White Guys: Would you date a black gi...

Eastman, GA

#3967 Sep 28, 2012
annoynomous wrote:
Help me ppl can a black girl 13 yrs old date a white guy 15 yrs old in uk I haven't told ma parents wat should I do?????
What is the issue? Is that your parent's don't want you to date this guy period or is because this young man is white? If its a race issue than I suggest you talk to your parents because you are young and you must abdide by their rules but they need you to understand that you don't care about his race. Let them get to know him. Ask your parent's if they feel you are to young to date?

Stirling, Canada

#3968 Sep 29, 2012
I'm a 41y/o white guy. I have not yet dated a Black Woman, but I would like to. It's not like I haven't tried to. I have asked black women out before. I always got shot down. This is not usually because I'm white. It's usually because they simply are not availible. I don't hang out where people find single women period. I have always been attracted to beautiful women no mater what colour their skin is. However, having said that, Gabrielle Union is the hottest woman I have ever seen! lol

Oak Grove, KY

#3969 Oct 1, 2012
Well I'm 15 and I LOVE white guys all my life I've only dated them for one thier very sweet, kind and generous. They also know how to treat a lady. Also, they are super duper CUTE. If you want to contact me respond to this.
White man

Houston, TX

#3970 Oct 1, 2012
MissAlabama2010 wrote:
<quoted text>
Exactly everyone hates sterotypes. I just hate that I'm not judged on my ability, same as you. That was my point. I'm damn good at what I do. Just let me show you.
I personally don't enjoy the company of black people. They flip out over anything and everything.
And sometimes they just flip out for no reason what so ever.
If I could I would live as far away from black people as possible.
And I don't think I would ever miss them.

South Africa

#3972 Oct 2, 2012
At the end of it all couler is just couler and its always been that way so If a white guy won't date you because of race or a black guy won't date you because of race you just keep your head held high and don't stoop down to their level at the end of the day we all have opinians of who we would rather date and if we are happy with our decisions that's all that matters but always remember the only way to be sure that our choices were the best for us is asking God almighty to guid us throufg this harsh world
God bless

Melrose Park, IL

#3973 Oct 2, 2012
Piano wrote:
Im a black girl and love white guys..!!
hi im mike how are you

Melrose Park, IL

#3974 Oct 2, 2012
here wrote:
I wish I cud find a white guy *sigh* none of the ones i knoe arent interested cuz im black....well...wutever.....ma ybe white guys ARE all wrong
im white I love a black women I live in Chicago do you ????

Portsmouth, RI

#3975 Oct 2, 2012
I would love to date a white boy. I'm highly attracted to Italians. I'm not black but I'm Dominican and going back to what someone said about feeling like the boy isn't into you because of your race.. That's very true. Some people are attracted to certain races more than others. But deep down we are all people and if you find some one your attracted to physically and emotionally, go for it. You never know what could happen.:)
Staten island steve

Toms River, NJ

#3976 Oct 4, 2012
I don't know i see alot of white girls with black men fine. I personnally want to have a serious relationship with a black woman i am very attracted to them.I am a proffessional i am 44 yrs old and i can't even get a black woman to look at me?? why

Cinderford, UK

#3977 Oct 4, 2012
I think I need to move to america and find me a white guy ad bring him back to the uk, I don't think I white guy would EVER find me attractive, but for some reason I refuse to date until I've found a white guy I really like, color really doesn't matter to me, I desire a white guy though, guess its just going to forever be in my dreams and imagination!SIGH

Arlington, TX

#3978 Oct 6, 2012
I want to date a white guy but im too sexy and my xs already told me itll be a problem.. I hate racism

United States

#3979 Oct 6, 2012
I've always had a thing for white guys and I'm pretty open about it but my other black friends do not like it at all. It's like you see black men with white women all the time and not many people have anything to say. They may get a few weird stares but once it's the other way around all hell breaks loose. I don't know if it's just a southern thing or what. I'm not sure. My friends make comments like "why would you want a white guy when you can have a black guy?" or "all the black girls are crossing over". I'm just like "it's not crossing over if I've always liked them". This isn't just some type of fad or joke for me, is what I try to make them understand and I don't act as if I only date white guys. I don't restrict myself to one race or one group of people or a certain type of guy. I honestly think that is why a lot of people tend to have continuous failed attempts at relationships because they're ONLY going after one type of person. I think being open to new things and new people can really help you grow and learn what you truly desire in a mate instead of what you may think you want, but that's just me. I feel like I'm too young to be completely tied down yet too old to play games, but that's another story...

