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Winnfield, LA

#67 Sep 26, 2012
TOPPER wrote:
As I read from my issue of the Winn Parish Enterprise ,dated Sept. 26. 2012
Page 1
The Police jury applies for several grants , sets 15 MPH speed zones, and to pay $9,903.66 to have vinyl flooring to replace carpet at the Health Unit.
Daughter of the late Judge Hiram Wright and Elizabeth Wright honored by being recognized by Best Lawyers magazine as one of the Baton Rouge lawyers of the Year of 2012.
Autumn Leaves has added equipment which allows interactive exercise in different settings.
Winn field ball team defeated Westlake 2-0
James Lamar Kelly sentencing to be Dec. 14. At time of arrest in 2010, charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer and firearm used illegally. Also has mail fraud charges and endangering the safety of the pilot of a Guard helicopter.
Notice of correcting an error to Fair Catalog. Rodeo will be Friday & Saturday night, 8:00 PM
Picture of deer by Charles Crain made on North Stsreet.
Public meetings Notice : School board Oct.1; City Council: Oct. 9; Police Jury Oct. 15
Page 2
..continuation of front page story about Police Jury seeking grants for some work on Joyce Sewer District, Beulah Church Road and portions of Blewer Road ; Tannehill Water System Booster Station renovation, and provide water service to around 15 residents on Coldwater Road and to replace/repair some items for Hudson Gaar's Mill Water System.
Ms. Ernie Peterson celebrated 92nd birthday.
Mr. Steven Staples , a native of OK who has worked for Kisatchie District for last 3 years earned award for his work in wildfire prevention.
Remainder of page is ads.
Page 3
1/2 page article by Tom Aswell about one legislator from Thibodaux , asking for special legislative session because some lawmakers are upset with Jindal's administration for ignoring/bypassing the legislature on many issues.
Other half page is ads
Page 4
Opinion.Editorial page
Thomas Sowell discusses tax rates/tax revenues
New York dateline. Sheparad Fairey, got 2 years probation for what the government , in a presentence memo said that Fairey should serve time for destroying documents and fabricating others in a civil lawsuit he brought against the Associated Press in 2009.
Dateline Minsk, Belarus... An AP photographer was beaten and briefly held before release for covering a protest by 4 opposition activists wanting a boycott of this weekend's parliamentary elections
page 5
Police Arrests, Sheriff Arrests, Emergency Calls and Conveyances.
Police arrested White males --4; Black male --1
Sheriff arrested White Males 7
White Females 2
Black Males 3
Emergency Calls
White Male on lawnmower with trailer that has no brake lights
Man burning large amount of trash on corner of N. Jones
Someone keyed vehicle
Caller got home to find a broken window
A 3 year old child playing in the street with mo adult anywhere around
Caller's cat is locked in vehicle
Fire report at 805 Thomas Street
Caller needed an officer because she's having problems with her husband
Verbal altercation between husband and wife
E-Z Mart need an office to remove a customer
Someone hit a parked car at H.Y. Bell
Vehicle refuses to stop on Front St.
Winn ER reported a man bitten by a dog
Caller reported that his baby mama is causing problems ( should that be baby's mama?)
Two stolen generators
Headlines state that City Police taking applications for volunteer reserves. Volunteers will first be tasked with current city officers to provide additional security for all sporting and community events, check businesses after hours, and will later assist officers with criminal patrol
There are three columns of conveyances ( approx 43 entries)
you have nuthing todo but satin frontof tatPOOtEr sO Boring
anwrIte aLLthat stupd junk

Powhatan, LA

#68 Sep 26, 2012
Second Section of Winn paper has account of 1 marriage: the marriage of Kimberly Nicole Maxwell and Charles Michael Maxwell in Destin, Fl. and the future marriage of Erin Renee Flournoy and Corey R. Johns
Obituaries reported in this week's paper :
Mary Lou Alexander, Tennie Irene (Gaar) Henderson, Oria Dale Hayes, Laveria J Williams, Zettie Hall, Oday Jesse Ingles, and James Thomas Mayes

Sports news, Church news and Civic Club news are also reported.

