A new investment advisory firm in San Rafael offers a way for investors with smaller portfolios to get professional investment advice that has previously been available only to high net worth families. 360 Investment Advisors has no minimum fee or minimum account size, and offers services at a very affordable rate of just $125 per hour, according to the company’s founder, Andre Shashaty.

Shashaty started the company with a specific goal of helping regular people take more control of their investments and get out from under the many fees that large institutions charge for advice and services.“Most people pay way more in fees than they need to, and over years, it can add up to a big reduction in their return. I believe the fastest way to increase a client’s return is to find ways they can pay less to invest,” said Shashaty.“I started this service largely because of my own experience with big financial institutions that charged a lot but delivered very poor service. At 360, we charge very little and deliver a great deal, with a sincere commitment to good service and personal attention.”

Shashaty is a 17-resident of San Rafael. He has extensive experience choosing and managing portfolios of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, private LPs and LLCs, and real estate. He has written extensively about personal finance, investing, real estate, and financial markets. The company offers a free consultation, or, for a flat rate of $250, a Portfolio Report Card, which identifies how much clients are paying in fees on their existing portfolio, as well as how well diversified they are relative to the return they are getting after fees. For information, go to www.360investmentadvice.com

360 Investment Advisors is a registered investment advisor and Shashaty is a registered investment advisor representative.