Boston bomber shot in throat: Can't t...

Boston bomber shot in throat: Can't talk to the FBI

There are 286 comments on the Washington Times story from Apr 21, 2013, titled Boston bomber shot in throat: Can't talk to the FBI. In it, Washington Times reports that:

Photo: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in white hat with his brother about 10 to 20 minutes before the blast AP photo WASHINGTON , April 21, 2013 - According to Senator Dan Coats on ABC News' "This Week with George Stephanopoulos," the Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, captured Friday night by law enforcement was shot in the throat and is unable to ... (more)

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Francesville, IN

#288 May 4, 2013
It was a Jew that used the first Nuke and on civilians at that. It was the Christian church that went on Crusades of racial extermination and religious genocide.

Greenbrier, AR

#290 May 4, 2013
Do you know of another accused person who was shot before he could testify?

Usama bin Laden.

That is, if you believe that crazy ass story that Seals flew into Pakistan, and instead of capturing Usama bin Laden, who would have had key information about the CIA created Al Qaeda, that the Seals shot him dead, even though he was unarmed and a high value information source, and then, no pictures, nothing, they dumped his body into the sea.

HO, HO, HO,....the American sheeple are so damn easy to con.

Francesville, IN

#291 May 4, 2013
They are they really are. They wallow in Pride of Ignorance. MX ULTRA is working better than expected. Just some media drama with shill reporters like Couric Walters Matthews and they believe a drill is real .They want so bad for there to be a bogeyman under the bed. If they seen one day of the atrocities of war would they be so callous ?

Pompano Beach, FL

#292 May 4, 2013
Neal P wrote:
<quoted text>
So how does that work with people killing in the name of their chosen religion?People will always find an excuse to kill each other.It's human nature unfortunately.
True, but the poster claimed that religion was the cause of most killing and I just pointed out that, in fact, state atheism was.

Since: Feb 13

Location hidden

#293 May 4, 2013
downhill246 wrote:
<quoted text>True, but the poster claimed that religion was the cause of most killing and I just pointed out that, in fact, state atheism was.
I would say that religion has killed more people than state atheism in history.

Pompano Beach, FL

#296 May 4, 2013
Neal P wrote:
<quoted text>
I would say that religion has killed more people than state atheism in history.
That is a commonly held belief but incorrect.

Just How Many People Has Religion Killed?
Kirk Durston, National Director, New Scholars Society
The second point to make is that, yes, people who claim to love God do kill, but nowhere near to the extent that the lack of religion does. According to University of Hawaii political scientist Rudolph J. Rummel,[1] the total number killed in all of human history is estimated to be about 284,638,000. Of that number, 151,491,000 were killed during the past 100 years. The single largest killer in all of human history is, by far, atheistic Communism with a total of 110,000,000 over 1/3 of all people ever killed! If we add to that number just two other regimes where religion of any sort was strongly discouraged, Nazi Germany and Nationalist China, the number rises to 141,160,000. Almost 50% of all the killings in human history were committed in the past 100 years by regimes that either actively promoted atheism or strongly discouraged religion.....

In November 2005, Rummel revised the alleged democide in Mao's China (19491975) to 73,000,000. When we add the deaths attributed to communist China with those attributed to the Soviet Union, state atheism killed 135,000,000.


Since: Mar 09


#298 May 5, 2013
Wait. What? How the hell did a welfare recipient get an expensive lawyer?

Francesville, IN

#299 May 5, 2013

Greenbrier, AR

#301 May 5, 2013
There is hope. According to a recent poll conducted by a university, 29% of the American people believe that a Civil War, brought on my martial law, is coming soon.

That is good news to hear that 29% of Americans are aware of the dangers that this country has fallen into.

One would have to believe that if 29% were willing to present that opinion in public, that they are committed and that a large number of them would fight to defeat the Globalists, and restore our freedoms.

Francesville, IN

#302 May 5, 2013
of 863 polled . That is what 150 people ? There are 6 billion at risk. If people like the trolls on here are going to turn against the freedom fighters do those 150 stand a chance ? Any movement by a group will be noticed by the drones and quickly put down.

Greenbrier, AR

#303 May 5, 2013

The polled, that means that the questioned 863 people for the survey. That is a representative sample of opinion in America with a 3-4% deviation possible, either way.

Statistically, the way that they set up their sample of 863 respondents to their survey, the sample represents how Americans feel across the land, with a chance of it being in error, of 3-4% either way. So, either 33% of Americans feel that there is a Civil War coming, or, 25% of Americans feel that their is a Civil War coming.

Yes, if there is a Civil War and only 1% of Americans fight, there is a very GOOD chance that they will be successful in taking back this country from the Globalists, and the crooked politicians that they have bought off.

I watched a video online, where the guest of the talk show host spoke in "hunting" terms. It was obvious that he was calling the enemy "Moose." If, when the time comes, that every patriotic American went out and got just one "moose," soon there would be no more "moose." It doesn't seem as overwhelming then. The idea was for every American, roughly 4 million if using the 29% finding in the poll, went out and bagged a "moose", soon we would run out of "moose" to molest us.

Then, you forget that not every "moose" is going to be an enemy, and that those "moose" will hunt other "moose" and perhaps take more than their share.


Yes, on the first look, drones are a bit scary. However, there are means for confusing them, and eliminating them to a great extent.

What if some of the "moose", who didn't want to kill Americans, would be helpful in reducing the threat to patriotic Americans by drones. As that would hunt down the drone operations ?

Never count out the wild card, either. China is concerned about growing US belligerence in their region of the Pacific. China does have the capability to destroy US satellites, including those used in Drone operations, and the general GPS navigation system use predominately in the US military.

What if China, in it's own interest, saw a Civil War in the US as an opportunity to destroy those satellites? What if they went even further to aid the American Patriot?

