Rik Pepe is done at Chevrolet 73
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been there done that

Jobstown, NJ

#63 Aug 9, 2009
welp as a former employee of 8 years for mr pepe...enjoy the ride...your gonna make alot of money..things will great crazy...life will be great...enjoy the trips you and your family will take and living like a king...but its all short lived..it will end and your dealership will close...his past is his past...he uses the dealership as his personal bank...the $700 meal he just ate is being paid for on a company credit card...be smart bank your money for the definate fallout ...but yes i would work for him again...the lifestyle u live is most worth it
Ex Employee

Dallas, PA

#64 Sep 21, 2009
I'm just waiting for the Feds to ask me questions...Hell, I have proof. I've made copies of false invoices going to banks thinking they were financing a more expensive vehicle. I have proof his kid was involved, and so was his crony Eric. Hell, Eric has his writing on the real invoice nad the false one. I got out years before they closed because the writing was all over the wall. I mean how may Bently's can you drive? And lets not forget his son in law who was a service writer driving a Cadillac convertible sports car. A $90k sports car. Now that takes balls. What happened to the comptroller Becky Jones? She knew what he was doing and helped him hide it. How are those Phillie tickets now Becky? You are just as guilty as him you crook. No wonder you never smiled fat ass. Castle dealerships in Delaware...Beware it will happen all over again, I can't believe these crooks have good paying jobs while the employees he robbed are having problems making ends meet. Where is the justice? I'll be waiting and when they come I'll testify to put those assholes away for a long time. Rik, Richie, Eric, and Becky...ALL GUILTY...I have proof.
Good Luck

Philadelphia, PA

#65 Sep 24, 2009
If you cashed a paycheck you are also guilty. I guess its been tough making ends meet in the plastics business or perhaps dealing with credit unions?

Look up teflon........

Philadelphia, PA

#66 Oct 1, 2009
Just ask who had the 6million dollar house and the 5million boat and whose daughter has an apartment in Manhattan,NY. Not any of the Pepe's

Philadelphia, PA

#67 Oct 1, 2009
And don't forget the big house in Pennsylvania. And all the money to put fuel in that boat when he went to the Bahamas.
Ex Employee

Pittston, PA

#68 Oct 3, 2009
Good Luck wrote:
If you cashed a paycheck you are also guilty. I guess its been tough making ends meet in the plastics business or perhaps dealing with credit unions?
Look up teflon........
What are you talking about?
Ex Employee

Pittston, PA

#69 Oct 3, 2009
Plastics business, credit unions? What are you talking about? Is that you Rik?

Philadelphia, PA

#70 Oct 8, 2009
No I am not Rik, But I know Joe Bush and he is not who or what you think he is. I do not know Rik personally.
Truth Be Told

Egg Harbor Township, NJ

#71 Dec 17, 2009
Joe Bush, Joe Jr, Dean and Derek are all drug addicts and are dumber than rocks. They're racist, dirty ignorant a-holes, Bush Sr. put the dealership in his name because he "owed" Pepe a favor for some shady dirty business they pulled years ago. Pepe was not allowed to own a dealership because he has caught turning back mileage on cars among other things. Seems like just about everybody is on the same page with these low-life a-holes! F 'em all...I hope the Bush's get caught and rot as well!!!
Truth Be Told

Egg Harbor Township, NJ

#72 Dec 17, 2009
Also, I just read Joe Bush Jr. was arrested for insurance fraud in 2008. He is best friends with Pepe and is a crook too. His family owns Infiniti in West Chester and Ardmore....PASS IT ON, they will screw you!
behind on bills

Southfield, MI

#73 Feb 5, 2010
Rik and Rich are in New Castle , De! Funny thing is all that you all have said about him, I am starting to see! he talks a great deal and then never delivers shit! Plus he just " quit" today! Funny he quit before every sales man got their fuck up paycheck! Heard FBI supenoed the FNI guy!
Ex Chevy 73 Employee

