. This means that several comets could have the same name, leading to confusion.

For that reason and also because the newer method is less personal, Peter Jedicke, past president of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, is calling for a return to the old naming convention.

Every comet also has a name assigned to it by the International Astronomical Union that includes features such as the year of discovery. ISON's official name is Comet C/2012 S1.

Comet Ison in constellation of cancer matches Nostradamus century 6 quatrain 6

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#135 Mar 19, 2013

Different Angles

Where the doorway is wide enough, Ashkenazi Jews tilt the mezuzah so that the top slants toward the room into which the door opens. This is done to accommodate the variant opinions of the medieval Rabbis Rashi and Rabbeinu Tam as to whether it should be placed horizontally or vertically, and also to imply that God and the Torah (which the mezuzah symbolizes) are entering the room. Most Sephardi, Mizrahi and other non-Ashkenazi Jews affix the mezuzah vertically,[3] though Spanish and Portuguese Jews living in countries where the majority of Jews are Ashkenazim usually place it slanting.

The procedure is to hold the mezuzah against the spot upon which it will be affixed, then recite a blessing:

The Virgin and Child with St Anne by Leonardo Da Vinci

This painting by Leonardo da Vinci is included in our trail because in 1910 it was the subject of an astonishing study by Sigmund Freud (“Leonardo da Vinci and a Memory of His Childhood”), who dared to discern in it motifs hidden from ordinary mortals. Freud saw in the Virgin Mary’s garment a bird of prey (a vulture) and interpreted it as an unconscious rediscovery by Leonardo of the myth of Mut, the vulture goddess of Egypt. This analysis, which has been controversial since the day it was published, opened up a new avenue in the history of pictures: that of their over-interpretation, something The Da Vinci Code makes unbridled use of. To see the famous “vulture,” you need to tilt your head 90 degrees to the left. You will then be able to make out, in the outline of Mary’s blue-green garment, the head and beak of a bird (on the left of the picture), its triangular body, and its two inert wings. In addition, the perfect composition of the Virgin and Child with Saint Anne is based in part on the use of an element described in The Da Vinci Code: the ratio of proportion “phi”(equal to 1.618), known to the Mesopotamians, the Roman architect Vitruvius, who called it the “golden number,” and the artists of antiquity. This “divine proportion,” although it is not the “fundamental building block in nature” as The Da Vinci Code proclaims, creates in the realm of the fine arts an unparalleled effect of balance and harmony.

The Minnesota Angle

According to the United States Census Bureau, Angle Township has a total area of 596.3 square miles (1,544.5 km2) of which 123.09 square miles (318.81 km2) is land and 473.2 square miles (1,225.7 km2)(79.36%) is water. The land includes several islands, including Oak Island, and two small capes that are below (south of) the 49th parallel north in the extreme southwest part of the township, south of the southeast corner of Manitoba, and not far from the northeast corner of Roseau County. Of the 2000 census population of 152, there were 118 living on the mainland, and 34 persons on the islands in Lake of the Woods. All of the populated islands are north of the 49th parallel.

The mainland portion of the township north of the 49th parallel has an area of 116.632 square miles (302.08 km2). The total land area of all islands is 6.303 square miles (16.32 km2), and the two capes total 100 acres (0.16 sq mi; 40.47 ha). The township has the last one-room public school in the state.
•To reach the Angle by land, travelers take Minnesota State Highway 313N (Warroad, Minnesota to Sprague, Manitoba) across the border into Manitoba, Canada, connecting to Provincial Road 12 in Manitoba at the border, then to Provincial Road 308 Manitoba, to Provincial Road 525, then finally crossing back into the United States in the Northwest Angle south of rural Angle Inlet, Minnesota (Angle Inlet Township). The distance from Warroad or Roseau to the Angle proper is approximately 63 miles through Minnesota and Manitoba back to the Angle's U.S. border. It is approximately 10 miles from the actual border (intersection of Manitoba #525 and NWA Road Dawson) to the rural developments of the Northwest Angle.(313n provincial 308 =7 11)

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#136 Mar 20, 2013
Nostradamus century 8 quatrain 69

Beside the young one the old angel falls,
and will come to rise above him at the end:
ten years equal to most the old one falls again,
of three two and one, the eighth seraphim.

Ten Years After
look up lyics to "Here They Come"

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#137 Mar 24, 2013
How many times has Easter been on March 29 since 1958?


Since 1958, Easter Sunday has fallen on March 29 in the years 1959,
1964 and 1970. Easter Sunday will next fall on March 29 in 2043.

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#138 Apr 2, 2013
below is another persons excerpt

There are three sides to a story
And then there is Gramercy Park. Its four sides can only tempt the
common pedestrian; its lush, painstakingly-landscaped insides demand a
silent lucidity. Go ahead and stare - most everyone else shares the
same vantage point (from the outside wistfully looking in).

