In an era of rising military suicide rates, the Air Force is on track to set a record this year for the number of active-duty suicides.

But experts at Luke Air Force Base say an Air Force program is working to help prevent suicides using a concept the service knows well. It relies on “wingmen” to look out for their fellow members.

It has been nearly two years since the last confirmed active duty suicide at Luke Air Force Base. Officials there say part of the reason is the Comprehensive Airman Fitness plan.

“Reaching out takes courage,” said Major Corey Christopherson,“and that message is getting out.”

The suicide-prevention program gives airmen tools to be resilient before they get into a spot and to help them bounce back once they realize they need help.

The overall plan calls for members to be strong mentally, physically, spiritually and socially, said Capt. Neal Kennington, Suicide Prevention Officer in Charge.

Because coworkers are the best source of information, they’re encouraged to be mental-health wingmen of sorts — looking out for warning signs.
(From the Az Republic.)

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