Rick Green: Chiropractic Patients Sho...

Rick Green: Chiropractic Patients Should Know Risks

There are 41 comments on the The Hartford Courant story from Dec 29, 2009, titled Rick Green: Chiropractic Patients Should Know Risks. In it, The Hartford Courant reports that:

Fit and 48 years old, Janet Levy went to a chiropractor to try to relieve a sore shoulder back in 2002.

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Costa Mesa, CA

#21 Dec 30, 2009
For you to have no care in the world for these children and families being afflicted with Autism? Only makes the point on how dangerous you people are.

Go get some help Mage, really you need it. Criminals hide behind the word science. Just like the scientific nazi doctors. You sound like you would make a great one Mage

Costa Mesa, CA

#22 Dec 30, 2009
Pharma Blogging at it's best. Mage/Wisdom/Nuggin boy they are really sending out the dumb guns today.

No different than a crack dealer on the street, these bloggers.

San Jose, CA

#23 Dec 30, 2009
Hey Beach, your right on about these people. Totally busted as someone and others are standing up to these quacks.

The boys at science based seem so happy about the recent study. When you here these radicals say A NEW STUDY PROVES THIS NATURAL MEDICINE INEFFECTIVE then it is time to start taking it. Just like the movie 2012 when he said WHEN YOU HERE THEM SAY NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT THE IT IS TIME TO RUN RUN RUN

I think I will be adding Ginko to my daily list.

I wonder who much they pay these PILL POPPERS? I can see it now like the posted stated. They gather in some cult group popping pills going into a trance like state sreaming PLACEBO PLACEBO PLACEBO while they while they fall to the ground sreaming DOUBLE BLIND.

These people are a bunch of radical nut jobs who use SCIENCE to hide behind and scare people with nazi tactics.

No different than crack dealers on some street corner

Oh Yeah we are all sick and tired of these stupid dumb scummy ED commercials, but it only goes to show what these nut jobs will do in order to milk the cash cow.

Since: Dec 09

Eden, NC

#24 Dec 30, 2009
Beach wrote:
For you to have no care in the world for these children and families being afflicted with Autism?
If you really cared about people with autism, you'd be looking into legitimate research into its causes and possible treatments, not latching onto pseudoscience and lies.

Lakeland, FL

#25 Dec 30, 2009
We already know what is causing it. Your nazi pseudoscience posing as science based BS needs to stop.

You sure do make a great nazi pharma blogger dont ya MAGE
Tin Foil Hat 4 U

Hamden, CT

#26 Dec 30, 2009
Mage wrote:
<quoted text>
If you really cared about people with autism, you'd be looking into legitimate research into its causes and possible treatments, not latching onto pseudoscience and lies.
I was thinking the same thing about you Luddites.

Bethpage, NY

#27 Dec 30, 2009
This quack from florida above continues to post under different names. How typically chiropractic of him. Classic chiro BS. Nice try mr. chiroboy. Did that kind of deception work in chiroquackery school?

And the "nazi" thing. Very classy mr. chiropractor. Very classy.

Lakeland, FL

#28 Dec 30, 2009
The quack from NY needs a reality check. Little luddites of a nonwisdom idiot. Come on wizzy speak up you are not addressing the post showing corruption in pharma land

Bashing chiropractic is all you pharma nutz can do.

Scum pure SCUM
Amazing Grace

New York, NY

#29 Dec 30, 2009
I'd be too afraid to have my back messed around with by a chiropractor, although I have friends that swear by them. Its a chance I don't want to take, but in reality, MD's can cause harm also, not they or chiros intend to, but mistakes happen. You have to chose your doctors with caution and recommendations from others. Any thoughts here on accupuncture? i was considering trying it but I want someone who knows what they are doing.


#30 Dec 30, 2009
Ok, I'll admit it. It's true. I see a chiropractor on a regular basis. And OK, he's helped me quite a bit. Problem is, I couldn't make a go of my practice when I was a chiropractor myself. You see, it's very simple: Sid and Life screwed me over. That's right! Yes, yes, I know I have lot of friends who have made it in practice but for some reason I couldn't. I'm still trying to find a job at a car dealership. I'd be good at that.
But failing in practice is not my fault. So what if I find comfort looking at chirotalk all day. That's how I soothe my damaged ego. It's nice to know I'm not alone. All of the chiropractic losers visit chirotalk every day. It's so true--misery just doesn't love company, it worships it! These good folks at chirotalk know how to talk to losers like me. They make me feel better about myself. And so what? It's cheaper than paying a shrink.

Since: Dec 09

Eden, NC

#31 Dec 30, 2009
"We already know what is causing it."

No, you don't. You make WHOLLY unsupported claims that have been refuted time and time again.

You are the equivalent of flat-Earthers.

