I found this forum while searching online looking for some ways to get my voice heard by the public. I actually have an issue with Huntington Mazda dealership that is located in Huntington Station, NY. I saw a car online and put $500 deposit then I drove almost 12 hours from West Virginia to get there. Once I test the car, I liked it, but I told them to paint some scratches on bumpers. The sales person; Diana told me that she would tell them about it and would take care of that while detailing the car. Also, she told me that they would fill up the car with gas. I have already arranged with a transporting company to pick up the car on the following day to deliver it to my nephew in California. The mileage on the car as I bought it was 92941. Once the car was delivered last night, my nephew sent me pics of the car and told me that the mileage was 92967, which means about 26 mileage more. Another thing is that the scratches were still there. The last things, which is the more important issue in my case is that the car has no temporary tag. I called Diana in the morning to ask her about the tag, but the told me in the beginning that they handed the temporary tag to the truck driver then she said there is no temporary tag because i told them I would take care of the tax and DMV paper work, then she told me that since the car was transported, so no temporary tag. I told her that I have already paid $200 for the plate and that was written on the sale papers. Every time she told me a different thing to convince me that no tag for me. They told me that "just go to the DMV and issue a plate from there". I replied that "I want my nephew to drive that car till right before the temporary tag gets expired then go to the nearest DMV to register the car". The reason is because I want him to wait until I get some money to send him in order to pay the tax and registration fees. I also told them this is a nasty game that I hate and dont want to play. Like I said I still have all documents and sale papers and I am willing to send you a copy as needed. The thing is that they did not respect me as a customer. I still do not know why they did that to me!!! Is it because of my background, color, accent, or nationality?!! One of great things I know about this great country is that all people MUST be treated equally regardless their colors, nationalities, or even religion. I have contacted Mazda Cooperation in CA regarding the issue and I will contact Mazda in Japan as well. I want to bring my story to the public. I am also thinking of making a short video and upload it to youtube and other social media. If anyone can help me by sharing her/his experience, that would be super appreciated. Thank you all for reading my story, and if you have any inquiry or suggestion, please let me know.

Thank you all