O'Hare expansion divides hopefuls

O'Hare expansion divides hopefuls

There are 41 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Mar 26, 2009, titled O'Hare expansion divides hopefuls. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

The specter of an expanding O'Hare International Airport is ever-present in Bensenville , as are the low-flying jets that take off and land from some of the busiest runways in the nation.

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Lyons, IL

#1 Mar 27, 2009
You are only telling part of the story when you focus mostly of John Geils' quotes. He fails to mention how many businesses have been lost since 1985. Take a real drive through Bensenville, and talk to the people. You'll see that the majority are ready for him to move on. He can go to Greenlake, WI (where he admits that he spends most of his time), or try and move in to the expensive home he purchased in Oak Brook. His interests are all self-centered. The aesthetic improvements he has made to our town are a reflection of that. Who needs 100 decorative street lamps in a 4 block radius? Who needs brick paved parkways in the same area? We need school building improvements, pot-holes filled, more police protection, more retail stores (we once had tons of them in walking distance from any part of our town). He only cares about what will benefit Geils Funeral Home!

Plainfield, IL

#2 Mar 27, 2009
john Geils is a bully who likes to spin the newsmedia to his point of view even though he is wrong. John Geils has already accepted very large contributions from the same attorneys, we the people are paying to blindly fight this airport issue.

PEOPLE--The airport is expanding and we need to shift the focus of our leaders. Geils is not capable of shifting focus he only wants to keep paying the attorneys who in turn pay him with very large contributions.

Warrenville, IL

#3 Mar 27, 2009
So how much money did Bensenville spend on attorney fees and the Suburban Ohare Commission. that would be a good FOI request

Chicago, IL

#4 Mar 28, 2009
This Soto guys sounds like a Daley Flunky. The same song is played with our Aldermen and Business persons regarding Daley 2016 Olympic dream. " Go along with Daley and his wet Dream,and we will get a seat at his table " Rev Leon Finney (T.W.O). The Chicago voters should rise up and flush Daley and all the Aldercreatures down the toilet.

Fort Wayne, IN

#5 Mar 29, 2009
Guys like Frank Soto are political groundhogs. Eight years ago he made a bid for village resident only to go underground after losing to Geils. Where has Soto been during all this time. If he really felt that strong about this community he would have been visible and fighting for the issues he says he feels so strong about.
To make matters worse he is surrounded with a bunch of petty, sour grape belly achers who run a forum board that is destructive to the image of Bensenville and its residents.
From what I have read, all the SOTO folks have done is recycle the hate they had from eight years ago.
And for the lady who complains that commercial businesses have disapeared from the downtown district, blame Big Box stores, and the ability to make large purchases which provides a competitive edge against small mom and pop stores.
Number 18

Plainfield, IL

#6 Mar 29, 2009
Geils has only one issue--The airport

He has that one issue and he has no control over it because it is coming, no matter how much is spent to stop it it is coming. John Geils is a lonely bully and NEEDS TO GO!!

Where was Soto for 8 long years?? He was living his life here in Bensenville, raising his family here and running a business to support his family. He lives in Bensenville, even Geils admitted to not being here most of the time. Geils doesn't even know the name of the local pizza place down the street.

Fort Wayne, IN

#7 Mar 29, 2009
Raising his family and supporting his family is admirable. But what board meetings of ANY taxing body has he regularly participated in for the last 8 years? What issues has he been involved with and has participated publicly? Like I said, Soto is a political groundhog. He sticks his head out of the ground once every 8 years and starts crying foul. I dont see him as a regular or irregular participant in any of the meetings involving town issues.
The residence issue is a mute point. The courts ruled in Geils favor, move on guy!
As far as other issues, Geils fought for many issues that have improved Bensenville over the years. If you lived here in 1985 you would understand that Geils has been good for Bensenville. The people who have put him in office for 20+ years understand and thats really all thet matters.
Boycott All Target Stores

Chicago, IL

#8 Mar 29, 2009
I don't know Geils, so can't make an opinion on him. But I do know what Daley and Chicago lawyers are all about, so this Geils dude can't be all bad.

Eminent domain is not worth it just for a couple of more runways.
name witheld by request

Lombard, IL

#9 Mar 30, 2009
If Tom had lived here past 1985, but, say like the last 12 years, JG would NOT look like a saint, but a very petty - REALLY vindictive small minded one-note despot with a really nasty streak of revenge who holds grudges forever - the code enforcement boys appear to be his personal pack of storm troopers, and there are plenty of residents reluctant to post signs in opposition to JG (even though they WILL vote against him!), in fear of the inevitable retaliation if by some evil miracle JG is reelected. The damage he has done to this town in the last 12 years is FAR more than anything the OMP can cook up. Taxing and harassing businesses OUT, and throwing up so many petty obstacles to new businesses attempting to open here that they pack up their tents and RUN AWAY. IIAC Walgreens had to SUE to (re)open!!
Hopefully this May we can hang a sign over Village Hall saying "Under New Management".

