Animal Control Officer Dragged on Car...

Animal Control Officer Dragged on Car Hood

There are 22 comments on the WXIA Atlanta story from Oct 13, 2007, titled Animal Control Officer Dragged on Car Hood. In it, WXIA Atlanta reports that:

ATHENS, Ga. -- A man who snatched his impounded dog without paying fled the county pound with something else -- the animal control officer who was trying to prevent him from leaving.

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Since: Jun 07

Reeferdale, Ga

#1 Oct 13, 2007
Personally, while what the man did was wrong, the lady put herself in harms way by climbing on top of the man's car.

I am glad she was not injured, it could have been serious.

What she should have done was let the man go, and simply note his tag number and let the police deal with the issue in that way.

Atlanta, GA

#4 Oct 13, 2007
We,ve got some gung ho animal control officers in our county too. One of them recently got punched in the face because they tried to play cop instead of dog catcher. I'm not saying what happened was justified, but she knew damn well not to get on that car.

Canton, GA

#6 Oct 13, 2007
I guess it is time to change the return policy.

Owner should pay the fine and then animal control officer can go get the animal from its pen.
No money no pet.

This should be without exception.

Problem solved.

Hiawassee, GA

#7 Oct 13, 2007
that was stupid getting on that car.
Someone in Atlanta

Suwanee, GA

#8 Oct 13, 2007
alpurl wrote:
Personally, while what the man did was wrong, the lady put herself in harms way by climbing on top of the man's car.
I am glad she was not injured, it could have been serious.
What she should have done was let the man go, and simply note his tag number and let the police deal with the issue in that way.
You took the words right out of my mouth. I'm glad the lady's okay, but what she did was not smart.
Someone in Atlanta

Suwanee, GA

#9 Oct 13, 2007
backwoods wrote:
When dog pound people ride in their tax payer supplied vehicles with one lone female dog in heat just so they can lure every fenced male dog to climb or dig its way out just to justify their tax payer supplied paycheck this is what you get.
D Right one

Suwanee, GA

#10 Oct 13, 2007
no way at 15$/hour and for an $85 fine would I have jumped on a car over a stupid dog.
Following Story in SC

Birmingham, AL

#11 Oct 14, 2007
I'm too glad no one got hurt BUT seriously, the guy should be able to file charges against her. Too many DOG CATCHERS are wannabe cops to begin with who couldn't make the cut. They get into this job so they can feed their need for power. She had NO authority to stop his vehicle MUCH less climb on top of the hood (possible vandalism?). Say, if a repo man comes in my yard, I can't even as the property owner, block him from leaving my driveway. It would be akin to kid napping. Same instance with Wal-Mart employees tackling a "suspected" shop lifter.

You note that the police officers locked the guy up for only misdemeanors once he stopped. The county should drop all charges against him pending he pay the 85 bux fine. His lawyer should immeadiately contact the county for possible civil action as well.

She on the other hand needs to be immeadiately FIRED and possibly charged with trying to intentionally and illegally stop and hold the man.If her boss/supervisor is found to have encouraged his employees to overeach their authority.

Did you know as a property owner, you cannot attack someone who is beating your dog?. The only justified defense is if the attacker turns on you. Unfortunatley, the dog is only "property" under-the-law. Most you can do is call the police/sherriff AS this dog catcher should've done.

BTW, the reason I refuse to call them Animal Control is over here in South is due to a case brought before the SC Supreme Court. After hearing the City of Columbia argue for most of the first half hour that Officer Kirkpatrick was an ACO, not a Dog Catcher, Chief Justice Jean Toal lost her patience and declared the case officially "The Plantiff vs the Dog Catcher" (resulting in a parcial victory on-the-spot for the plantiff whose Charpeis had been illegally snatched from her yard by same Kirkpatrick).

There is a certain personallity type that has unfortunately, taken precedence in the dog pound bizness. Rsponsible pet owners are being harrassed/threatened while the real abusers often go free.

Somone needs to put some serious CONTROL over Animal Control in alot of these municipalities.

If the man had attacked her, then she had only the right to self-defense.

Since: Sep 07

Decatur, GA

#12 Oct 14, 2007
you sir, are a nut. He should file charges againt HER? Yes, she overreacted, but he behaved rediculously.
Your tirade is completely over the top. I have nevert seen any responsible pet owner harrassed or threatened by animal control - perhaps you're/they're not aqs responsible as you'd think.

Atlanta, GA

#13 Oct 14, 2007
backwoods wrote:
When dog pound people ride in their tax payer supplied vehicles with one lone female dog in heat just so they can lure every fenced male dog to climb or dig its way out just to justify their tax payer supplied paycheck this is what you get.
Faramong on wheels ??? You're joking...

