'Adopt a Family' offers Christmas ass...

'Adopt a Family' offers Christmas assistance

There are 270 comments on the Farmside story from Oct 12, 2008, titled 'Adopt a Family' offers Christmas assistance. In it, Farmside reports that:

Starting Tuesday, Oct. 14, applications will be taken for The Salvation Army "Adopt a Family" program.

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Saint Louis, MO

#102 Dec 16, 2008
hollo my name is ieshia im 17years old and i have twins boys who 9mon i had them at 26weeks. they stayed in the hospital for 3mon wih many problem but now they doing very good. being so young and going to school am in the 12grade is very hard for me. money it come when i do hair i stay with my mom and 4 brother and i wont my babies to have a very happy chritmas because this i there 1 one. so if anyone could help please help us

Elgin, IL

#103 Dec 16, 2008
I am a mother of 5 young children ages 3/4/6/7/9 and up until a few weeks ago I thought that I would be able to buy Christmas presents for my children but because of being laid off and unexpected medical bills because of an illness my daughter has, I will not have any money for gifts this year. It is last minute I know, and most families had to be signed up for toys for tots and adoption a long time ago, but I need some serious help for Christmas. I am contemplating telling my children that there is no santa and that i dont have the money to buy them any gifts but I dont want to break their hearts when they are so young. I need help, does anyone know of a way to get toys donated to my family this close to Christmas? Please email me at [email protected] with any help/information
Jeffica Brown

Houston, TX

#104 Dec 17, 2008
Hi, my name is Jeffica Brown I have two beautiful kids a little boy that's two and a little girl that's one. I'm twenty year old and stay with my grandmother and I need some help with getting my kids something for Christmas. I would appreciate anything that we receive.

Saint Paul, MN

#106 Dec 18, 2008
Hi...I am a mother of 1 son and don't work, but go to school only and get helps from the welfare. I am looking forward for any help to at least get something for my son for his 1st christmas. Im also a single mother of one and looking for helps of needs.

Midland, PA

#107 Dec 18, 2008
Iam a single mother of three children. 2 boys 7 and 8 , and a girl 4. I live in new castle,pa and xmas is next week and i am trying to find someone to help me for xmas. we don't even have a tree. my email is [email protected]-I live at 150 quest st. apt. 4 new castle,pa 16101. thank you and anything is appreciated

Midland, PA

#108 Dec 18, 2008
Iam not from pittsburgh pa iam from new castl pa

Lockport, NY

#109 Dec 18, 2008
Single mom of 8yo boy in need of Christmas assistance. I'm currently unemployed due to workers comp. I would appreciate any assistance offered. I've already told my son he may have to wait till after the holiday to receive the few toys he wanted. He said "ok" gave me hug and said "don't worry mom". I could tell he only said this so I wouldn't feel bad. He's my strong little man man. Hopefully blessings will come our way before Christmas.
A couple toys would be wonderful. We're hoping to get a free tree Christmas eve from kind sellers like we did last year. If anyone can assist us, or know someone who can, please email me at [email protected] I try to check my mail at public library couple times weekly. Thank you and God bless.

Atlanta, GA

#110 Dec 19, 2008
Hello, not really sure where to go from here. I see so many families in desperate need this year I almost feel quilty for even asking. We have 4 teenage daughters.. and back in October we sat down as a family and discussed the fact that this Christmas was going to be very limited. The would each possibly get one nice gift.. Well it is now less then a week away from Christmas and I haven't been able to even keep that promise. I can't even get them one gift.. much less of how nice is it.. I feel like such a failure.. I just wanted to be able to get them one gift.. My oldest is 18... next 17.. then 15 and finaly our 13... It makes my heart sad to know that there won't be any presents for them to open on Christmas morning... It is very hard to find anyone to help when you have teenagers... everyone always wants to help the younger kids and I am grateful for that... but why do we forget about the teenagers?? Any suggestions would be greatly apprecaited.. [email protected]


