Concerned former Cop

New Kensington, PA

#546 May 19, 2013
Most of these horrible blogs are written by Steven Fitzgerald and David Ferris. Both former drug seeking patients of Dr Brian Awbrey. This is abuse of this blog site. Topix should prosecute them immediately.

Concerned former cop
Anon Bpt Hospital

Stratford, CT

#547 May 21, 2013
Yale faculty and the FBI in bed with each other is nothing new. Charles Morgan MD. has been a whore for them and more dark agencies for years. Morgan knew about Jeff Gross MD and his racist friends jerking Dr. David Ferris around when he had Lyme Disease all during the 1990s.( "progressive peripheral polyneuritis", intermittent attacks of " meningitis with cauda equina involvement" and "arthritis" ). Morgan and several others knew about Yale and Robert Milstein MD. and the state of CT. running an "Abu-Ghraib"/ "Gulag", in Newington CT., for Dr. Ferris from 2008 - 09. Witness the recent exposure of Morgan being involved with a $1.8 million DOD/ FBI interrogation technique experiment to be run out of Yale. Due to press coverage, it was cancelled.
Law Enforce FBI murderers

New Canaan, CT

#548 May 25, 2013
The hackers just went through the blog and removed more unflattering evidence and, in addition, switched many of the geographic locations from which the posts supposedly originated from. Removed completely were, Hartford,CT., Boston, NY,NY., Milford,CT. and Framingham, MA. The posts from Framingham for the most part were changed to Westford, MA. Those originally tagged as Milford to Westport, CT. Some were left as just United States, other's originally tagged as U.S. changed to elsewhere. As with previous alterations, this just reflects the desperation of law enforcement and other criminals with too much time and taxpayer money on their hands. The revealing of Charles Morgan MD., from Yale, involved with the enforced disappearance of Dr. David Ferris makes complete sense. It gives further credence to the multitude of reports about Dr. Ferris being held incommunicado and continuously tortured ( including Thallium poisoning ) for one and a half years without any medical or dental care. Morgan has seedy relationships with government agencies ( besides the FBI) known for their brutality. Significantly, his medical degree is from the Seventh-day Adventist, Loma Linda University. He is one twisted individual, like Robert Milstein MD.One of the other "directors" of the Abu-Ghraib" in Newington, CT was a neighbor of Dr. William Petit on Sorghum Mill Dr. Cheshire, CT; Dr. Thomas Kirk, who resigned from that"experiment" in June 2009. Sources say that the only reason Dr. Ferris was not summarily exterminated in Newington, is because there were lingering doubts as to whether or not he was sufficiently isolated and that perhaps one or more of his friends knew the truth or an associate of his uncle Robert David Ferris, Dallas,TX.( who had been lied to and told Dr. David Ferris had died in 2007). There apparently was concern that someone, on at least one occasion, had passed him a communication device and that information regarding his attempted murders, kidnapping and torture was leaked.
Total Hacking Stalking

Stratford, CT

#549 May 25, 2013
Wired wrote:
"Figures" from Boston and the other perpetrators and co-conspirators must have some powerful connections in the telecommunications industry.This raises the question of illegal surveillance in other areas as well. What sort of arrangements were made to suppress the information from getting out ?.
Hackers changed "Figures" Boston location to NY,NY. and Everett,MA. aside from completely removing their #215 post saying "Good Riddance" on August 25,2012. Domestic terrorists intimidating people from communicating freely. They undoubtedly are guilty of the crimes committed against Dr. David Ferris.
Former Company Man

Westford, MA

#550 May 26, 2013
Enforced disappearance, Yale University, Charles Morgan MD. 111. Let the unraveling continue before tightening the noose. Get them all. Murdering pigs.
Giampa Deal

Stratford, CT

#551 May 30, 2013
Surreal, but absolutely true. Google: Joseph Giampa Massachusetts, murder for hire, Attys Brian Kelly, James Dowden,federal bureau of investigation. The document/motion was filed August 12, 2008. On page 5, last paragraph, it states that during a July 23, 2008 court appearance, where both Asst U.S. attys Kelly and Dowden were present,the criminal case had already been referred to the FBI and the U.S. attys office. The multiple assassination attempts on atty Richard King had been investigated by the Mass. state police and the MA. U.S.atty office for several months and substantiated. Then, according to other court documents, both the civil and criminal cases were dropped after August 2008 for no apparent reason.Obviously, the reason was to protect the ongoing conspiracy to kill, kidnap, defraud and obstruct against Dr. David Ferris by Richard Blumenthal and Associates, Yale, the state of CT, the Feds and the other co-conspirators. Thallium poisoning, forced disappearance, Home invasion stabbings; outright terrorism. Atty Brian Kelly is the lead prosecutor on the Bulger case.
Anon Concerned Citizen

