Bob Grenier's son goes on SHOCKING rant

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CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Meridian, ID

#1 Feb 9, 2012

The link above is to a SHOCKING expletive filled rant of Bob Grenier's son and husband of Calvary Chapel Sunday School Administrator.

It is very telling of what goes on behind the scenes at Camp Bob and Calvary Chapel Visalia.

Warning: Graphic language and makes fun of a kid with a disability ("retard" as the author puts it, etc).

The Targets of the author are a family who serves at Calvary Chapel Visalia and a family who is on staff at Calvary Chapel Visalia.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Nampa, ID

#2 Feb 9, 2012
Disgusting expletive filled display of mockery of a kid with some sort of disability and 2 families at Calvary Chapel Visalia.

This is Pastor Bob Grenier's son of Calvary Chapel Visalia and Visalia Police Department Chaplain and the husband of Calvary Chapel Visalia's Youth / Children's Ministry Lead. These people work with children and are in Positions of Trust. They shouldn't be trusted. Terrible stuff.

This is the kind of attitude and secret behind the scenes talk that went on in our home growing up in Bob Grenier's household.

Bob Grenier is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Beware of him. Don't trust your children to his "ministry" that he makes the equivalent of $150,000 a year off of (plus travel perks etc) and don't trust your spiritual care to him either. He's a bad guy. Don't trust him.

Visalia, CA

#3 Feb 10, 2012
Alex. This is not news. is a news aggregator. you have posted this unprovoked slam against the people that you hate because you Believe (when are you going to start re-using that monicker, BTW?LOL) that the voice in your head is the Holy Spirit.
I disagree that the voice in your head telling you to conduct a hate campaign against your family over the internet is the Holy Spirit.
But i guess you already guessed that.
So I guess the only question I have left for you is this-
That voice in your head. What's it going to tell you to do next?
You pawn and GUN shop owner you!

Visalia, CA

#4 Feb 10, 2012
Oh and btw Alex I talked to a mutual acquaintance of ours .
I'm 99.9% certain that you know Who i am.
And I'm just as certain that you know why I post here, since this mutual acquaintance of OURS knows ME quite well, even if only tangentially.
We were ideological sparring partners, you could say.
He knows why I'm here.
And now I'm 99.9% certain that you do too.
Mt name is S-T-I-L-L
Who to you bitch. your move...
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Meridian, ID

#5 Feb 11, 2012
It's news alright.

The husband of a Sunday School Administrator at a 501c3 and Institution of Trust (Calvary Chapel Visalia) goes on a rant mocking a kid with some sort of disability and refers to him as "retard" etc and then goes on a expletive filled rant about two other families who serve and/or are on staff at Calvary Chapel Visalia...that's news and people need to be warned.

If I was a Parent who took my kids to Calvary Chapel Visalia, I'd want to know that the Pastor is a Child Abuser and is also accused by his son Paul Grenier of Child Molestation and I'd want to know that Bob's son and the husband of the Child / Youth Program says stuff like this.

Kids aren't safe there IMO and I think something should be done about Bob Grenier and that whole situation.

Did you listen to the rant? Any thoughts? No problem with it?
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Meridian, ID

#6 Feb 11, 2012
It's all part of the Abusiveness of Bob Grenier and part of his story.

Many still deny there is a Problem there and that the abuses didn't occur and don't occur.

This rant is telling of the dangers and attitudes and actions behind the scenes that Bob keeps secret and lies about.

It's a bad situation and I hope some more people take warning and run.

Visalia, CA

#7 Feb 11, 2012
Alex. You keep banging your head against the Who wall.
your head hurts?
what are you doing in your everyday life?
i'm hitting my head against a wall.
stop hitting your head against the wall.
but doctor what can i do? are you saying you can't help me?
stop hitting your head against the wall.

Visalia, CA

#8 Feb 11, 2012
you says
"..It's news alright...."
Who says
okie dokie comic book hero hate campaigner. Lying is a part of the definition of hate campaign btw.
you says [CAPITALS are remarks by Who?]
Who says
Fact is, Alex, I have no idea what this is, much less what it signifies, and still less its significance. I know what you say it is;you in your public forums have told me and the public many times over.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Meridian, ID

#9 Feb 11, 2012
LOL. You don't know me very well at all.

Remember what I predicted.

I don't hate Bobby Jr., I feel sorry for him. He's been messed up badly by Bob's terrible leadership and upbringing and it wouldn't surprise me if he was molested by Bob as well and just keeps it buried. I hope I'm wrong about that opinion, but nothing would shock me any more.

I do know this, the young man has issues as exampled by his own rant and I know that he was admitted into Cypress Mental Health facility for hearing voices and contemplating suicide years ago and I know that Bob Grenier made his Mom leave for vacation to Whistler Canada the DAY AFTER Bobby Jr. was admitted, even though his Mom wanted to stay with him during the crisis.

