One day I received a letter telling me that a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) is planned to be built on six thousand acres of tree forest very close to my home. All the trees will be removed for croplands. I’ve had a hard time with this because when I bought the land and built my home this was not on any ones radar. We have good well water to drink and clean air to breathe. This area has multiple outdoor activities and relies on the sportsmen and women to help with this area’s economic stability.
I have researched along with others in Saratoga on just what a CAFO is and most certainly how it will affect our lives forever. After all the hours of reading papers written about CAFO’s I could not find 1 positive good thing said about CAFO’s. However I did find a whole lot of trouble coming our way. First off cows smell really bad and they want to house 5000 plus cows in one concentrated area. Second, the millions of gallons of manure the cows generate is the big picture. The EPA doesn’t know what happens to the antibiotics or all the chemicals that go into the cow’s diet. EPA can say with certainty that once the manure is put on the croplands the nitrate level in your wells will increase and theirs that possibility that you will not be able to use your own well water. Third, hundreds of gases are emitted from the manure lagoons including ammonia (a toxic form of nitrogen), hydrogen sulfide, and methane. These toxic gases together with the pathogenic microbes given off by the open lagoons get into the air and travels. We can then expect the air we breathe to be not only nauous smelling, but a huge health risk to inhale it.
As a member of Wood County and taxpayer the purposed use of this land will forever devastate this area. It will lower your property value and quality of life. You can get information on cafo’s on Youtube, UWSP or Facebook.Getting informed may save your life.