Court Referral Program

Jasper, TN

#107 Jan 8, 2014
Chopper wrote:
The purpose is for you to not have money left over for drugs. And not have time left over for bad things. I went through it several times. Yes it's hard to have anything left over. But that's the purpose, don't screw up and you wont have to whine about it.
The point chopper is you were convicted of a crime.They have walked all over you're rights and have imposed an unreasonable penalty on some one for a minor infraction of the law.If you want you're government to decide if you are not responsible enough to decide how and where you spend you're own money just sign you're check over to them and let them decide whats good for you.

Jasper, TN

#108 Jan 8, 2014
smh wrote:
Everyone bitching about the cost of the program - what about the costs of your habit(s) that got ya there? I bet it's a lot cheaper - jus sayin'

One day people will wake up and realize that justice for all is one of the millions of lies the elite and privlileged have made you to believe.If you can afford an attorney you will not be subject to these programs.Why don't you look up common law and see what the definition reads.
I don't consider some one asking a good question or demanding an answer to there question bitching.But you probably bitch because you can't get a front row parking spot at Walmart or you're favorite show got canceled because you were the only one dumb enough to watch it.Just sayin.

Daphne, AL

#109 Jan 25, 2014
Anybody can straighten their life out if they're sober and want it. It's NOT court referral that straightened it out for you. I'm with Bradford, all about money and controll. I was in the program for several years. And believe me, there are ways to still use and pass these tests. So "it straightened my life out" is a crock of sh!t.
its here you too can sign

Jasper, TN

#110 Jan 27, 2014

United States

#111 Jan 31, 2014
Stop breaking the law and be happy you are on probation and not jail. I am39 and never broke the law. Never been in trouble. It can be done. Live right!

Phenix City, AL

#112 Mar 26, 2014
bee52 wrote:
If you don't like the law's. Write your senator's and try to change them. Cood Luck
This is true CRO is nothing but a scam especially in Jackson county. Grant it ppl do stupid Shit, but I do believe it's in law book sumwhere that a person has the rite to maintain their homes and families before nething, and u no Wat if we the ppl would step up together and dispute the CRO program and all their bullshit sumthin mite just be done, but it's all in who is willing to take the stand for it!!!

Ozark, AL

#113 Apr 7, 2014
What number do I

Henagar, AL

#114 Apr 10, 2014
Robert B wrote:
Aint that the truth.That program cost me two very good jobs and a whole lot of money.After paying all my fees and restitution i barely had enough money for food and gas in my car. I also had a family to support But they really dont care. its all about getting thrre money.
I have been through the dekalb co court system twice and it always pissed me off when people would say what you just said..."all they cared about was their money, they cost me my job, I have a family to support and I barely make enough to pay everything". Wasnt it YOU that did something wrong and now you are paying the price. You shouldnt have been doing whatever to get arrested. So its your fault that you got caught and its being a burded on your life. Quit crying and take responsibilities for you actions. Its your own fault

Scottsboro, AL

#115 May 1, 2014
When they test is the test for everthing or do they pick certain things? I got a script from a Dr. How does that work?

United States

#116 May 25, 2014
So why do u have to take a drug test for a p I ( public intoxication ) makes no sense to me

