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Norman, OK

#1 May 21, 2010
Hello! I recently applied for a job in Holbrook and was wondering if you could tell me a little more about the town. Are there any houses for rent? It seems from reading this board that there is quite a bit of crime. Is it very dangerous for someone living alone? If I wanted to commute from Snowflake or another town, does winter weather make that difficult? Thanks!
Holbrook Citizen

United States

#2 May 21, 2010
Holbrook's crime is no worse than any other place. You are never going to find some place to live that is "crime free". And no, it's not dangerous for someone living alone. Commuting from Snowflake is not bad. Not really too many bad road days in the winter. The rent is a lot higher in Snowflake. There are rentals in Holbrook and homes for sale. Holbrook doesn't look real gorgeous but the people are wonderful and welcoming.

Oklahoma City, OK

#3 May 21, 2010
Thanks for the info! I've always enjoyed wide-open spaces--as well as mountains and pine trees, which I know you've got to the south of Holbrook and Snowflake.
Former Holbrookian

Yuma, AZ

#4 May 28, 2010
The crime rate is up because almost the entire town is on meth. I would not recommend Holbrook unless you intend on becoming a meth head yourself. Lock your doors, there aint no shame for these lowlife losers, they will take your toaster to sell to keep their high. Holbrook is pathetic and it really sucks to see damn near all my friends but one hooked on that stuff.
Holbrook citizen

Show Low, AZ

#5 Jun 7, 2010
not every one in Holbrook is on meth i guess you no all of them and thats why you say that you no the wrong people Holbrook is a nice place to live
outta there

Scottsdale, AZ

#6 Jun 7, 2010
Do you wanna know why Holbrook has had the same population of 5,000 people for the last 30 years? Do you wanna know why only 5,000 people live in happy Holbrook? BECAUSE NOBODY WANTS TO LIVE THERE! Sure there are good people there but for the most part its a shit hole. Who wants to live in such a single minded place where eveyone thinks the same and the quality of life doesnt exist. Good luck. I give you 1-3 years just like most of the smart people who move there. Oh and dont forget about the most pleasant rumors and gossip. Fun place to be.
LovesToVISITholb rook

United States

#7 Jun 28, 2010
HAHA, LMFAO!!! And watch out for the "special drinks" at the Winners Circle. It's a Rez border town. That says it all right there!

El Mirage, AZ

#8 Jul 10, 2010
I lived in Holbrook for almost three years and yes it has it's issues; bullshit politics and dishonest real estate agents and other bullshit one does not need in their lives. HOWEVER it's beautiful...the landscape...the heart of the community (not perfect) but many people wanting to do the right thing but unable to for many reasons. The bigger cities have the same issues but since there is so much crap one is easily distracted. IF you can overlook politics then you'll be fine...I miss that crappy town....
dont do it

United States

#9 Dec 5, 2010
Its no place to raise kids!!

Glasgow, KY

#10 Dec 17, 2010
Holbrook is a very different town, if you weren't raised there it takes some getting used to. There are lots of drunk homeless people that live on the streets and will bother you on a regular basis for moeny. If you decide to move to Holbrook, stay out of the alleys, don't leave anything of value outside of your house, don't ever leave your cars unlocked, probably best to staying out of the bars but if nothing else staying out of the winners circle is a must unless your looking for a fight or a disease. If I were you I would probably look for something out on mcclaws road. Oh and if you have kids, move to Snowflake, holbrook is no place to raise a kid.

United States

#11 Jan 25, 2011
Don't move here. If you are from here it is probably fine. However, if you are not from here it is hell on earth. Talk about small town politics. The schools are horrible, the politics inside them are worse than they are in the town. No experience at all for those in charge. They don't care about kids and what is best for them just making sure they have lots of them to receive more money. They treat their teachers and staff like commodities that can be done without. Overall the worst mistake ever made was moving here.
I hate Holbrook

Portage, WI

#12 Nov 5, 2011
Been here for 3 yrs and I can not wait to leave. This town is a shit hole. If you piss one person off you also piss off about 600 others when it comes to dealing with the county/city workers. I hate how if you are not "from" here then you are not given a chance... Try getting a job without knowing someone HA, it's like taking candy from a fat kid. I thought I would like the small town living but since moving here I don't think I do. My kids do good here, they have been able to stay away from the drugs or whatever people say this town is full of. I know not everyone's on drugs BUT I also know that the HPD is fully aware of the ones who sell them out here and they do nothing about it. Since moving here I have never met so many people that I just want to kick in the teeth, but I don't want to risk going to jail for it. Even a lot of the kids are disrespectful. It's all good I'm out of here really soon, and with the thing someone said up higher on the post about population staying at 5k, I guess I will add to that because I'm sure a few people just moved here... Let's try to keep that number stabilized. Oh and the fairgrounds suck also most employees don't stay there for long because of the bitch that runs it.
Just me

