Uh...I didn't do it...Bush did it
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Roseville, CA

#41 Jul 2, 2012
cwi530 wrote:
<quoted text>Rebut what? Your mindless babble about Bush or Rush? Or am I supposed to call you names now. That's ok go argue with yourself nobody cares about your paranoid delusions. Get with the program. Bush doesn't matter he's gone. Rush never mattered, Palin never mattered, none of the shit you whine about matters. You jump on these forums and run around like a damn child, "Listen, listen pull my finger...yuck yuck yuck". You got nothing and you bring nothing. You're nothing, not a damn thing.
A brain dead Tea Bagger constantly hijacking all kinds of threads with off topic right wing verbal diarrhea straight from Rush Limbaugh's shit hole saying somebody else is "nothing, not a damn thing"! Now THAT'S FUNNY!!! A Tea Bagger talking about somebody else's "paranoid delusions"! THAT'S EVEN FUNNIER! Please keep it up! You're even more hlarious than than Sarah Palin babbling incoherently about "Death Panels" and "a communist takeover of our democracy"! You betcha'! LOL

Roseville, CA

#44 Jul 8, 2012
Bubba wrote:
<quoted text>
The usual outdated (some of it going back to 2008!) and distorted information from this brain dead motherf***er cwi530! He must have siphoned it straight out of Rush Limbaugh's rectum!
The 2012 link ( www.cbsnews.com ) mentioned includes this more recent clarification:
"The data proves the industry is far from turning its back on Mr. Obama, but the president's populist rhetoric this election cycle may be having some impact. Mr. Obama's Republican rival Mitt Romney raised nearly $9.5 million from the industry as of the end of May, the Journal reports -- more than the campaign raised from any other industry, aside from retired donors. The sum is especially impressive, given that it doesn't include Wall Street donations to the Republican National Committee -- Romney only began its joint fundraising effort with the RNC in mid-April.
Mr. Obama has had a somewhat rocky relationship with Wall Street over the course of his first term, after locking horns with bankers over his Wall Street regulatory overhaul and slamming "fat cat bankers" on CBS' "60 Minutes".
Now that the 2012 campaign is underway, the president's re-election campaign has only stepped up the populist rhetoric, attacking Romney for his record as founder of the private equity firm Bain Capital. As Mr. Obama casts Romney as a corporate raider, it's made even some in his own party -- Democrats with their own ties to Wall Street -- openly uncomfortable." (END OF EXCERPT)
The truth is Wall Street has soured considerably on Obama since the last election as he's taken a more pro-populist anti-Wall Street stance. Increased regulation and higher taxes on fat cats and corporations are dirty words to the shiny suited hucksters on Wall Street. They are increasingly pouring big money into Numbuts Romney and his "no regulation on business/lower the taxes on even the super rich": philosophy.
Note the final sentence of the first paragraph in the quoted text above:
"The sum is especially impressive, given that it doesn't include Wall Street donations to the Republican National Committee -- Romney only began its joint fundraising effort with the RNC in mid-April."
The Wall Streeters and their corporation buddy SuperPACs are dumping big, big, big bucks into Romney's campaign as well as the campaigns of other GOP candidates. I suspect the total will dwarf that of the amount contributed to Obama and the Democrats when it's all over!
Get your head out of your ass cwi530...and out of Rush Limbaugh's ass too! As usual you don't know what the f**k you're talking about!
Another RECENT article which shows how Wall Street really feels about Obama and who they are really backing in the 2012 election:

ttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2 012/05/15/obama-wall-street-sh uffle-outrage-campaign-finance _n_1519248.html

Somebody tell that goofy cwi530 to get his head out of his ass and out of Rush Limbaugh's ass too! This is 2012, not 2008 dumb ass!

Roseville, CA

#45 Jul 8, 2012
And yet another CURRENT report on who the fat cat Wall Streeters are REALLY contributing money to:


Note that the ratio of $$$ contributions from Wall Streeters and their SuperPACs to the current Presidential campaign (Romney vs Obama) is 37.1 MILLION TO 4.8 MILLION IN ROMNEY'S FAVOR! They know who is going to make them even richer and with less regulation too!

So much for cwi530's distorted and outdated information!

United States

#46 Jul 9, 2012
Yep, you're right July 3, 2012 was last week.

Wall Street fat cats made more money during the first years of Obama then they did during Bush's eight years and Obama took record donations from them in return. There's nothing distorted about it.

Distorted, deceiving, and dishonest rhetoric is what were getting from the president and what's Bubba got to say about it? Not a damn thing. It's Bush, Palin, Rush, Tea Party. Billions squandered on green energy failures, defense contracts yanked from US employers and given to foreign contractors, and now we will be taxed for NOT buying something. What's Bubba say? Bush, Palin, Rush, Tea Party. Afghanistan! WTF are we doing. Six more US soldiers killed yesterday. WTF are we doing! What's Bubba and the worthless pathetic excuse for news media say? Not a damn thing. Too busy going through Romney's trash cans.

You puke out the same BS over and over. It's Bush's fault it's Bush's fault the sky is falling and it's Bush's fault. Give it a rest Bush is not the president. He's out of the picture and Rush what position in government does he hold? None so why are you sooo worried about Rush. He does a radio show and if you don't like it don't listen.

You and the rest of the koolaid drinkers are running around bitching about people who don't even phucking matter. You might as well start bitching about the newspaper boy because he delivers the news and it's all lies and the walls are closing in around you and all you can see is Rush's ass... Blah, blah, blah...

