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Broken Taxpayer


#21 Dec 24, 2010
This is real news to the cash strapped homeowners in Deer Park. The District has taken $110,000 from the budget and purchased laptop computers for the fifth grade.
Also,the district will continue buying laptops for every fifth-grade class at the school at an estimated yearly cost of $110,000.

How about asking the homeowners first. What a bunch of total clueless,idiots.We need an independent audit. We also need to investigate what irresponsible people are involved and fire them.
This is another SCAM..........of course


#22 Jan 4, 2011
I am a homeowner. I am absolutely angry that someone without the taxpayers approval spent $110,000 to purchase laptop computers for of all things, the fifth grade. How the heck did this decision get by without the taxpayers input?
We need the governor to take over the reckless spending habits of the school districts here on Long Island!
How about purchasing refurbished for 1/3 the price or seeking private contributions for such an ill planned expenditure.
Why wasn't the taxpayers informed of this prior to the pending purchase.
The District Attorney needs to look at this purchase to find out if someone got a gift or payoff to complete this purchase without the proper approval of the taxpayers.
Its so obvious, the district is wreckless and don't give a hoot for the taxpayers, you know the one's footing the bill for its existence.
What a sham, everyone should be outraged.
Add, the taxes will be going up again with the sham vote in May.
Wake up Deer Park!!!
They are operating with no accountability!!!!
Do the Math

Long Beach, NY

#23 Mar 9, 2011
Go ahead and cry about the 110k spent on laptops. They are going to cut postions across all departments including 15 teachers.

Free Laptop Computers

Kings Park, NY

#24 Mar 31, 2011
Dear Pawn of the school district. Yes, teachers are pretty low on the food chain. The scheme is to throw some teachers under the train,but you and your other friends on the lowly food chain need to tell the media what really is going on.
The hiring of friends,family,girlfriends.boy friends, cousins etc, to positions in the administrative realm that only require a child to carry a form down the hall to the trash basket.

FREE Laptop COMPUTERS for the entire 5th grade with no goals; come on, why the 5th grade. What the heck could they use a laptop for.....a resume ?? This is corruption,plain and simple. Where is the district attorney on Long Island??
Free Laptop Computers

Kings Park, NY

#25 Mar 31, 2011
What about all the administrators that do nothing?
What about the superintendents position,a job filled time and time again in a weeks time, never posted to the public for resumes,a job that pays $195,000, realize,knucklehead with no job description?
I'm surprised its only 15, teachers are being considered, but consolidation of many administrator jobs needs to be done yesterday,seriously.
We have administrators doing overlapping jobs.
The District has been told for years to stop throwing taxpayer money in the pit to no avail.
Odd though, one job maybe two could of been saved with the $110,000 thrown into 5th grade free laptop computers,sadly they are being used for facebook,craigs list and gaming on the internet.There are low income people that dont even have cable service and dont have a phone line..they use a cell phone for communicating. So how many laptops are even connected to the internet for these 5th graders?
You dont know, all you know is maybe 15 "teachers" will lose there job.
I would consolidate all administrative positions, for instance,the high school,has to many,two are enough, savings over $250,000 per year.
Consolidate principles positions, the schools are less then a mile from one another, savings $600,000 per year.
The custodian reading the newspaper in the closet,goodbye, saving over $40,000 per year. The "stupidintendent of grounds,goodbye,savings over $100,000 per year.
Revise overtime salaries. If you are an administrator and up, you are the coaches and meeting attenders,not salaried teachers.
I must ad, you should not be allowed to even work over 20% overtime per year and it should be capped. The game plan is now, to work alot of overtime and then retire, this is criminal and must be stopped, its going on all over the place, including in the town of Babylon. So blame your coworkers and supervisors, they sold you out, Happy?
So are you happy?

Kings Park, NY

#26 Apr 1, 2011 come you have all these people with the same titles and they are the same positions and salaries and they are less then 1 mile from one another? and sadly this is Islandwide, OMG, what a scandel.If this isn't another reason for the state to take over, I don;t know what is.

Where is this education superintendent that Governor Patterson appointed with a $15,000 raise at?$
Where was and is the NY State Inspector General, we need her here on Long Island. She only made a rare appearance after Cuomo was eleced. wHAT DOES SHE DO AND WHAT IS HER SALARY???
John on Nicklled rode

Long Beach, NY

#27 Apr 2, 2011
Where is the governer??? Well you have about 300-450 kids that don't belong in the district and about another 800 renters. Businesses in our community do nothing for our tax base. Tanger should have been a tax boon for us, it is not. The Town of Babylon made sweetheart deals with the developer, behind closed doors. I had to endure over a year without a contract or raise. What we finally got was three years at 3% increases. What can you do for us Attorney???

Kings Park, NY

#28 Apr 18, 2011
You had to endure over a year without a contract or raise?
Well, th fact is you are not given a yearly raise? You are not entitled to a yearly raise?
Where do you get a dream job like that?

This just shows you, we are totaling engulfed in a runaway tax mess.
I would bet that the school districts didn't get the message yet and axes will go up.