Fort Wayne, IN

#10 Mar 30, 2009
This is a great example of what I mean.
( petty, despot, revenge, grudges, storm troopers, fear, evil, damage, harassment,)

For 20+ years all the opposition against Geils can do is personalize attacks. If anyone was to dig further you would find that the majority of the opposition are axe grinders. They ran a sloppy business, ignored zoning law, didnt get variences or favorable decisions when they wanted them, or maybe even more petty reasons like Geils was the captain of the football team or stole their girlfriend in high school. Whatever the reason, they have found a common cause against Geils, not a common cause to better Bensenville.

If Soto and his comrades could actually articulate their plans to deal with the airport opposition and economic stimulus maybe someone could take them seriously. The airport expansion is, and has always been the biggest reason for Bensenvilles hardship. John Geils has always worked toward delaying airport expansion long enough for those in the state, region, and country to see the idiocy of the airport plan that costs 24 BILLION and the quality of countless lives to improve take-offs and landings by 7 Minutes.
name witheld by request

Lombard, IL

#11 Mar 30, 2009
I am ashamed to say that I VOTED for John Geils in 2001 and 2005, succumbing to his scare tactics campaign that the evil Chicago cabal was out to get him in the form Of Soto in 2001, where he was so arrogant that he didn't bother to follow the law in his nominating petitions and was thrown off the ballot, and in 2005 where the firefighters and Wassinger were supposed to be in Chicago's pocket. BUT after his de-facto tax increase ("I didn't raise taxes, you're paying for the fire district now") I woke up and started doing MY research, keeping MY ears open. I'm NOT buying into ANYBODY else's line here, I SAW companies so disgusted trying to get into town they changed to OTHER suburbs, I PAID the tax increases, I SUFFERED the vagaries of his arbitrary building code changes (what was legal one week, wasn't the next) and his total xenophobia towards Hispanics.

The fear, harassment and john's petty revenge are REAL. I obviously LIVE in Bensenville, and have for a long long time, do YOU TOM, or are you on the king's payroll, and worried that the trough is about to run dry???

Fort Wayne, IN

#12 Mar 30, 2009
There you go again.

It never ends with you people. Accusations of xenophobia,revenge,harassment and all the fear mongering that opposion to Geils always hurl but never effectively.

You always deflect away from how your going to fix all these things you say are wrong. You never explain where your canidates have been in the years between elections, or records of village activism for your causes.

If you think your so versed with what you say is going on around Bensenville I can only surmise you must be a canidate for the people opposed to Geils, or someones wife or perhaps someone who has already lost to Geils and was held accountable for slander and fined for steering minority real estate buyers.

For all I know you could be Daley himself venting his frustrations at not being able to push aside a small town standing in the way of what he wants like he did with all the other SOC villages with their elections.

Any way you look at it, the people will speak in a few weeks and you people in opposition to Geils will either gloat like nobodys business, post more dreck on your disgraceful forum or crawl back into your holes for another election term.
name witheld by request

Saint Charles, IL

#13 Mar 30, 2009
"You people", it's SO easy to marginalize folks by lumping them into a group, trying to avoid the fact that a LOT of individuals have arrived at the same (low) opinion by many varied routes. He is reaping what he has sown over the years, HIS CHICKENS ARE COMING HOME TO ROOST.

I'm NOT a member of ANY group that has an oar in this fracas, only an active voter who shares an apparently similar and widening opinion towards John Giels's actions as Bensenville's Village President.

I'm not an attorney, nor am I a candidate (nor was I ever a candidate for anything, or related to one - OR WORKING for one)- I'm just a moderately successful High School graduate who was hit with one too many tax increases, fed one too many lies, and woke up - and after looking around, got angry. If there's a lot more people like me out there (and he's stepped on a LOT of toes), Giels is going to be a private citizen again, he only won by 177 votes last time in 2005.

While I may NOT have answers on how to FIX things, I DO know how to recognize WHO broke them, and how to STOP making things WORSE.

After some attentiveness to local politics in the mid 90's here in Bensenville, I had decided to avoid local politics COMPLETELY, and just sail through life avoiding the nastiness, staying UNDER the radar. HOWEVER when it started emptying my wallet to my detriment - I found I could no longer ignore it.

Oh, and "few weeks"? The election IS April 7, so by April 8 - NINE DAYS - we'll know ...

I'm STILL waiting for the results of the FED's raid, search & seizure aimed at Geils's back in 2007 - but I guess they have been too busy with George Ryan and Rod Blagojevich. If Giels had been cleared, he would have trumpeted it to the heavens.

As for the "accusations" of harassment,(near) slander and revenge - they are FACT.. PLUS: Who was screaming at our village manager outside of Village Hall a little after 5 PM today? I'm waiting for the video to hit the internet...

For the record, the observation of "xenophobia" is one I decided upon personally in the mid 90's after observing Giels in (sparsely attended) official village meetings, that was when I decided to ignore him and them (trustees) in disgust. I couldn't do anything about it, so why get my blood pressure up?

You've got the hiding if he wins right, because all heck will break loose and his revenge will be mighty. HE's got the code enforcement officers, and even what's left of the local police will have to kowtow to him after that. Unless they all want to patrol on bicycles in January.