Roseville, CA

#47 Jul 9, 2012
cwi530 wrote:
More of the same fecal matter siphoned straight from Rush Limbaugh's skanky poop chute!
The matter before us is who is getting the support and the big bucks from the Wall Street shysters right NOW! The statistics show the object of your affection Numbuts Romney is raking it it in numbers that dwarf what Obama is getting, just the opposite of what you stated in your moronic outdated post! Wall Street has traditionally been in bed with the GOP anyway! What they gave Obama in 2008 (their own choice as far as I know!) is frankly irrelevant in 2012. Obama has made it clear since on what he thinks of them and their immoral and illegal practices. They are pissed at Obama and who cares?

You chicken hawk hypocrites still aren't concerned about the TRILLION DOLLARS and American and Iraqi lives wasted on that stupid and totally unnecessary Iraq war are you? Nor the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in two separate fat cat tax cuts which combined with the two wars drove us into the 2008 recession. Those tax cuts sure resulted in a lot of jobs didn't they? What's Numbnuts Romney's answer to getting us out of the recession and creating jobs? More tax cuts and less regulation! Hey that's worked pretty good up until now!

Of course old Numbnuts has all those hundreds of millions in tax evading foreign bank accounts. What does he care about the rest of us as long as the boys on Wall Street are happy and the Tea Baggers keep are satisfied with his tongue continually stuck up theiir poopers? Hey his wife drives "a couple of Cadillacs" you know!

As far as Afghanistan goes guess who started that war too? Guess who made it a long term war of occupation and nation building rather than just a mission to get Bin Laden and the other al qaeda honchos and then get the fook out? As Colin Powell so rightly said "Once you break it, you own it!" Obama at least is getting us out as soon as practical (not an easy task as any military expert will tell you!) and much sooner than comic book reading old "What me worry?" Dubya would have. As far as that other chicken hawk foreign affairs expert Romney...he's ready to invade Iran and battle the "commies" in Russia, "our biggest geo political enemy". Uh huh!

You're the one who posts the same old recycled diarrhea from Fox News, Limbaugh's rectum and other screwball right wing sources! Just like your last post, a complete distortion of reality! In other words the same old s**t...and I do mean S**T!!!

No law against being a lame brained Tea Bagger though! Just keep your head buried up Limbaugh's rectum! Enjoy the view and the smell!

Blah blah blah indeed! LOL

United States

#48 Jul 11, 2012
In a speech before a NAACP convention in Houston AG Holder said he would continue to aggressively enforce federal voter fraud … excuse me, federal voter laws across the nation. Except for the part where people have to be a legal US citizen to vote huh Eric.

Holder also claims he’s enforcing our immigration laws…Except for the part where people have to abide by our immigration laws huh Eric.

But that’s how the Obama administration operates. If they don’t like a federal law or if the US Constitution interferes with their agenda, they ignore it. They’re above the law and according to the president violating the Constitution is the right thing to do. Besides, they know damn well that as long as the US Senate is controlled by an incompetent Harry Reid they can get away with murder.

Of course to attend the NAACP convention you had to show ID but that’s besides the point…And of course to purchase a firearm you must show ID…You have to show ID to fly…cash a check…write a check…Get a loan…Enroll in college…Go to Mexico…

Roseville, CA

#49 Jul 11, 2012
cwi530 wrote:
And yet more diarrhea siphoned out of Rush Limbaugh's poop chute by the now totally covered in shit cw530!

In reality the voter ID laws, almost all initiated by Republican governors are far less about protecting against potential voter fraud than keeping the people who would most likely vote for the opposition party (poor people, minorities) from voting at all.

You wouldn't know what the Constitution stands for it it jumped up and bit you and your bit fat, dumb Tea Bagger ass! LOL

Yeah you should be real proud of your own Republican leadership in Congress... the sun scorched cry baby John Boehner, creepy looking cretin Mitch McConnell and Joe Wilson who is criticizing his Democratic opponent's military career. His opponent just happens to be a female Iraqi war veteran who lost both legs in the war. The whole bunch of those crazy GOP motherf***ers have been obstructionist and vitriolic in spirit since Day #1. They'd rather see the whole country go down the toilet in order for their fat cat & Tea Bagger rectum licker Romney (even though they don't really like him either!) get into office!

And then there's dim witted and out of touch Numbnuts Romney himself whose state was 47th in job creation while he was Governor saying he's going to work miracles if he gets elected! His plan of attack? More tax cuts for the fat cats and less regulation for Wall Street! Hey that worked out pretty good last time! He's also going to repeal the Health Care law the day he takes office (he apparently will become a dictator on that day!) even though it's virtually identically to the one he promoted and approved as Governor of MA. His wife does "drive a couple of Cadillacs" though and he almost recognized a donut the other day LOL. Now you're talking leadership! LOL

Roseville, CA

#50 Jul 11, 2012
The truth about Voter ID laws as reported by the reliable Christian Science Monitor:


Note that there is very little evidence of voter fraud but lots of evidence it's restricting people (the people Republicans HATE!) from voting!:

Tea Bagger screwball cwi530 won't read it though. His TV is stuck on Fox News and his head is stuck up Rush Limbaugh's poop chute. Talk about being buried in poo-poo! It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't try to recycle Rush's rectal matter via Topix! Now if he could only get somebody to buy his....uh SHIT! LOL

Would you even want to be in the same room with this loser? Me neither!!!

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