Trussville, AL

#119 Jun 19, 2014
You people are a trip.. I just recently got a DUI and went to court for it. I paid my fines upon sentencing and was recommended 3 months of cro depending on my evaluation. I would be willing to bet that your education in law and your conduct with the arresting officer, in context with how you presented yourselves in court and during your first appointment, is why you were treated the way you were. First of all, none of us can claim innocence, even if ignorant. Your verbal admission of that and the responsible submission to the law you broke probably would have benefitted your cases. "Whining", as so many have called it on here, shows an obvious immaturity of age and lack of respect for rule and regulation. That being said, I don't approve of a few extremes, but that doesn't change the fact that I disobeyed a set law and got caught, now I can only submit to the punishments they see fit.--Perhaps, if a few of you accepted your fault in the matter they wouldn't be trying so hard to teach you that lesson.- Furthermore, speaking for myself, I totaled a 30k car less than 2 months after purchasing it outright with single digit miles off the lot. I should be dead, along with my friend, and am lucky that no one else was involved that may have gotten hurt. I imagine your families, friends, and whomever else that would have been effected/affected, had you been hurt, would gladly pay any sum of money or go through whatever hardships as long as you were alive and well.-- In a nutshell, what I'm saying is your perspectives are a little flawed and may need a bit of adjusting.---- As for the lady with beer in your trunk.. Alabama law states that anything outside of the cab, which means the trunk, isn't a violation of traffic law unless it's a controlled substance. Counties can dictate whether you're able to buy alcohol in them but they can't prevent you from transporting or drinking alcohol in that county, as long as it wasn't DUI of course.:) Ultimately, you got screwed because you didn't know the law and you didn't consult anyone that practices law. Reffering back to a previous statement, ignorance is a fault too. Kudos.

Trussville, AL

#120 Jun 19, 2014
Referring. :)

Trussville, AL

#121 Jun 19, 2014
BLUE wrote:
<quoted text>
The point chopper is you were convicted of a crime.They have walked all over you're rights and have imposed an unreasonable penalty on some one for a minor infraction of the law.If you want you're government to decide if you are not responsible enough to decide how and where you spend you're own money just sign you're check over to them and let them decide whats good for you.
In reality, when you willing break a law you forfeit your credibility. Upon that, the blatant disregard for law and anyone that may be bystanders because you did so recklessly, is an unspoken acknowledgment that you were unfit to decide what's best for you in that matter. In a manner of speaking, we proved we weren't able to make the appropriate choices without saying anything at all. Lol. Our actions dictate our direction. Now that we have shown our stupidity, we are subject to the ramifications of those actions. Like it or not, deny it all day, but I can tell by how you speak that you are ignorant and foolish, that it wasn't a dumb choice when you committed your crimes. Your mentality and philosophy is why you got screwed, nothing else.

Trussville, AL

#122 Jun 19, 2014
Final statement... For those of you that made a single careless decision and don't intend to repeat them.. Attitude means everything when you go see those people. Take into consideration that they deal with kids all day, blaming the system for their transgressions. They listen to excuse, upon bitter denial, that's coated with whatever sob story these degenerates can come up with to get off easy.. Your decency and respect will be a welcomed change and will definitely put you in a better position to "due your time" and then go about your lives.
governors office

United States

#123 Jul 3, 2014
You are right mike brown is under wittness protection program hummm got a criminal running w/ his son. If everybody would BOND together it will change lots of ppl run their mouth but more cowards than the gov office every day. Conflict when judges own it...ANYONE READING THIS START TODAY & DONT STOP CALLING

Columbus, GA

#124 Jul 17, 2014
do you got to sign for what you get tested for or

Tucson, AZ

#125 Jul 29, 2014
It's a joke,I know too many people that test positive and get away with it in Tuscaloosa! Instead of locking them up they listen to therapist who say we are sending him/her to a halfway house or rehab and that's already been done in the past or their doctor say they have diagnosed them with" Bipolar" !! Really how can you correctly diagnose someone under the influence!! It's all about the money and kickbacks that these doctors get for prescribing certain medications.....

United States

#126 Sep 27, 2014
My niece was put on color code the other day she was given a drug test at a show cause hearing for her bond conditions she past drug test she has not been charged with anything yet she is now homeless and has no family in Alabama does anyone know if we can transfer all this bullshit color code crap to Arkansas who we need to contact to find out thank you
conerned Mom

Cullman, AL

#127 Oct 26, 2014
My son was ordered by a municipal judge to complete a residential rehab program for substance abuse in addition to stisfying his fines. Fines are satisfied yet he did not complete the subtance abuse program. This IS a municipal court which meets once a month. The magistrate says they dont care if he did not comply with the SA treatment as ordered since his fines are paid.... What the heck??!! I am his mother & he has a BIG problem with addiction. I just do NOt see how that order which I have a copy of can be ignored... Any thoughts? Advice??

United States

#128 Dec 6, 2014
What happens if you stop going to court referral?

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