windows 8 sucks!
Yukon Jack

Moravia, NY

#1 Dec 14, 2012
Just so you know.
Absolute junk.

Tenino, WA

#3 Dec 18, 2012
Yukon Jack wrote:
Just so you know.
Absolute junk.
No start button. No freeddon. Just a crappy OS with a crappy UI.

Worse than Vista. It sucks to the max. I would never buy windows hate. Ugly apps forced in your face. They totally ruined Windows.
They even want your email address just to activate that peice of crappy software. Thank you Bill Hitler Gates.

Over 90% of businesses have already decided to reject it.

Windows 8 sucks and is totally gay. Its worse than Vista times 1000.

Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP and maybe dumbed down Vista, but 8 is hate.

Windows 8 is like is like a gay boy on meth dying of dementia caused by AIDS.

Windows 8 is an abomination.

Seattle, WA

#4 Apr 18, 2013
Nothing sucks worse than win8 or bing. Complete trash. Totally gay. Its Vista times ME on steroids squared.

Our company has over 100 thousands employess. Anyone who buys win8 , gets fired on the spot. We are all going to linux. You can customize it to look ust like winxp with the cut, copy and paste buttons at the top for us office workers, and make the start button work like windows 98, so you can work faster with less clicks.

Microsoft is just a dead bloated pig rotting on a river bank. Linux is picking its bones clean like a flock of vultures.

Illuminati Satanist, Bilderberg Billy, is on his way to meet Satan in hell.

Microsoft is dead and so is their new online only xbox. Why should we FORCED to go online just to play a game. Microsoft is retarded. What a bunch of fools and idiots.

They just don't get it.

Microsoft is on its way to hell. Run by a bunch of kids and halfwhits.

Say hi to Satan for you greedy facist illuminati pigs.

I love my new linux box. I will never buy winsuck again. Win8 is gay and sucks the devils dk.
OS geeks

Bangor, ME

#5 Aug 26, 2013
I was signed in to the MS website and was on a page that was titled "Windows 8 sucks" but it wouldn't let me post anything. I guess the cowards are blocking any bad comments now. Anyway so I'll post it below.

My next computer will NOT be a PC after my experience with Windows 8. It is not user friendly, it is not easy, and it is not fun. It's not even ORGANIZED it just has all the apps spread out over an ambiguous start page. It also hides all the links you need to even work with it so you have to play this game with your cursor to the left and right side of your screen. Windows 8 is mentally retarded. Also even though it tells us that Windows Defender is running in the background we still get a message that it is "turned off". So which is it??? DURP!!! It's like they got out their crayons and decided to color outside the lines much like the slow kids do in the high school resource room. If I owned a business I would have totally tossed out every single last computer running windows 8 and moved on to Mac. And I hated Mac for a long time now. I find their commercials pretentious but they have to be better at this point compared to Windows 8. Heck I'd hire tech support to only run Linux from now on. I seriously doubt my next purchase will be a PC and I know this will make my choice a little more difficult but not half as difficult as working with this retarded OS. Microsoft has gone completely insane and has totally embarrassed itself globally. The entire world is not only laughing at MS but also pulling out their hair trying to figure out this Rube Goldburg monstrosity they call an OS.
OS geeks

Bangor, ME

#6 Aug 26, 2013
PS speaking of obnoxious I think Topix is getting a bit obnoxious to use these days.
Microsoft Sucks Now

Suncook, NH

#7 Nov 19, 2014
Windows 8 looks like something created by niggors and white-trash idiots. Nothing you can take seriously if you need an OS for business.
Adam Sawyer

Suncook, NH

#8 Jun 17, 2015
Why is MS Windows so mentally abusive and have such a weird rotating disposition. More specifically why is Microsoft corp itself going so insane? Also after decades of Mac vs PC commercials and PC standing it's ground they go ahead and make Windows 8 to deliberately mimic Smartphones? Isn't that pretty much admitting defeat? And even then MS did a horrible version of the smartphone. Also instead of LOGICALLY producing a product that has a rational ratio of MS changes and that of what the public needs MS goes all pretentious and dictator and shoves constant freakish OS own everyone's throats. Even Windows Vista was horrible but nothing so mentally and emotionally abusive as Window 8. And I do not believe that it's because the public or business are stupid and won't accept the glorious vision of genius because Win 8 is actually retarded. Trying to force everyone to use tablets and give no one choice anymore of desktop or laptops etc was rather arrogant, short sited, and pretentious. Windows is seriously obnoxious to use. Everyone knows that Microsoft leaders have seriously smocked too much crack. The funny part is that Windows looks like a poorly constructed version of the SmartPhone that Apple produced half a decade ago so Windows 8 is not original and in fact it's pretty much admitting that Apple is superior. If anything people at Microsoft should feel embarrassed. I strongly believe that since Offices and Businesses have been disgusted with MS Windows rotating disposition and obvious Identity Crisis that by 2020 it won't be used anymore. But for now most offices and businesses simply don't know where to turn.. some are going back to older versions of windows, some are switching to Mac, some to Linux etc, and some are currently working on their own. The seriousness of this is like a metaphor.. in which an office worker 1 year is very helpful efficient and more humble, and professional. Then he or she gets better at their job the 2nd year. By the 3rd year they are trying to make changes in the office setting that doesn't really affect the boss or customers and even though these changes are annoying people just figure it's the way that employee works. The 4rd year they suddenly change their disposition, acts rather pretentious, random, and awkward but still shows up for work. Years 5 and 6 this person is not reliable and each year he or she comes in no one recognizes their multiple personalities and instead of helping people, instead of working, instead of functioning he or she becomes like a pretentious arrogant control freak. By then the boss an others have no one on hand to replace this awful worker with and is so used to having him or her around they can't bring themselves to fire them but are seriously thinking about it. Finally the last year he or she is so high on his or her own ego they act more like a childish thug than a logical, rational, and caring member. They become demanding and belligerent and egotistical.- At the end he or she is slowly replaced not by just 1 person but several workers that can clean up the mess and work logically. Sensing they may have gone too far he or she tries to cover up their mistakes and pass them off as fixes, changes, compromise, or being new (Windows 10). They try to rearrange their mistakes rather than fix them because in their delusional mind they believe they are right an that everyone in the office is stupid.- In the end they get FIRED for being unreliable, untrustworthy, and frankly their psycho crazy disposition makes people feel unsafe and scared. This person is fired and looked at like they are some sort of sociopath or psychopath. Or at least someone addicted to crack. ha ha

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