With 475 employees and a hundred of them earning over $100,000 including perks and tossing $100,000 this past year on free laptop computers for the 5h grade, what do you think about saving money,LOL
Dodee Mathe


#29 Apr 28, 2011
I am just offahh, but Sonic opened and I need more cholesterol. What thee budget this yer in Beer Park?
I hearnothing from them so it go up
John On Nichols Road

Kings Park, NY

#30 May 21, 2011
Another mess. About 1700 people out of 80,000 voted in the school budget.
This amount of voters represents a village in the remote mountains of Peru.
How does 1700 people speak for 80,000.

In NYC they do not have a school budget vote, why the heck do we have one.

Andrew Cuomo, please speed up reform. In fact take over the entire school budget on Long Island. We are going broke and houses are being foreclosed here.
The value of our homes have gone nowhere thanks to the school tax.
Father Vernon

Kings Park, NY

#31 Jun 7, 2011
John, until the actual homeowners wake up, this corrupt garbage mess will continue. Our only hope is that the governor will change the entire Long Island school districts management. THE SOONER THE BETTER.

This entity (school districts)is so full of corruption because of the vast amounts of money going in the front door and out the back door,cronyism in promotions and contracts and employment and also patronage hiring etc,it mskes John Gotti proud he was a respectable gangster and not a affiliated with school monies, stealing pencil money from children and children with special needs.

The whole system is corrupt but who is brave enough to address it,who is not getting alittle money from it in the polical arena?
So, no one is going to step forward and address it.
Those commercials on channel 12 saying vote yes for the school budgets ,paid for with taxpayer money funneled through the washing machine, can easily change modes to attacking anyone who wants to straighten out this corrupt,mismanged entity.
This is fact not fiction. Good luck trying to straighten out the cosa nostra,I mean the school districts...get what I mean
DoDee Mathe

Kings Park, NY

#32 Jun 22, 2011
OFFFFahhh. Use the money for free heath care for deer park homeowners and combine the school district with Dix hills. The state should foot the school tax bill,that way corruption and mismanagement will finally be brought to the attention of law enforcement and not candy pants do nothing politicans, who get kickbacks from school money and free Sonic food.

Lets ask the president for help?


#33 Jun 30, 2011
Due to the total lack of accountability,the governor of New York has taken action. It did not happen here on Long Island,with the assistance of any one useless politican elected by the voters here.
It did not happen because the school districts requested help or guidance,or even requested by one useless powerless school board.
It didn't happen because any one particular foreclosure struck at the heart of the American dreamnof a hard working family.
It happened because the New York Governor did his job, THANKS GOVERNOR!!!

Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, the Legislature passed a property tax cap that limits the increase in property taxes each year for school districts and local municipalities to just 2 percent or the rate of inflation, whichever is lower. If a community chooses to increase taxes more than the tax cap allows, a 60 percent vote in a school budget vote or a 60 percent vote by a local legislative body can override it.
John on Nichols Road

Smithtown, NY

#34 Aug 28, 2011
I hope they opened the school for shelter for the poor homeowners in Deer Park affected by the hurricane.
Don't tell me they didn't do anything?
After all when these darn budgets are in the works,they always say,"do it for the kids"........

Lakewood, NJ

#35 Nov 28, 2011
Deer Park people what is next years budget. Its time for a change the economy has nose dived. My neighbors want out and off long Island.

We are charged a fee to go to our own beach,swim in a taxpayer funded town pool and pay to fish at Robert Moses and Captree our own beach and also a beach God gave us. The only task done at that location is sweep the beach sand,cut the grass, pick up paper and clean the bathroom.
What are the employees doing now?
Nothing, but hiding somewhere. They are the connecteds children and relatives,paid for doing zilch.
Wake up Long Islanders we are being scammed every day by our local government that does nothing but MAINTAIN.........

Lakewood, NJ

#36 Nov 28, 2011
What ever came out of the $100,000 spent of taxpayers money on free laptop computers for the 5th grade?
Did anybody here get a free laptop computer?
The taxpayers didnt approve this and I bet someone got a nice gift for spending the taxpayers money.
Wake up Deer Park..........


#37 Oct 29, 2012
Its really quiet now, more taxes on the way. Is ther any jobs out there, no.
Is there any good news ,no.
I hope this Governor does a thorough investigation deeper then the gas usage fiasco and poor supervision......


#38 Oct 30, 2012
We are in such a mess with the school tax. Hope Obama does something. LI is just a mess....


#39 Nov 1, 2012
I wonder if someone was rewarded for giving this store business. Don't you know if corporate was contacted, they could of bought or had these laptops donated, with no cost to the taxpayers, who certainly didnt nor were asked for the approval to spend $100,000 of this. I can;t understand why the 5th grade was chosen, what a blunder this is.
Who is really in charge, certainly not the taxpayers......

By the way, computers companies donate refurbished computers and laptops to communities who ask for them. Deer Park lired an additional administrator for over $125,000 a year that should of known this,wonder who he's related too......

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