N.J. trooper is cited in fatal crash

N.J. trooper is cited in fatal crash

There are 458 comments on the Philadelphia Inquirer story from Oct 24, 2006, titled N.J. trooper is cited in fatal crash. In it, Philadelphia Inquirer reports that:

Authorities issued traffic tickets yesterday to a state trooper who allegedly ran a stop sign and killed two teenage sisters when his police cruiser crashed into their minivan.

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Pontiac, MI

#444 May 14, 2009
Mr. Higbee is accused of recklessly killing two young girls.

I hope he is convicted by the jury. I think Mr. Higbee is a very dumb man. He was going 65-m.p.h. in a 35-m.p.h. residential area. He zoomed right through that intersection without any consideration whatsoever for any living being alive. He is a doofus. He is an arrogant, macho bozo. He makes me sick. Dumb cop!

I pray to God justice will be served in this case.

My heart aches for justice.


Pontiac, MI

#445 May 14, 2009
Mr. Higbee never put his lights or siren on to alert drivers that he was on a speeding rampage.

What a creep! Dumb, bozo cop!

Pontiac, MI

#446 May 14, 2009
Mr. Robert Higbee never did put his siren or lights on to warn innocent drivers to get out of his maniac way. Mr. Higbee is stupid! I am quite sure he had the audacity to think he was smart.

Stupid, macho men think they can rule the earth.
It is time we women of this world tell the macho men of this world they are going to have to face some harsh punishment if they think they can rule us with their hard, stupid ways. Mr. Higbee has no common sense. Dumb cop!


Pontiac, MI

#447 May 14, 2009
I am watching the trial of Mr. Robert Higbee (bozo) on Court TV.

I really do hope he does not get away with two counts of vehicular homicide. Two innocent girls are gone because of his stupidity.


United States

#448 May 15, 2009
As law enforcement, you don't typically turn your lights and siren on to run down a speeder. The lights come on as you come up on the vehicle because when you activate the lights, you have just taken responsibility for that vehicle, no matter what happens to it or what the driver decides to do.

Training teaches, that before you run through a traffic control device, you need to slow down, visually clear the intersection of traffic and pedestrians, then go.

United States

#449 May 15, 2009
Hey I just started following this story, I was wondering if prosecutors have offered a plea if so how many years? And also could another offer come up or is up to the jury now? I have a feeling that Defense is going to win.

Boiling Springs, SC

#450 May 20, 2009
The 2 innocent girls are DEAD, forever.
Serve and protect

Fort Wayne, IN

#451 May 22, 2009
Personally I used to feel for this guy however I tried to protct my children from cars driving 50 mph on my 25 mph street but the police told me I couldn't do anthing to slow them down and they wouldn't help, so I no longer feel for this guy, My children could be victims because of the law so let this guy go to jail because of the law. It's no wonder people get bitter towards these officers

La Mirada, CA

#452 May 29, 2009
All I know is there is a lot of pleading on Court TV how this is a good guy and this was just an accident. Well, of course it was an accident. He wasn't trying to murder anyone. And the girls killed were speeding, and one wasn't wearing a seatbelt, and that can arguably if you listen to the experts caused both deaths by pushing the victims out of the car. Having said all that, this idea of "catching up to the speeders" to give them tickets and stop a drunk driver and blah blah blah..... All I know is, if that was me who ran a stop sign unintentionally, the cops would be on TV every night talking about how irresponsible I was, that I "murdered" 2 innocent girls and all of the stuff we see all the time. So I say, screw him. I don't think he needs to go to jail or prison, fine, but I don't want him held to a lower standard of culpability than I would be. His defense lawyer seems pretty bad to me, and his focus on the trooper not seeing the stop sign is laughable. First, the trooper said he stopped, then said he THOUGHT he stopped. OK, whatever. He worked there, and must have passed that intersection hundreds of times. He was going to close to 80 mph seconds before the crash, yet the data recorder in the Ford is not to be trusted. I could go on and on. I bet he gets off as not guilty, and that will be just too bad. If it were you or I, guilty...no question.

Helmetta, NJ

#453 May 29, 2009
He was speeding......He is allowed to by statute, so when you become a police officer, you to can speed (as long as you are doing so in the performance of your duties)

People regularly run through stop signs w/o coming close to stopping. They aren't 1. chasing a speeder, 2. have done it in DAYLIGHT 3. at the speed limit. How would you explain that?? Broad daylight, going slower with zero stress. Why didn't they see the stop sign???

If you don't want the police to drive fast (when necessary!!) change the rules! You can't change them now because somthing terrible has happened!

If YOU did run the stop sign, SPEEDING like him, YES you would be prosecuted! YOU are not suppose to SPEED!

If he was speeding just to speed, then he should be charged.