Abington, PA

#74 Feb 6, 2010
No really? Who would have ever guessed that? He was pulling off the same scam as he did with Chevy 73. Re-Sign Hyundai it should be called, not Castle. What is wrong with the owner of this place. Is it worth your reputation or what is left of it? Sure you made a lot of money and I hoped you banked it. You will not be able to tell the DE. Attorney General you knew nothing about it. Which makes you an accessory after the fact. All the money you made will be going towards your legal bills. Then what?
Pepe took advantage of a lot minority customers who did not know any better. Him and his kid bought five fast food places. Now they can serve you shit and you will pay. His kid is bound to get screwed by his dad. Boyd's are you listening? He's coming back for some suits and shirts. Bentley? Probably because he will be controlling the money and when he learns how to rip people off in the restaurant business he'll be back on easy street again. For a while anyway. Paper thin burgers, water down soda, real greasy french fries. Roaches, rats, excrement...I'm getting sick thinking about it. Don't forget to turn around as you leave the store. One of the Pepe's will be smiling while giving you the finger. Someone will wind up hurting one of them, but will it stop them? No it will not. The devil can change into many things...Someone needs to post the name of the restaurants and locations on here so people can be warned about who they are buying their food from. I give them a year, two tops before they will have to close. But by then they would have made enough to buy a dealership in lets say Florida? I hope your reading this Rick and Rich you low life pieces of shit.

Philadelphia, PA

#75 Feb 20, 2010
To ex employee of Chevy 73. You are probably one of the lazy employees that helped make the dealership close. It is people like you who need a real life instead of slandering people you really don'n know. Ask Joe Bush how much money went into his pocket for his 2 houses and his big boat.
ban him

New Egypt, NJ

#76 Apr 12, 2010
rik pepe has just opened a resteraunt in the cumberland mall.....dont go there...show him weve had enough of im....starve him
Mad Cow Diseased Beef

Egg Harbor Township, NJ

#77 Apr 12, 2010
Ricks new restaurant in the Cumberland Mall is called Jacks BBQ. Now you can eat the shit he serves up. I bet you get sick as soon as you leave. How much is Mad Cow Diseased beef? If it's cheap Rick will use it because he could care less what you eat and even less about your health! He is getting more of these restaurants too. All with money he ripped off from people. Are you owed money? Jacks BBQ. Remember you heard it here first. I feel like vomting already.


#78 Jul 1, 2010
Heard Richys gay ass is now at Kerback in AC for hateing them all that time u sure went wimpering back u bitch. Be sure to stop in and say fuck u 2 him. Also heard other resturants are named after the kids Richs, Candys ext. And to Lucky in vinland the employees werent the lazy ones those bitch ass mangers were. Makin sales people buy the lunch and shit just to get a bone. They couldnt even gas up there own demos. Witch was kinda good cuz i got atleast 30 tanks of gas in my personal car and plenty of cigs on those receits so thanks rik u peice of shit.

Allentown, PA

#79 Jul 8, 2010
I didn't know Pepe or his son...but I do know Joe Bush JR.He must sit up at night thinking of ways to cheat his sales people. This guy is a lying , cheating P.O.S He is the perfect con man, good looking, well dressed smooth talker but I'm sure when he takes off his pants he has A 5FT tail. It's too bad because for the most part the people who work for him are decent people just trying to make a living.
Chevy Driver

Margate City, NJ

#80 Jul 13, 2010
Any updates on this or on South Shore Auto World

Vineland, NJ

#81 Feb 18, 2011
I worked at Fat Jack's and it was the first I heard of Rik Pepe. All of you are right. The food is disgusting, over-priced and there is cross-contamination. They cheat you in the weights for the sides and sandwiches. If that doesn't make your appetite disappear, imagine being stared down by Pepe as you eat your dirty pulled pork sandwich. That is exactly what will happen. Being a man that makes a living off of screwing people over has made him so paranoid that others are doing the same, that he will sit in the corner of the restaurant to watch everyone the entire day. His temper hasn't gone away either. He threw pecan pie slices at the one manager because they weren't sliced right. He also screamed in my face because he wasn't aware that I had requested off to the just-fired manager. Luckily, that day was also the day I intended to give my 2 week notice.
Truth Be Told

Boyertown, PA

#82 Aug 17, 2012
F the Bush's and Anderson's - Period!!!!! They are lying, cheating, RACIST a-holes! They throw the "N" word around like it's part of their everyday language. They will rob you blind and spit in your face while doing it.
If anyone wants to be treated like a second class citizen, then they should buy a car from them. If not, I highly recommend you stay away from those a-holes, they are all about money and nothing else. I surely will not but anything from disrespectful, racist drug addict felons!
Again F them all!!!

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