New Canaan, CT

#552 May 31, 2013
What was done to Dr. David Ferris in Newington,CT. at the old tuberculosis hospital during his forced disappearance from January 2008 - July 2009, combined features of the Yale Milgram experiment( 1961 ) and the Stanford prison experiment ( 1971 ), in an overall sadistic, 24/7, Abu-Ghraib like environment. He was continually tortured and repeatedly hit with thallium and denied medical or dental care, despite near-death episodes, including hypotension and seizures, a bleeding disorder, breathing difficulty and severe neuropathic pain. Several state employees did whistleblow and were threatened. Yale, the state of CT, the feds were all involved.
Former Colleague of Dr DF

New Canaan, CT

#553 Jun 1, 2013
What happened ( and is happening ) to Dr. David Ferris DO., Milford ,CT. is state - sponsored terrorism. Regardless of other plans, I suggest contacting the United Nations. The corruption obviously runs to deep and involves too many powerful people and entities. The multiple attempted murders, kidnapping/ forced disappearance, massive fraud, obstruction and horrific civil and human rights violations were certainly, in part, to protect Richard Blumenthal and assure his election as senator
FYI Henry Lee

Stratford, CT

#554 Jun 3, 2013
Dr Henry Lee, former chief of forensics for the CT. state police, was caught lying in court while testifying for the defense in a 2007 murder case. In short, Lee was witnessed by several attys and detectives to pick up a piece of an acrylic fingernail, which purportedly had gunshot residue, placed it in a vial, then never produced the evidence to the prosecution. The witnesses included attys from Lee's own defense team. The case involved a Hollywood producer named Spector, who shot his girlfriend in the face. The nail fragment would have been strong evidence against him, proving a defensive hand gesture by the victim. The lead defense atty was none other than Robert Shapiro of O.J. Simpson infamy. Lee was sanctioned by the judge, who because of Lee's notoriety, did not charge him criminally. Lee's fraud caused a hung jury initially, but Spector was convicted in second trial. Lee's character and usefulness as an expert has been seriously questioned since. How many other instances of hiding,destroying or altering evidence has he done in the past? Usually this type of behavior is chronic. He was noted by many journalists and attys to be unapologetic and arrogant, as if above the law.
Oh My God

Stratford, CT

#555 Jun 5, 2013
Dr. Henry Lee is a former cop, has an autopsy table and works with state cops and prosecutors throughout the country. The potential final word on "accidental" or "unexplained" deaths and certainly has toxicologic knowledge re: thallium. Arrest the perps before they do more damage to Dr. David Ferris or society.
Oh My God

Stratford, CT

#556 Jun 5, 2013
Concerned former Cop wrote:
The last 5 entries in November, in this blog have been written by a sick individual-(david ferris). He has been joined by the lying of Steven Fitzgeral. Both have criminal records and both no longer have a grip on reality. Both may end up on an autopsy table with their sicknesses. More to the point both are products of their own sick fantisies and live hopeless lives. Many law enforcement officers as well as "others" are looking for their where abouts to bring them to justice. If any has seen them, please report their where abouts to State troopers immediately. One raped patients as a ER Dr.( David Ferris), the other Steven Fitzegerald is wanted for multiple outstanding warrents.
Yes, Dr. Lee, this is sick.
Atty Jeff Meyer Felon

Stratford, CT

#557 Jun 8, 2013
Susan Freedman Filan etal wrote:
This is sleazier and more deadly than most can imagine. Susan( Freedman )Filan is a Quinnipiac Law alumnus and was married to Atty Patrick Filans' brother, atty James K. Filan jr. until 2006.( James K.Filan sr. was doctor very political active with the democratic party. All have extensive connections in both major parties). Atty Jeff Meyer ( Yale / Quinnipiac law)absolutely knew he was concealing evidence and obstructing justice. Since he had awareness of the assassination attempts on Dr. David Ferris',kidnapping/forced disappearance and massive fraud ( Zane Saul MD and others ), this makes him co-conspirator. Meyer helped organize the media fraud as well. Jeff Immelt of GE is a classmate of Wm Petit jr. and friend of Susan Freedman Filan (msnbc). Susan F. Filan counts David Axelrod (Obama's chief advisor) a close friend ( also an msnbc analyst). Little wonder these criminals operate with impunity. As "sophisticated" persons, they must realize that unless willing to complete their conspiracy to Kill, defraud, defame and obstruct justice on a disabled person, their fate is sealed. Much worse than Watergate.
Atty Jeff Meyer was nominated for federal judgeship in CT. by Richard Blumenthal and Obama just approved it. The circling of the wagons continues. Atty Thomas Perez (civil rights division DOJ) moved to cabinet position and David Fein U.S. atty resigned and was replaced by his hand picked successor, Deidre Daly.( The Dartmouth connection with Fein, Jeff Immelt, Al Belinke, William Petit ,others.)More cover-up trying to shield the perps, including Yale and its' stable of criminals. The barn is so full of manure it may just ignite spontaneously. Felons nominating felons to obstruct.
Blumenthals Boy