I think some white guys are just afraid to admit that they're interested. The only time a white guy has approached me is when they were really drunk and just going on about how they love black girls, which is cool I guess. Some of those are usually the ones who would like to have sex, but would never consider pursuing anything further with you. One white guy even told me that he probably wouldn't let me meet his parents, but he thinks I'm cute. I think you truly have to not care about what people think especially if you have friends that would never consider dating outside of their race.

Elk Grove, CA

#3980 Oct 7, 2012

Here is a dude from Roseville that hates blacks.

Pickerington, OH

#3981 Oct 7, 2012
White guys made Big Bird and now want to take him away. Help us Save Big Bird. http://bit.ly/SV0ErW Join in and save the bird.
steve f

Toms River, NJ

#3982 Oct 8, 2012
JODy wrote:
I think I need to move to america and find me a white guy ad bring him back to the uk, I don't think I white guy would EVER find me attractive, but for some reason I refuse to date until I've found a white guy I really like, color really doesn't matter to me, I desire a white guy though, guess its just going to forever be in my dreams and imagination!SIGH
ill move to the uk lets meet

Conyers, GA

#3983 Oct 8, 2012
well so im in a christian school(high school). However, its mostly white andd all the boys are cute and they have wonderful personalities but its so hard to figure them out...usually for a africn-american boy you cn tell whether they like you or not.you would think the african-american boys that do go to my school would like to date their ow race and also the other but they are just into like white girls and i dont see why the white boys cant like the black girls...by the way, the girls there say im really pretty.(NOT TRYING TO SOUND CONCEDED) sometimes i feel like im not pretty enouh to date your race..

Garden City, MI

#3984 Oct 8, 2012
I love white guys, they're more appealing to me than black guys,but I alway seem to end up dating a black guy. I don't know what white guys look for in black woman but I sure want to know. I love kids always have,certified massages therapist,childcare an modeling under my belt. One thing that attracts me to white guys are their personalities,charm, responsible, spontaneous, an stage presence. So if there is any white guys,that love kids,needs TLC, an looking in the Cincinnati area let me know.. dware1234@gmail.com

South Africa

#3986 Oct 11, 2012
I live in south africa, and there is still a lot of racism regarding racial dating. I'm a white guy and I like girls regardless of what couler they are. However in my country to even speak of dating a girl outside your race is literally unheard off. But that's society I guess. Regardless of all I have said I like black girls! And don't care what people think. Its not the type of skin couler that makes a person... Its the soul

United States

#3987 Oct 14, 2012
I'm going to put in my 2 cents worth now. Ever since I was little I've always been attracted to Caucasian males. It's just something about blacks that doesn't click with me. Maybe it's because the half of them act like they have no common sense or respect for a lady. Maybe it's just because I'm really not into them. Whatever the case may be I love mysef some white chocolate lol. All by bf's and could-have-been bf's were white. But it's like sometimes I feel like white guys want to ask black chicks out ,or vise versa, and they don't because they feel like they're going to get rejected. I was scared as crap to ask out my current boyfriend. It's been almost a year and a half though and we're very happy with each other....... Sorry if it seemed like I jumped from subject to subject. I was trying to make a point. :)

Jacksonville, FL

#3988 Oct 14, 2012
Interracial dating is why blacks are weak and slaving for the white ppl now. Its not blacks that hâte or evil. Just ignorant to reality society makes à lot of wickedness right. To confuse ppl who's lost

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