I also know that Bob had Bobby Jr. put in the Visalia Rescue Mission before Bob needed him for a Cover Story to lie for him.

Bob's a bad guy folks. Wake up.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Meridian, ID

#10 Feb 11, 2012
...and you got your Walls mixed up LOL.

Remember the chain of causation.

Visalia, CA

#11 Feb 11, 2012
I know that that is the fiftieth time I've read the slew of dirt you spew about your little brother.
It's a script that you roll out whenever a particular decision procedure is activated deep in your reptilian brain. Given that the connection is family, I am not surprised at the depths of your anger, vitriol and hatred.
The challenge to being as complete a human as God intends us to be is to somehow find a way to stop those decision procedures deep in the reptilian brain from becoming an infinite regress/feedback loop. Some people take medication for it.
But in your case I Believe you can conquer it without meds, since your predicament is entirely of your own making. The "script-like" nature of YOUR rants against specific members of YOUR OWN family is a testament to this interpretation.
and finally...
you says
"..Remember the chain of causation...."
Who says
This is precisely my problem with your hate campaigning, Alex!! You think YOU are a link in MY chain?
I take my orders from God, bitch, and that's why I started posting here.
You think you are soo powerful and soo persuasive that YOU provoke all kinds of responses from people...
I'm semi-retired, bored, single and God told me to shut your ass up on .
Do I really need to go cut and paste from other topix threads where you said
"I won't be reading your stuff anymore, Who"
"I won't be posting on anymore"
And if you lie about the little things, what are we to think about what you say about the big things.
And then you get pissed and rant when any person would deign to question your credibility.
And given that the loose quotes of yours actually occurred, the fact that you can't see it is like looking at a car accident.
Repulsive and fascinating at the same time.
But I DON'T think that's the effect you are going for.
Which, unlike a car accident, is very funny.

Visalia, CA

#12 Feb 11, 2012
You see, alex, even though you won't admit it (because of your amateurish theologian-ness you absolutely refuse to come down on any specific side of an issue and "let the chips fall where they may," as you say), you too believe that God is telling you to do what you do.
And you being right and me being right are mutually exclusive. Isn't logic fun?!
you are just so irrational about these things, Alex! Should I start quoting Chuck Smith's remnant radio at you again, Alex? I'm thinking I might start needing to.

Salt Lake City, UT

#13 Feb 11, 2012
Hey, who: You say a lot of nothing. You fight a losing battle. You see, the more people that come out of that church with their stories the more they will believe all the stories before them. That's the reason it's a losing battle. This latest rant just another reason to believe, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
reptilian brain

Visalia, CA

#14 Feb 12, 2012
You do know what a reptilian is don't you lol you are accually complimenting him if you say he has a reptilian brain lol

Visalia, CA

#15 Feb 12, 2012
I accually grew up with Robert or "Bobby". He means we'll but he does have underlying aggression that explodes out of him from time to time. Keep the pressure Alex.... your enlightening a lot of potential victims. I know I wish I was -20yrs CC visalia

Visalia, CA

#16 Feb 12, 2012
The best thing about ccv was Jim that he's gone this church is just led by phonies.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Nampa, ID

#17 Feb 12, 2012
Jean, you hit the nail on the head.

honest, I agree. Jim Souza is a good man. The best thing for those at Calvary Chapel Visalia would have been for Bob Sr. to get on the other side of the Pulpit and learn something and for a Servant (who is Qualified) like Jim Souza to lead that Flock.

But, it's Bob's Family Business and not a true Ministry of the Lords at all.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Nampa, ID

#18 Feb 12, 2012
silent, I agree that there are some good qualities about Bobby Jr. and I feel bad for him. I think he's being used big time and I think the results of his behavior are largely attributed to Bob Grenier Sr's abusiveness and bad leadership in our home over the years.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Nampa, ID

#19 Feb 12, 2012
Who you did cross a line into Defamation and you will be held accountable in time.

The rest of your nonsense really has no effect and just serves to keep the Threads at the top of the list.
CalvaryChapelAbu sedotcom

Nampa, ID

#21 Feb 12, 2012
The reality is that what I post is based in fact and the Truth is an absolute defense.

I am not sued for Defamation etc by Bob Grenier or Bobby Jr. etc b/c I can back up my statements which are based in fact and/or are opinions based in fact and I can prove my case.

On the contrary, Who, post your identity and I will sue you for defamation and you can try and prove the defamatory comments you made in the past.

But, you won't, which is the indicator that you are full of bull and the fact I stand behind my statements and am not sued is testament to the veracity of the statements.

And, I will continue to warn the public and post the information that is based in Truth as I can legally do and as I am Scripturally commanded to do:

1 Timothy 5:19-22
Ephesians 5:11
Matthew 18

So rant all you want LOL. Just be careful about the defamation as I'm building a case ;-)

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