Holbrook, AZ

#13 Nov 8, 2011
Holbrook is a mixture of many things...It's like most small towns where the gossip mill is running at all times. If you hang out with the opposite sex, then you are automatically known around town to be sleeping with them. I know of men and women (various ages) that like to spread these rumors about people, but never care to look at themselves & what they need to worry about in their own life. Also, the town is crying out for change & growth and location-wise can do very well at progressing. Some higher-ups and people around town appear to be selfish and afraid of that positive change because it's something different. I think that is sad that people have to be stuck in their ways. Holbrook is also filled with a lot of parents that don't act like adults and teach their kids right from wrong because the parents themselves never got out of their high school mind frame. It contributes to the higher underage pregnancy rates, drinking & law breaking citizens. If those parents focused on their own family instead of worrying about the latest gossip in others or to those single moms worrying about getting laid and leaving their kids at home instead of being with them, then this town would be doing a lot better. Seriously, living in this town has taught me that you can't worry about what lies people say about you & you can't fix stupid. I live for me regardless of what people like to assume here in Holbrook. If you want to make it in this town and be happy then that's the outlook you need to have. Good luck.
dirt town usa

Meridian, ID

#14 Nov 9, 2011
the town doent care about its people theres no growth no jobs and poor city leaders the town is dirty not like winslow and snowflake where the people like the way there town looks people think there better than everyone else. drunks in your alley are standing at stores asking for money also useing the restroom behind your house and even out where kids are playing and nothing is ever done o ya gossip is the big think to so come to holbrook and drive around and see for your self

Holbrook, AZ

#15 Nov 12, 2011
there was home invasion in august the invader was shot by 2 people so what can i say
had to find stuff there i moved to winslow which in some ways is about the same but a litte bigger 9000
counting 1200 inmates in the state prison
i would go insane in holbrook i think . they turned down a private prision that would have helped those looking for work
about everything everyone said is true
Jackie number elleven

Winslow, AZ

#16 Feb 28, 2012
Be aware of a couple of trouble makers named Debbie and Kevin and there damn little dog. They are no good and are shit starters.
The Desert Botanist

Modesto, CA

#17 Apr 30, 2012
Former Holbrookian wrote:
The crime rate is up because almost the entire town is on meth. I would not recommend Holbrook unless you intend on becoming a meth head yourself. Lock your doors, there aint no shame for these lowlife losers, they will take your toaster to sell to keep their high. Holbrook is pathetic and it really sucks to see damn near all my friends but one hooked on that stuff.
Most people in Holbrook are not meth heads! The ones that are stick out like a sore thumb!

Since: Oct 12

Mesa, AZ

#18 Oct 15, 2012
Ive traveled the usa,and basically your town is like most.
Meth is everywhere.I call it the nation destroyer.It messed up a lot of people i grew up with.Sad about the drunken rez folk.Ive experienced this in Gallup.
If you want to meet a better class of people i suggest you not hang out in bars or brothels.The people posting on topix reminds me of the jerkwads on you tube.It dosent take money to be a decent person.
landen patton

United States

#19 Jan 28, 2013
holbrook is a bootyhole of the state so much gossip so much rumors unfair law the justice aint worth crap they rather take your money and keep you here for stable population there are cheap homes here if you want a trailer lol. people think there better then you if your black leave now avoid names munk gizzmo straight meth head you will get robbbed holbrook has nothing for you what you see
is what you get nothing
Positive facts

Winslow, AZ

#20 Jan 30, 2013
Holbrook, Arizona
Holbrook, Arizona, in Navajo county, is 87 miles E of Flagstaff, Arizona (center to center) and 139 miles NE of Mesa, Arizona. The city is home to some 4,917 residents.
The People and Families of Holbrook
In Holbrook, about 54% of adults are married. At the risk of over-generalizing, you could say that Holbrook tends toward large families and full houses. Got kids? Want 'em? You might feel you need them to fit in properly in this city.
Wealth and Education
In 2000, Holbrook had a median family income of $36,349.
Political Inclinations
The Democratic party stood out in its ability to raise compaign money in Holbrook.
Holbrook Housing
According to the 2000 census, 69% of the housing in Holbrook was owner-occupied. In the city you can own a home without paying sky-high real estate taxes.
In Holbrook, 89% of commuters drive to work. Unlike a lot of places, in Holbrook it is actually possible for many people to ride their bikes to work, or even walk. The relatively short commuting times in the city let you stay at the office later before starting your drive home (if that appeals to you).

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