I had taken my large dog here a couple years ago and all went well, so decided to take my small/toy dogs there for a bath in March 2013. While in the care of this establishment I was called by the owner telling me that he thought my perfectly healthy dog was having a seizure. When I arrived approx. 5 min later I found my dog in a cage stiff, bleeding from nose, mouth and eye and shivering. I rushed her to vet and she was unable to walk and had a cut over her eye and her breathing was labored. This was a 2.5 yr old Rat Terrier who had never been ill a day in her life. Granted she was a little nervous and I offered to help him put a muzzle on her before I left because she sometimes wanted to nip but he said he had other ways to deal with nippers by wrapping them in towel. Through conversation I surmised that he thought she was going to bite him and dropped her... judging by the cut over her eye she hit the concrete wall, floor or cage pretty hard. Now he refuses to accept any responsibility for any of her injuries. I asked him to file an accident with his insurance and he blatantly refused to even respond to that request, I'm not sure he even has business insurance. I will never take my animals there again and will tell all I can that he can't be trusted to do right by his clients when they are injured while in his care. My poor little doggy is still suffering with problems with her back, eye and breathing since the incident.