People DIE EVERYDAY in crashes like this. People run stop signs, blow traffic signals, drift onto the shoulders etc AND kill people. They do not get charged! The only aggrevating circumstance is his speed and that point has been well covered by the speeder himself.

Trenton, NJ

#454 Jun 1, 2009
Robert wrote:
Hey I just started following this story, I was wondering if prosecutors have offered a plea if so how many years? And also could another offer come up or is up to the jury now? I have a feeling that Defense is going to win.
It's my understanding that Trooper Digbee was offered a four year sentence in a plea deal which was turned down according to his lawyer or whomever.
stacy melby

Stratford, CT

#455 Jun 1, 2009
i think state troopers dont have the right to go threw a red light or a stop sign they have to follow the same rules as civillons on the road.if you haVE to persiude a speeder warn people a head of time to pervent from happening again . have the speeder be partly resonpable for the accient.

Littleton, CO

#456 Jun 3, 2009
While I agree 100 % that he should have been cited with those citations just as anyone else gets in such a case, I think since it was an ACCIDENT he should be not guilty of vehicle homicide, in our state they cant een charge someone with that, they charge something else depending on certain facts. He would be at fault for the accident and i think the states insurance of course should pay out. But as for a murder crime? BS. I also dont think anyone should be charged with this for an ACCIDENT. If we put people in prison for accidents we wouldnt have any room lol. But I think the evidence proves not guilty. As the court reporters stated everyone they talked to said he would be not guilty. Only one out of many,many, many people said he should be guilty. Didnt the family say not guilty? Also In the court case that judge has made several violations, yesterday by his jury instructions he violated the 6th amendment it was said, and both sides agreed to that. That judge has to be one of the worst I've seen. But as I said guilty for running a sign yeah, and causing an accident yes, insurance should pay out and maybe already has. But a murder charge no.
troopers advocate

Hagerstown, MD

#457 Jun 4, 2009
Dont get me wrong I nfeel sory for those girls families , BUT ,(and I cant underscore this enough!)I dont place all the blame withe the trooper! The fact of the matter is that the driver of the car that ran, the trooper AND the driver of the colission vehicle are all at fault.
The reason that I say this is that the suspect should not have run, I dont care what you have done , it is always beter for you if you just STOP! The Trooper should have been more aware of his surroundings . Also the girl driving the van ,had she used defensive driving skills she would have slowed down at the intersection . eventhough she had the "Right of Way" whigh is a joke anyway , she has a responsibility to drive as if her life depended on it and clearly that did not happen. It is un-fortunate that this tragic event occured but the trooper IS NOT GUILTY OF MURDER ! Bad things hapen to good people every day but the officer is not a criminal he was just doing his job when an idiot decided to break the law and ultimatlev set in motin a chain of events that would end in the deaths of two young girls. those of you who dont share my opinion , Please dont read this as a slap in the face , but read it as a thought provoking comentary

Las Cruces, NM

#458 Jun 5, 2009
I have to agree with you. The people who are saying that this man is just pure evil have no idea what pure evil is. He didn't mean to cause the accident; that is why it is being called an accident. We should all step back and think about how hard it is to go out every single day and put our lives on the line doing a job that many people hold in contempt; then we should try to remember that accidents happen even to cops. That doesn't mean he did it on purpose. It also seems to me that everyone is forgetting that this might not have been so bad if the girl's would have had their seat belts on. It is sad that it has to be mentioned, but it is a very real fact to this case.

Bethany, OK

#459 Jun 9, 2009
the fact remains. you CAN'T go speeding, twice the speed limit, felony bank robber, rapist, mass murderer chase mode with no lights or siren over some kid doing a little over the speed limit on a nowhere road in the middle of the night! this "tunnel-vision" cop saw nothing else but a chance to write another ticket. the stop sign was in plain view. there was a driveway in front of it!!! this jury has set a dangerous precidence. hopefully, next time, it won't be a gasoline tanker next to a couple of school busses! for the cops... hey... back to business.

United States

#460 Jun 9, 2009
Hello Disgusted,
You are absolutely correct. But the tickets are simply a formality so as not to allow the statue of limitations to expire without doing anything. The criminal portion of the investigation is not completed. I am certain that this DEADBEAT TROOPER will be charged with VEHICULAR HOMICIDE. What we are dealing with is a "COWARD" who is now hiding behind the law he violated but swore to uphold. He didn't even have the decency to call the children's mother and apologize for his actions. As I said this is not a MAN but a COWARD.
In any event keep up your beautiful words.
Hey slick, he did at the end of the trial. Im not sure if you heard or not but he and the mother spoke in private for a little bit.

United States

#461 Jun 10, 2009
Wellll, what did he say? You seem to know it all.
anonymus wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey slick, he did at the end of the trial. Im not sure if you heard or not but he and the mother spoke in private for a little bit.

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