New Canaan, CT

#558 Jun 9, 2013
Connected Power Player wrote:
<quoted text>
Atty James K. Filan jr. was central to coordinating the "Final Solution" for Dr. David Ferris along with Richard Blumenthal, the State of CT. and other co-conspirators. An example of his circle of friends includes Quinnipiac and Yale atty/ law professor, Jeffrey Meyer who "as a friend" advised William Petite jr. offerring to shepherd him through his legal morass.The problem is Atty Jeff Meyer and just about every other atty knew they were concealing evidence and obstructing justice; Fully aware of the assassiantion attempts, forced disappearance, rape and defrauding of Dr. David Ferris.
The only bench Atty Jeff Meyer should be ascending to is, one behind the bars of a federal maximum security prison with Richard Blumenthal and the other co-conspirators. Another desperate move. Jeff Meyer has no experience as a judge and is a felon.
State Sponsored Terrorism

Stratford, CT

#559 Jun 15, 2013
The entire CT congressional delegation knows Richard Blumenthal and associates along with the other perpetrators ordered the death,defamation,defrauding and erasure of Dr. David Ferris, Milford,CT. Senator Chris Murphy is an obstructive, co-conspirator just like Joe Lieberman. Maybe they can pass some more anti - bullying legislation as another smoke screen.

Stratford, CT

#560 Jun 20, 2013
Google changed the search parameters for finding, David Ferris DO., Milford, CT., Emergency Medicine. You cannot just enter David Ferris DO. and find him and his proper address and phone number. Instead they make you go through pages of inaccurate and defaming material until finally it's, David Ferris DO. CT., Emergency Medicine. He never practiced in Clinton.
New Canaanite

New Canaan, CT

#561 Jun 21, 2013
Blumenthals Boy wrote:
<quoted text>
The only bench Atty Jeff Meyer should be ascending to is, one behind the bars of a federal maximum security prison with Richard Blumenthal and the other co-conspirators. Another desperate move. Jeff Meyer has no experience as a judge and is a felon.
Atty Jeff A. Meyer (Yale/Quinnipiac U) is not only Richard Blumenthal and the other perps " Boy ", he is the nepotistic progeny of CT. state senator, Edward Meyer of Guilford.(Who also knows the larceny arrested, heroin addicted, atty. Clifford Fritzell). Most people know that Jeff Immelt is a New Canaan,CT. resident and until recently Obamas' chief economic advisor. Immelt as Chairman of General Electric had control of NBC/msnbc ( until early 2013 ). GE, Yale and Harvard were major Blumenthal senatorial and Obama campaign contributors. Atty Jeff Meyer, his father Ed Meyer and Immelt were all involved in fixing the Petit family trial. They had knowledge of the crimes against Dr. David Ferris, Milford ,CT., obstructed justice and continue to do so, along with the other perps, state of CT, Yale and the Feds. Yes, fixing capital murder cases and elections can become a capital crime. Let us see if atty Jeff Meyer and friends lie to congress. He's done.





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Arrest The Perps

Hamden, CT

#562 Jun 23, 2013
Arrest Richard Blumenthal and associates for the conspiracy to murder, enforced disappearance / kidnapping, massive fraud, hindering prosecution, bias crimes, deprivation of rights and other crimes against Dr. David ferris DO.,Milford,CT.
Arrest The Perps

Hamden, CT

#563 Jun 23, 2013
Arrest Richard Blumenthal and associates for the conspiracy to murder, kidnappinng/ enforced disappearance, massive fraud, hindering prosecution, bias crimes, deprivation of rights and other heinous crimes against Dr. david Ferris DO., Milford , CT. (and computer crimes and illegal sureilance).
The Real Arrest the Perps

Hamden, CT

#564 Jun 23, 2013
Nice misspelling try, post # 563, the "arrest the perps" impersonator. Thanks for bringing up the computer crimes and other illegal surveillance.
Rusty trott

Rochester, NH

#565 Jun 27, 2013
Awbreys Victim wrote:
Does anybody know anything about this Boston Dr. and if all the Drug Dealing rumors are true. This document below really sheds light on the accusations that have been written about him.
i I was a victim of dr a left a sponge in my shoulder had 14 operations I have golf ball hole in my shoulder bone sticking out and just skin over it all hacked up bad state of mass revoked his license on 8/15 /2012 for. Having sex with female know alot about him he is a ss contact me I am taking him down in court contact me

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