The Fear is REAL. He is NO LONGER a nice man, he's CHANGED.
jorge herrera

Chicago, IL

#14 Mar 31, 2009
I don't know much about Giels,but if he is standing up to Maggot Daley,he is ok in my books. Bensenville should not be destroyed by Chicago's mobbed up interest.

Chicago, IL

#15 Mar 31, 2009
Here's how I look at Geils....since 2004 my property taxes have TRIPLED, yet my property value has decreased by almost 28% since 2004. What should have happened is Chicago should have had to pay the property tax losses that the town incurred. Not the citizens who are left behind. What's worse is the fact that in the last 12 months very few, if any, properties have been sold.

Fort Wayne, IN

#16 Mar 31, 2009
A nice man?

See, again and again its about the dislike the Soto camp has for Geils. Again I will speculate that your probably someone who had a personal issue you felt should have gone your way. What was it, a liqour license, incorporaion into Bensenville, a zoning varience issue, or were you just ignored or asked to be quite in a board meeting because you didnt understand the protocols for public interaction during a board meeting?

Trying to draw some kind of comparison between Geils, Blago and Ryan?? See, again you cant avoid not pressing forward past your hatred for Geils. Its a personal thing, by your own admission.

And just for the record, you have again deflected the real issue which is how is Soto and his group going to bring economic stimulus, lower taxes, and improve infrastructure to Bensenville, and how has Soto or anyone in the 4Change been involved in the issues by way of participation the last 8 years.

Bensenville Voter

Langeloth, PA

#17 Mar 31, 2009
Here a few reasons why I think it's time for 4 change in Leadership;

Nepotism; Hiring your 22-year old son and giving him a 21-percent pay increase to 'manage' the Ice Rinks.

Inability to work with other Taxing Bodies; If you don't agree with Geils, he views you as an enemy, which contributes to the sharp divide in the community. Just ask Peconio on the Fire Board, Weldon on the School Board and Wesseler on the Park Board.

Debt; $75-million compared with neighboring Wood Dale which has $2-million.

TIF Districts; More than any other Muni in Illinois except Chicago. This has taken away much needed revenue from the school districts which are the worst in DuPage county.

You can go to the 'Change4Bensenville' website to see what the new administration will do if elected.
Michael Brennan

Chicago, IL

#18 Mar 31, 2009
Daley is trying to turn Bensenville into a park lot for Chicago.
name witheld by request

Saint Charles, IL

#19 Mar 31, 2009
I'm NOT the Soto camp, I don't even have a sign up... I'm ANTI-Geils.

Folks thanks for the kind thoughts in the "fight" against Chicago's O'Hare land grab - but that issue's DONE, stick a fork in it... There are 500 empty building shells that have been internally prepped for demolition, owned by the City of Chicago.

We LOST, on Johm Geils's watch. That will be his monument.

The only legal obstacle to the demolition of these empty shells is basically an issue of how to keep the dust down so as not to strangle people downwind.

I understand the procedures for being heard in a board meeting (as if that EVER made a difference, even with LARGE groups), but I have NEVER sought a variance or had ANY "personal issue you felt should have gone your way". Rather I had a sense of what is right and wrong and my attitude has been forged by a multitude of issues and which way the issues were decided at the leadership of John Geils, and with this "database" of decisions I have formed not only conclusions about the man then, but also now, and how things have measurably changed.

Yes, and in that time and process I have come to an intense dislike of the man - evidenced by the results he has obtained as well as the WAY he obtained them.

Others have done well in documenting the most egregious of his deeds (and mis-deeds), and still others have some plans on how to fix things. How detailed can these plans be when anything about what should be public about what's going on in Village Hall has to be PRIED out with an FOIA, after winning the lawsuits BLOCKING those same FOIA requests?

and TOM, for someone who has stood so vociferously at John Geils side, you can only be (in my opinion) his very well paid campaign manager. Talk about trying to turn back the tide with a fork!!!

Fort Wayne, IN

#20 Mar 31, 2009
At least you admit your anti-Geils, because you surely cant be pro-Bensenville with the way you destroy our village image with the false and slanderous things you say about a person whom the MAJORITY of voters in town have elected for not one term but for five. Your website Bensenville Soapbox is the shame of the suburbs.

Chicago is not and has not offered anything for Bensenville other than some scheckels for our houses, and a parking garage with Mary Adalinos name on it. All for saving 7 minutes of travel time in a depressed travel market.

I guess you would have just given in and taken our lumps 25 years ago. Sorry, Ill take Geils over what the anti-Geils , anti- Bensenville Soto folks offer,

By the way, Geils didnt politicize the Park District, Jarecki, Wassinger, Devit, and Soline took care of that last election.

Weasler the Wassinger dupe, just wants to get his girlfriends job driving the bus back. And As for Peconio, I could never TRUST a guy who was so against the same folks last election that now he sleeps with.

And I am still waiting for the answers to the problems you say Bensenville has and a record of community activism Soto can produce for the last 8 years.

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