One of my favorite novels growing up was The Secret Garden. If I ever
had a shot at getting close to its mystical soil, this may have been
it. Unfortunately, none of the area's residents showed up with the key.
Gramercy park new York built on marshland,between 3 and 4th aveneus

I the found la salette isere Grenoble france and the visions of max and Melanie...I believe the visions valid,although I question the interpretations until I could see original words(Others Nostradamus interpretations way different orout of context from my interpretation)

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#139 Apr 7, 2013
serein [səˈre&# 618;n]

(Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) fine rain falling from a clear sky after sunset, esp in the tropics
[via French, from Old French serain dusk, from Latin sērus late]


Sur le milieu du grand monde la rose,

Pour nouueaux faicts sang public espandu:

A dire vray on aura bouche close.

Lors au besoing viendra tard l'attendu.

The rose upon the middle of the great world,

For new deeds public shedding of blood:

To speak the truth, one will have a closed mouth,

Then at the time of need the awaited one will come late

Lake Villa, IL

#140 Apr 7, 2013
The second of the last name of the Prophet (Bal,Baal,Bell)

French: Le Penultiesme du surnom du Prophéte,(C2Q28)

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#143 Apr 22, 2013
Earth Day
Tomato Arkansas formed by levee 1836, in roads eco 362 and eco 430

Form right angle , was smallest post office in the usa

Island 25 Mississippi river forms right angle just south of there

Located below the intersection of interste 155 and arkansas sr 61

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#144 Apr 25, 2013
Look like 7 with 11 in the middle to me:
The name Jehovah's witnesses, based on Isaiah 43:10–12

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#145 Apr 28, 2013
Early Years, 1933–1934

The legislation and mobilization of the program occurred quite rapidly. Roosevelt made his request to Congress on March 21, 1933; the legislation was submitted to Congress the same day; Congress passed it by voice vote on 31 March; Roosevelt signed it the same day, then issued an executive order on April 5 creating the agency, appointing its director (Fechner), and assigning War Department corps area commanders the task to commence enrollment. The first CCC enrollee was selected 8 April and subsequent lists of unemployed men were supplied by state and local welfare and relief agencies for immediate enrollment. On 17 April the first camp, NF-1, Camp Roosevelt,[14] was established at George Washington National Forest near Luray, Virginia. On 18 June, the first of 161 soil erosion control camps was opened, in Clayton, Alabama.[15] By 1 July 1933 there were 1,463 working camps with 250,000 junior enrollees (18–25 years of age), 28,000 veterans, 14,000 American Indians, and 25,000 Locally Enrolled (or Experienced) Men (LEM).[16][17]


The typical CCC enrollee was a U.S. citizen, unmarried, unemployed male, 18–25 years of age. Normally his family was on local relief. Each enrollee volunteered and, upon passing a physical exam and/or a period of conditioning, was required to serve a minimum six-month period with the option to serve as many as four periods, or up to two years if employment outside the Corps was not possible. Enrollees worked 40 hours a week over five days, sometimes including Saturdays if poor weather dictated. In return they received $30 a month with a compulsory allotment $22–25 sent to a family dependent, as well as food, clothing and medical care.[18] Following the second Bonus Army march on Washington D.C., President Roosevelt issued Executive Order 6129 (11 May 1933) to amend the CCC program, to include work opportunities for veterans. Veteran qualifications differed from the junior enrollee; one needed to be certified by the Veterans Administration by application, they could be any age, and married or single as long as they were in need of work. Veterans were mostly assigned to entire veteran camps.[19] Enrollees were eligible for "rated" positions to help with camp administration: senior leader, mess steward, store keeper and two cooks; assistant leader, company clerk, assistant educational advisor and three second cooks. These men received additional pay ranging from $36 to $45 per month depending on their rating.

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#146 Apr 28, 2013
The above post has a 711 in executive order 6129

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#147 Apr 28, 2013
C.06 Q.18 L3 Luy et son genre au regne hault pouse He and his kindred pushed high in the realm,
C.06 Q.18 L4 Grace donnee agent qui Christ enuie Pardon given to the race which denies Christ.
And contained within the visible text there is a threat hanging over the future of the sacred seat in Rome while in the parts of these verses not shown this threat seems to be dire. There is a further implication in the last line of the second verse for it goes on to say that the division between substance and spirit 'will be restored and received as the true seat.
I see a "69"n the century and quatrain numbers...the verse lines 3 and 4
Another two anagrams are held in the second verse. They are the anagrams of Jerusalem (lieu sera m) and Islam (misla) in the second line [Note I and J appear the same in Nostradamus' writing). Both these terms have religious significance and seem quite capable of being part of the message contained in the visible text. They also hint at the source of the implied threat in the verses. These two words, however are not unique occurrences since IERUSALEM occurs 7 times and ISLAM 20 times in Nostradamus' Predictions.(Note: Jerusalem with a J never occurs as a whole anagram).
It is possible to make a distinction between the last verse and the other two that are given above, since, as I have shown above, the last verse incorporates the Arian-biased word Genetos (created of the flesh) as well as Gennetos (begotten of the flesh). It would be likely that this verse is about the progeny of mortals in some way linked to the philosophical battle fought out at Antioch and Nicaea. It thereby points inevitably towards a birth line based on Christ and its recognition through the support of the Jewish and Islamic peoples. This can be supported from further analysis of the contents of these verses

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