#111 Dec 19, 2008
hi my name is talia i live in florida. I was recently lost my job and have been forced to move in with my parents. I have 3 beautiful children. Boy 8, boy 5 and girl 4. I feel terrible because we have caused financial burdens for my parents. I know everything is tight for everyone. In order to feed and take care of us, My parents didn't even make their rent this month. There will be no xmas for us unless i can find help. My children wanted bikes so we can all ride to the park together but I explained that will have to wait until we get back on our feet. If anyone can help in any way it would be greatly appreciated. my email is [email protected] paypal is the same.
Grateful family

Oak Harbor, WA

#112 Dec 19, 2008
Greetings everyone,
I am a mother of three daughters and one Grandson. I recently lost my job due to my homecare client moving across country after working for him for eight years. I am recieving unenplyment but the rent is more then what I earn, let alone anything like utillities, food, etc. My Daughters attend Community College (2 of them) and the other just got student of the month at her high school. My eldest work at nineteen and twenty and my daughter who has a child just got her life on track after some bad choices after she got assulted. She works at the College, is in school and takes vocational school two nights of the week in addition. Things have occured like; The daycare coverage (that pays two dollars an hour) didnt cover her as was suppose to , so she wound up with me having to pay for daycare cost for three months. I have been in constant worksearch and now with the latest snow, we can not even get out to the grocery store for basic needs or even get to the food bank. We are of course walking where ever we can. We are normally much more supported but it seems this year everyone we use to know has either moved from this area or is in just as bad of shape. If there is anyway we can recieve assistance, I have 180.00 to my name due for next months rent and not a single toy, tree or food for the holiday. I have just graduated from a local community business start up plan with good interest in my proposal by the community but due to all that has happend with my basic income, we can not even furnish the business and advertise to open up the doors. I wish and desire to attract positive energy and be in the abundance that we do have a roof, heat, water and the abillity to go walk to get food ..for a little while at least. My ex husband of nine years left with a younger women and our self emplyed business to Hawaii and even child shupport can not find him. If there is people on this board who need the help more, I understand. God bless everyone and we will get through this if no one can help. You can reach me Tammy at "[email protected] Holiday blessings

Lakeland, FL

#113 Dec 21, 2008
My christmas wish

I have a story, everyone has a life story. Not all are happy. I belive that you have to do the very best you can with what you have. Even if its not much, I can pretty much gareentee that its more then you think. If its no job then thank god for your house or family the talent he gave you to get another one. No house thank god for the shelter your in. Hard time making your bills or rent. Thank god you have a house to have your lights or water shut off to live in many dont. I think that god will give you what you need in your time of need. You have to see that your time of need my not be as needy as you precive at that time in the whole picture of the world. My kids have been raised with this always be happy with what you have, and not with what you want. Someone else has less. I have a few wishes this year for my family. I want danille to come home by christmas for my grandkids they need to have their mom for christmas. She has been in the hospial for 3 weeks with a mass that they found on her lung.

For my daughter who has quit her job to watch her neice and nephew all this time. I want her to have a Hppy Christmas and I dont know that I can make this happen on my own. She is the last one that I have that lives at home with me. One night a few weeks back I woke up hearing her crying. All parents hate to hear that. Your child crying is the most heart destressing thing I can think of. It took me a few day to get it out of her what the deal was thinking it would be the story of how her and very first boyfriend broke up. How wrong I was. She being the last of 4 kids that I have raised on my own felt the finical destress that I do. She wanted to get the christams stuff out but couldnt. She told me she cant rember a really happy christmas in years.Shut my mouth. I hugged her and told her we need to happy for family as I know what its like not to have one. Hold them close I told her. But in deep inside I wanted her to have a real Christmas. Like the other familys she knows has. I wanted to be able to give her some money to go get presents for her brothers and nice and nephew. I cant. I have rent,lights and all the regular things that everyone has. But I dont make as much as regular familys nor do I have a partner to share that burden. The fact of the matter all bills are late rent included due to the fact that overtime was cut. I thank god I have job. We have been helping the boys out with their family needs. One son new baby late on rent. One son bless his heart his wife Danille is sick and in hospital, she babysits, food, jackets for them. So God if your in the mode of anwsaring prayers help me find a way to give Louisa Belle one day that is not giving but getting.