Don't be so pessimistic. If war does come, if the government decides to take our weapons, further crash the economy, or, believe that the Congress, including Jo Ann Emerson can give the UNCONSTITUTIONAL power of arresting US citizens, and hold them in secret, torture them, and kill them, if they choose, as planned in Jo Ann Emerson's NDAA bill, then, I can assure you the S will HTF. I won't gaurantee it will be easy by any means, but how do you think that folks in Butler County, and over in Ripley County, and down around Paragould, Arkansas, are going to feel about their troops, when drones start killing their family members who weren't involved in fighting, just like US drones are murdering people all over the Middle East?

If they weren't pissed at their government and their troops before, they sure as hell will be then.

More Recruits.

I hope it doesn't happen, but I wonder how else we will free ourselves in America from Globalists, and their Satanic New World Order, if not by an internal war in America.

I guess that we could pray.

Since: Nov 11

Marengo, OH

#304 May 5, 2013
FG Sands wrote:
I'm sure Obama is happy the kid can't talk. He would tell his tale, exposing how easy it was for him and his idiot brother to commit their act of terror now that Obama is president. We need a real American as president. Obama should resign.
He will not!

Even if Benghazi report shows conspiracy and/or incompetence, even if fast and furious shows deliberate deception, he is well protected by a constitutionally protected media that wants to destroy the same constitution that protects them.

See? Liberals are brain dead hypocrites.

Since: Nov 11

Marengo, OH

#305 May 5, 2013
Lil Ticked wrote:
Nobel price idiots are now running out of money because people realize they are Liberals first.

Since: Nov 11

Marengo, OH

#306 May 5, 2013
VeganTiger wrote:
<quoted text>First of all, lets not try selling an invasion of Syria now. Not sure if that's what you tried to say, just saying. It's beyond scary to see Israel, EU, USA and AQ all talking about overthrowing a legitimate government, especially with the Russians clearly saying NO!

Invading Afghanistan and Iraq was a gigantic mistake, over which we lost countless of our finest and crippled even more. I just wish the liberals could agree that all the murdered civilians in Libya, all the dead kids in Pakistan and all the casualties in Afghanistan LONG TIME AFTER Bush left office is also an ongoing mistake which has to stop as well!! But no, instead some people even talked about the Czech Republic as a next target. Ignorant, but also beyond frightening. And we have a Secretary of State who names a country nobody has ever heard about. He's also from Boston. I have totally lost faith in all our politicians, who need to be fired En Masse as their re-elections come up.
Can you tell us why Obama invaded Libya?

Hint#1: Libya has oil Syria does not.

Hint #2: Syria can attack Israel Libya can not.

Hint #3: More innocent people had died in Syria that in Libya.

Noe tell us, why Obama invaded Lybia?

Since: Nov 11

Marengo, OH

#307 May 5, 2013
Cat74 wrote:
It looks like the State Department went after the people who want to tell the ruth about the Benghazi massacre. But they lawyered up and are about to swear to tell the truth at those House hearings. They have been threatened by people in the WH, but they want the truth to be told. Our prayers are about to be answered. The truth will make them free.
They will be killed and/or embarrass by the Liberal Media.

Just wait the first news of some long ago sin they committed when kids!!!

That is the Liberal way of personal destruction.

See? Liberals are brain dead hypocrites.

Since: Nov 11

Marengo, OH

#308 May 5, 2013
Anonymous wrote: =Q8yEat5_8xIXX&bpctr=13673 11949&bpctr=1367347305 &bpctr=1367347310

They didn't do it

No amount of evidence will hurt Santa Claus!!!

Since: Nov 11

Marengo, OH

#309 May 5, 2013
yon wrote:
<quoted text>It looks like liberals are in truth anti-liberty. It's like those who say any legalized union between man and/or beast is a legitimate form of marriage regardless of the moral implications, IE, liberals are for anything anti-God and anti-truth.
"liberals are for anything anti-God and anti-truth"

They are FOR immorality, deception and destruction,(fiscal and economic).

Liberals defend Muslim terrorist right of religious hatred.

They want the government to be the only one with guns so they can take our liberty.

They want to be told what to eat, how much to drink and what kind of cars to drive.

They want sex with same sex, kids and animals.

They want to give rights to prisoners and illegals and take it from law abiding tax payers.

They want to tax us 100% and tell is what to study, where to work and who can live.

They wage to destroy Christianity and establish Islam.

They hate war Herod and love Communty agitators.

They want financial Greece in America.

They think that if they can control everyone they can force their imaginary Utopia on us.

Liberals are the cancer of the world.

Since: Nov 11

Marengo, OH

#310 May 5, 2013
Cat74 wrote:
Yes, now that they have gay marriage wrapped up, they are hinting at pologamy. Then how far to beastiality? Morning after pills for girls as young as 15 years old. There is bo morality in America any longer.
Polygamy NO homosexuality WAS the goal!!!

But to legalize poligamy they NEED homosexuality FIRST.

Polygamy is a step closer to Shariah Law, the real ultimate goal!!!

Since: Nov 11

Marengo, OH

#311 May 5, 2013
woodtick57 wrote:
<quoted text>not the morals of the christian cult anymore, that's for sure...

good thing for that...those morals sucked the big wad...the further we get from those, the better...
Why do you defend Islam, the women atoning religion?

See? Every single Liberal that attacks Christianity defends Muslim terrorists with tooth and nail!!!

Why do you defend Muslims and attach Christians?

I got you in a corner!!

Since: Nov 11

Marengo, OH

#312 May 5, 2013
yon wrote:
<quoted text>Did he ever go on vacation to a cold place, like Aspen? He yearns for that Kenyan hot sun.
He hides during Ramadan, had you noticed that?

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