whats up cuzz this big joe from losangeles
south central iam from hoover 83rd street crip set
in randallestown its a bout crip love cuzz
blue and orange colors we have many crip sets
here in bmore here in 2012 and county
hoover 74 street crips 101 crip gang
acacia block crips
altadena block crips
avalon 40s crips
avalon gangster crips
avalon gangster crips 116
hardtime hustler crips
boulevard mafia crips
original valley gangster crips
neighborhood crips
play boy style crips 82
play boy stlye crips 101 106
homestown mafia crips
hoover 92 street crips
hhover 94 street crips
roolin 60s
rolin 40s
we are in arbutus
owings mills
milord mill
we crips do not go by any six star crown
we crips make money here in bmore cuzz
its not a bout just killing any more ok
its a bout taking care of are kids and girl friends
now we losangeles homies started coming out here
to baltimore back in the late 90s and early 200s
we crips are in east baltimore and west baltimore
bloods are in south baltimore north west baltimore
some bloods are in east baltimore
now vice lords are in north east baltimore
gangster disciples are in east baltimore to
b g f family are west baltimore and parts of
woodlwan and gywwnoaks
latin kings ms13 amd 18th street are by large
in essex towson middle river overlea rosedale
cockeysville parkville and white gangs like
d m i are in south baltimore brooklyn park
and other areas