Marietta, GA

#14 Oct 15, 2007
Two misdemeanors, that is absurd. He put someone's life in danger over a dog! A couple years in jail is due here.

She shouldn't have jumped on the hood but he was way out of line.

Conley, GA

#15 Oct 16, 2007
Pet Owners, except your own blame for your pets.
My guess is someone opened the gate because the dog probably is driving neighbors crazy.
No dog catcher is going around letting any dogs out of any fenced yard.
In my neighborhood some owners release their dogs to wander our neighborhood after 10:00 every evening, because they figure that the dog catcher isn't around.
I would take bets not one of these dogs have had rabies shots.
I have no help from the Cobb County Humane Society.
One of these dogs has been abandoned and injured.
No one has come to try and catch her, nor made an attempt to put her out of her misery.
Now over a month she searches for food wherever she can find it and suffers many cruelties from people with her injuries.
This is one time I would not blame her if she bit someone.
But probably wouldn't bite the right people who have caused her suffering and allowed even their children to throw rocks at her.
I doubt any amount of money this lady earns is worth risking her life, but it is refreshing
that someone actually takes that job seriously.
With the lack of help I have had from the dog catchers here in Cobb County,I would love to have anyone with her tenacity to clean up the mess we have in our neighborhood.
I have out of frustration called the police and the humane society with no results, and I know they have had reports from other people also.
The furthest I got is a guy came out looked at the dog, wrote his report from his vehicle and left while the dog barked viciously at him from a short distance
Maybe the dogs that run the neighborhood are suppose to jump into the truck, because that is the only way it was going to get picked up.
Don't tell me about a person who doesn't take being a dog owner serious enough to keep track of their own pet, and would rather endanger a human life then pay for what is his responsibility.
Seems to me if he cared about his dog, he would have been glad to have found it and grateful to pay the $85.00.
Well, tonight will be another after many nights, I pray that God will have mercy on this dog and put her out of the pain she has suffered at the hands of cruel people.
Oh I am sure many do gooders would say how awful I would ask for her to die, but I know some of what she has been through.
So death would be to me a kindness for her, and her broken spirit.
Wish there were less mean spirited animal owners.
Following Story in SC

Anderson, SC

#16 Oct 28, 2007
Response to Truth Be Told. Stop being an apologist for the dog catcher. What she did was wrong. She HAD ZERO RIGHT, much less authority to stop a vehicle/hold him hostage and that is HOW the law views it.

YES she should be fired from her post and charged with attempting kidnapping for her unauthorized and aribitrary actions BY the man in this case. You are apparently an apologist/collaborator for any tin horn on the government payroll to order us ordinary citizens around

AND YES, in West Columbia, SC, the dog catcher has been witnessed by multiple home owners going onto property and chasing both cats and dogs into the streets so to fine pet owners.

In Akron, OH, cats have been picked up, their licensed collars removed and thrown down, and killed in the truck by these wannabe cops from owners fenced yards.

Columbia, SC. 2004 Man dumps bleach and antifreeze on cat food, on city street 25 feet from the front door of day care, across from high school too kill cats (and whatever else ate it) Brags on tv camera and to newspaper he did it. Columbia "Animal Control" refuses to prosecute and blocks attempts by SPCA to do so.(obstruction of justice) Calls man "The Victim". Blames cats and person feeding them. Clemson University LIVID as their lab tested and proved crime was committed both under cruelty and environmental statutes.
This case is about ready to resurface as statute of limitations not yet passed for prosecution.

Inconsistency?. YES. Violation of Public trust?. DEFINATELY!

Some of you defending the dog catchers are probably dog catchers themselves. I do know the SC SPCA director is in the process of bringing animal cruelty charges against several POUNDS in our state to combat dog catchers abusing and overtepping their authority especially in the areas of entering people's property on "annonymous barking complaints".

Another care of abuse. Columbia, SC Dog Catching try to steal dogs from fenced yard for "Lack of showing License". One of the dog owners at home. Gather's up dogs, takes off in car toward husband's office. Dog catcher's, in tax-payer provided vehicles try to run her off road. She alludes them. Calls husband. Alerts him at his office. Dog Catchers call in Police to chase telling them lie about owner threatening them.

Arrive husband's office. Woman exits car with dogs. Cops pull guns. Husband comes out. Tells cops what's going on. Cops look sheepish, attempt to leave. HE asks for rank, file, and serial number.

Husband is lawyer. Sues city. City settles civily for illegal action of dog catchers in exchange for husband dropping criminal charges against dog catchers.

Incredible. Nutty?. Truth is definately stranger than fiction.