Please contact me at [email protected]

New Lenox, IL

#114 Aug 28, 2009
Just so you know Toys for Tots gives toys to families in need but they also work with other organizations - especially the Marine Corps League in your area.
Check the web sites for the League and you will see.
I have been doing T4T for a while and there is just so much more that the oragnizers do with other charities-from food, to clothes-to shelter and more
Good luck everyone and if you are in McHenry county IL i will see you at the t4t functions maybe
The B family

Addison, IL

#115 Oct 2, 2009
I am unfortunately a single mother of two beautifful girls. i have had a hard time all my life and have work my hardest to make certain my two little girls will not ever have to endure the hardships I have. Yet, as evryone is aware of , the recession is killing my christmas spirits. this is because I am scared that I will be unable to help keep my kids faith in the holiday. My oldest understands the true meaning of christmas and is grateful that God blessed her with her very own lil sister! We are a very appreciative family and are not asking for the world, THough, just a small peice of it for this christmas season. So if you know of any agencies that offer assist in Nortwest suburbs of Illinois please contact me at [email protected]
thank you,
The B Family

Port Richey, FL

#116 Oct 10, 2009
EMAIL: [email protected]

Lisle, IL

#118 Oct 15, 2009
hi my name is chervelle briggs a mother of 4 children and every year its hard on us becouse i havent been able to get them any thing for 2 years and all i want is to see there face light up on christmas day i have a 8 year old daughter name janika and i have a son that 13 year old son name jaston and i have a daughter name falon thats 15, and a son name calvin age 16 if there any body out there that can help my family this year that will be really nice and thank you and god bless you i can be contacted by my. email [email protected]

Clearwater Beach, FL

#119 Oct 18, 2009
I am a single mom of 2 daughters that am desperatly hoping to find a family that could help me with my children for chiristmas.i have a very low income job and things are harder everyday! without any help i honestly don't believe i will able to get them much of anything! i do not recieve any child support so that makes it worse! my children would be happy with just anything.i just dont know what to do anymore!

United States

#120 Oct 18, 2009
Morgan City, MS

I took maternity leave on March 26, 2009. I gave birth to my daughter Star ion April 17, 2009. She was diagnosed wih heart problem,(pulmonary hypertension), when she was 2weeks old. She is now 6 months old and she has had 2 heart surgeries and she is about to undergo another one. I haven't been able to work because I have to be at home to take care of her. She takes medicine four times a day. If anybody can please help me. Your kindness will be gladly appreciated. E-mail me @ [email protected]

Bayonne, NJ

#121 Oct 22, 2009
hi i hope that some one could find it in there hearts and help for christmas i have a son 12 years old a douther 11 years old two grandsons 1 and 4 years old all i am asking for is a big christmas tree like 9 feet tall i want to make a nice christmas this year if any one is willing to send a tree please contac me [email protected] by noveber1 please help thank you and god bless

Lake Orion, MI

#122 Oct 24, 2009
I feel there are so many people facing hard times especially in Michigan. My prayers go out to all of you. This is the first year I have felt a serious struggle, and I am scared that I can't provide for the kids like I wish to. I try so hard and want to give them a good Christmas. There are 6 kids in the home and my youngest is 4 years old. I try to keep afloat and my husband and I work but making ends meet has been very hard. I am really scared but don't talk much about it because I don't want it to effect the children.

Medina, NY

#123 Oct 24, 2009
I am 24 and a mother of 3. My son is almost 7, My daughter is 4, My baby Michael is 5 months. I have a parttime job, but with the economy i dont get many hours and my husband has been out of work for a long time. My bills are just way to high, and much rather pay them, then be homeless.. I really dont know how im going to provide my children a christmas and this really disapoints me. if anyone out there could help my family it would be really appreciated. I live in lewiston maine.

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