Costa Mesa, CA

#32 Dec 30, 2009
Amazing Grace if you want acupuncture then only see a licensed acupuncturist. Do not go to a unlicensed acupuncturist. Yes some chiros and MDs claim to do acupuncture and call it medical acupuncture, but they are not as trained in it. Also CT recently passed a law that only a licensed acupuncturist can advertise as a acupuncturist its called Title protection. Makes since

I would not worry about being hurt by a chiro. The media in that state is anti chiro right now. But what about he people dying from false studies on drugs. Chiropractors are great for Chiropractic and I see them the same as a MD. But if I wanted acupuncture I would go to a acupuncturist. Hope this helps

Mage flat-earthers? What the heck is that?

Also your dead wrong on the vaccine thing. But hey got get sicked if you really like it. For myself I am not against but want safe ones than currently offered. I also do not want anyone trying to force me to get one. Just take the mercury out and offer ones without cells from aborted fetus. Why is that so hard for pharma to understand?

Since: Dec 09

Eden, NC

#33 Dec 30, 2009

You have not demonstrated that vaccines are unsafe.

Additionally, you've already been told that thimerosal has been removed from virtually all vaccines and no vaccine has aborted fetal cells.

Costa Mesa, CA

#34 Dec 30, 2009
Mage I must be misinformed as you state that no vaccines have thimersol or no longer have cells from aborted fetus. If this is true, which I will look to seen, then I have nothing against them

Since: Dec 09

Eden, NC

#35 Dec 30, 2009

To explain where the "aborted fetal cells in vaccines" myth originated from...

There are some cell cultures which were created in the 60s and 70s from aborted fetal tissue. The virus which are killed/weakened are gestated in these cell cultures (there are other cultures from lung cells and other things as well which are used). The viruses are then isolated from the cells before being put in the vaccine. So none of those cells are actually in the vaccine.
Catastrophe Cathy

Orlando, FL

#36 Dec 31, 2009
I was never a big fan of chiropractors due to some really bad experiences. Thankfully my bad experiences were just due to costing me a lot of money and providing absolutley no improvment in my condition...kinda similiar to experience with medical doctors. Now I avoid both as much as possible. Eat well, sleep well, yoga, exercise and supplements and life is good!


Lakeland, FL

#37 Dec 31, 2009
One thing that is going to change is health care this new year. I think the days of the good old boys club are going to be a thing of the past.

One thing is certain that people are waking up to the misleading pharma machine. People who hide behind the words science based are going to be held accountable for their misleading lies. Also investigators will start looking into who fund or contributes to them.

What was known as alternative medicine which is code word meaning allopathic competition, will become mainstream. Preventative medicine will dominate. Allopathic physicians will no longer dominate primary care. Instead Osteopaths will take over, with Chiropractors Acupuncturists Naturopathic Physicians not far behind. People are sick and tired of ED commercials and mandatory prescriptions. They want and have found the answers to health from natural medicine. Americans will become more skeptical of the pharma drug machine, as you see almost everywhere around the world. We have just been brainwashed from birth.

The pharma bloggers will be attacked and put out of business.



#38 Jan 1, 2010
Wisdom wrote:
The chiropractic diaper needs to be cleaned out.
As New Jersey chiropractors are bizarrely attempting to expand their scope of practice, CT chiropractors should be required to provide legitimate studies that validate any treatment they try to foist onto the public.
And lets face it, the public has virtually no idea of the bizarre goings on in the world of chiropractic.
Lets talk about "stoke". Before chiropractors graduate and hang a shingle, they do NOT get actual clinical experience in examining, diagnosing or treating "stoke" patients. How could they? And how bizarre is that?
Any chiropractor care to refute that fact? Any chiropractor want to provide evidence that they were clinically trained in evaluating actual patients that have "stroked"? Any chiropractor want to tell me where they got there clinical training in such?
Any chiropractor care to be honest and admit that most chiropractors graduate with a bare minimum clinical experience?
Fact, most chiropractors graduate after seeing about 10 - 20 "patients" with muscle strains and other self limiting conditions.
Fact, most lay people, indeed, most lawmakers, have no idea about the reality of chiropractic.
The chiropractic diaper needs to be emptied. The truth needs to get out.
Yes, I should apologize for misspelling "stroke." I should know. Many people here and elsewhere have been calling me a "stroke" for a long time. I wish the chiropractors would "back" off.

Bethpage, NY

#39 Jan 1, 2010
Funny how chiropractors continually give advice on vaccines and on those illnesses which vaccines have helped prevent.

I mean really? Chiropractors never examine, diagnose or treat any real diseases or illnesses. Chiropractors never examine patients with tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella or quite frankly the common cold before they graduate from chiroquackery school.

But that doesn't stop those morons from telling you whether or not you should get vaccinated. They are chiropractors after all.

lastly, chiropractors are not allowed, by any state law to even administer a flu shot.

The chiropractic diaper needs to be emptied.


#40 Jan 1, 2010
I'm angry. I'm very angry. Chiropractors are advertising, in every yellow page directory in the U.S., that they are the first ones you should see if you have cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, and kidney failure. Not one of them lists back and neck pain. Not one! To me that is malpractice. The chiropractic diaper needs to be emptied.

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