Advice from Sherrif in my county. ANYONE without a court order is trespassing on your property. PERIOD. Including civil boo-ro-crats. Call his department because tresspassing IS trespassing without due process.

BTW, annonymous civil complaints (Dog Barking, etc) are ILLEGAL in this county. If it's true, then step up to the plate and sign your name!..I've had to do it for a terrible case of an injured dog being neglected. AND when I was threatened and harrassed by the owner of the poor dog, a sherriff deputy gave them ONE warning to cease and desist.

Rant. Animal Control has ZERO oversight. There are no checks and balances except for the general public's awareness.

If I'd been this guy, I'd been the first to call the cops. I'd claimed I'd payed and this KOOK in a uniform jumped on my hood and attacked me.

Then if I'd felt my life was in danger, I'd have stopped the car and "subdued" this criminal on-the-spot making sure to use only enough force to "defend myself"..

In Texas, it's permissable to SHOOT someone trying to make an illegal arrest like this wannabe Joe Friday dog catcher did to this dude.

Lithia Springs, GA

#17 Nov 17, 2007
Cobb County Animal Control and Cobb County Humane Society is not the same department.

“losers nit pick on topix”

Since: Jul 07


#18 Nov 17, 2007
the "animal lovers" saga is way too overrated. no dog or pet owner's fine is worth risking your life over.

Knoxville, TN

#20 Feb 10, 2008
step out of the 50's people! some animal control officers are official OFFICERS - sworn in by a judge. they have the right to ARREST and DETAIN offenders! most of you have no clue...its sad because while you sleep or work these officers or humane officers risk getting atteacked by rotts and pitts attacking your precious poodles and min pins. shame on you. when good dogs go bad..who do you think goes and gets them? further any man or woman who would hit a person with their car is unstable and is most likely violent. it sounds to me by reading some of these ridiculous blogs that many of you have been brought up with charges from these officers! i wonder why? did your dogs charge a neighbor? were u too lazy to walk your dog and just let it loose? did your little fluffy go and kill a cat? forget about the fact that the cat suffered and was loved by its owner! i can only hope you are never faced with a serious problem with an animal...because i hope it takes the officer forever to get to you.

Atlanta, GA

#21 Feb 10, 2008
metro atlanta pd wrote:
you are the inbreed ignorant people i have ever heard
and the next a pit bull tries to attack your stupid little dogs call someone else
Not to say I agree with some of the posts on here however it was her own fault and incredibly stupid (and dangerous) to do what she did.
How hard would it have been to go get the police and go to his house after he left ?

Canyon, TX

#22 Feb 24, 2008
I agree that the lady aco should not have jumped on the guy's car just for a dog, I mean..look around..dogs are all over the place, it won't be the first or the last dog she will have gotten. I would also like to give a "Thanks" to "Wilson" from Corryton, TN. It's true, a lot of people disrespect Animal Control Officers and I know b/c I'm one. People don't know what type of training we go through just to keep our animal kingdom safe and sound. All people see are "wannabe cops" knocking at their front door to check some tags. Well, have they ever wondered why we check pet tags? More than likely not. Take my home-town for example, Midland, TX. Just a few weeks ago a Bobcat attacked and bit heck out of a little 7 yr old girl in her own front yard and right in front of the family pet...a rott, just south of us. Turns out the wild cat was rabid and is now at large within the Midland City limits. So who do you think the fine citizens of Midland will call on when faced with this fearless animal? None other than of course, the Animal Control Officers. But why us? Well why not us? We go through some pretty extensive training just to know exactly how to handle a dangerous animal such as a bobcat and other animals that can turn on you in an instant. Now about those tags, are they current?
We really try to emphasize having your pet's rabies vaccination current. Lets say that rabid bobcat even just so much as scratched your dog/cat and then your dog/cat scratched you, from some medical reports that I have personally seen, if you didn't seek any medical attention within 14-15 days, you would probably die. Now, let's turn the table and say your pet was current on all it's shots, that would dramatically minimize or maybe even eliminate the chance of you getting infected. That's why one small part of our job as Animal Control Officer's is to check pet's tags people.

Since: Feb 08

United States

#23 Feb 28, 2008
D Right one wrote:
no way at 15$/hour and for an $85 fine would I have jumped on a car over a stupid dog.
Amen not enough money for me either.


Since: Mar 08

North East Ga

#25 Mar 21, 2008
Have to agree, not smart however for our friend in SC Following the story, In the state of Ga any person has the right to stop, arrest, and detain any person that commits a crime in the presence of another. Called citizen's arrest, and the biggest problem these days is no one gets involved and helps. But again, not so smart on her part.

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