Winnfield, LA

#69 Sep 26, 2012
Topper wrote:
According to Merriam-Webster dictionary , a search for the word "thanx" gave this result:
The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary. Click on a spelling suggestion below or try again using the search bar above.
Oh, my, Oh, my!! Our educated, trained journalist used that word (thanx) in the title of his editorial criticizing us who don't use complete sentences when posting on TOPIX. Even spell check highlights it as a misspelled word!!
To be fair, I checked Urban dictionary and found this: it is a word used by those who are too lazy to write "thanks".
But, MR. CRAIN, you are entitled to use shortcuts and we all knew what you mean, just as we understand posters who don't use complete sentences when they also use shortcuts!!! But, we know you said , "everyone who posts on that forum is not a bad person, but it's the luck of the draw." Guess we posters can assume the same thing for editors???
You keep stirring the pot don't you!You like to write so much why don't you go work for the enterprise? Looks like you always find fault with every post you don't agree with
Make Like a Tree

San Antonio, TX

#70 Sep 27, 2012
Well said, Topper! That "newspaper" is full of mistakes of every kind itself so who is he calling illiterate? And yes, it's hardly an investigative tool, though "tool" might apply in other ways. And about maligning politicians, whatever is said about them is generally only scraping the surface of how sorry 99% of them are. As for positive news, funny coming from a rag that would go out of business were it not for arrest listings, etc.
TOPPER wrote:
Admittedly, according to an editorial critical of me and other posters on Winn TOPIX in this week's Winn paper ( September, 5, 2012), TOPIX is wildly popular . "How could you resist?" the critic avers.
He,( Charles Crain, Editor of Winn Parish Enterprise-New American) even recognizes TOPIX as the perfect forum for people to post anonymously their thoughts and opinions!
He claims someone incorrectly quoted a newsbreak as coming from him when it had not. I can
understand his outrage at that.
What I find offensive in his condemnation of postings on TOPIX thus, " it represents everything that is misconstrued about life in the south, the trash talking, the blatant racism and , most jarring of all, the illiteracy." "For every one poster who communicates with complete sentences, there are 20 who do not." "Why do you want to advertise your ignorance?"
Are succinct messages on cell phones offensive? Messages can be quickly transmitted and completely understood without using complete sentences. But the use of sentence fragments don't mean a person is "advertising your ignorance". There is certainly a place to use complete sentences such as in his newspaper, but to condemn a person as being ignorant when sending a quick message on TOPIX is not very compassionate.
The editorial condemns even further we, the people, who post on our forum, TOPIX , He says: " There are so many outrageous claims that are made there, mostly about our elected officials. " "I've got news for you; you are not an investigative journalist..." Oh, that further implies we are not qualified to post. We lack proper education.
That's about the biggest slap in our face as I can imagine. Where was the breaking news first revealed that the Feds were investigating our corrupt sheriff? Not his "newspaper"! NO, it was TOPIX. If there is a wreck or fire in our community it takes only seconds by some compassionate eyewitness to spread the news . How long does it take to get that in the Winn paper? I have to ask the editor,... no , I'll answer, you have investigative reporters all over the parish, the nation, or world day and night ? No, it is the grassroots in the course of their daily lives that see and hear breaking news because we are the hundreds of intelligent, watchful, wise, common sense people who get the news FIRST! AND WE LIKE TO SHARE IT WITH OUR FELLOW "COMMON" MAN. Much news shared on TOPIX never sees the light of day in your paper.
TWO last final quotes , for now, from the editorial by Charles Crain, as he says, " I choose to live my life as an honest, COMPASSIONATE (emphasis mine) and decent person." and
" Don't degrade yourself and others by contributing to negativity in the world" .
It seems I have read of crime in your newspaper. Not all news is "positive" you should know.

United States

#71 Sep 27, 2012
I had no idea that pasting the contents of the wf rag would bring out so many haters. keep it up Topper & I will continue to not spend 75 cents a week on the paper.

Powhatan, LA

#72 Sep 27, 2012
Some participants of our people's forum, "Winnfield TOPIX", took exception to the editorial in which Charles Crain, editor of the Winn Parish Enterprise-News American in the September 5, 2012 edition exhibited a rather "superior air" about his abilities and his decency and hinted that we who post on our forum, TOPIX, is degrading to ourselves and contributing to negativity in the world. He said, " I plead with you: make the world a better place and contribute something. Don't degrade yourself and others by contributing to negativity in the world."
Some people of the TOPIX community decided to take action. See posts 12,15,19,20,55.
Beginning with the Sept 5,edition, I began posting what I read about in the Winn Paper. I have now posted my third week. To fulfill my agreement, I have one more week to post ( Oct. 3 edition ). I don't plan to continue posting what I read in my paper after then. What impact this has made, I have no idea, but the people have had some recourse if they have desired to act. It was/is , of course, a personal choice. Let freedom ring!

“It's all in your head”

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#73 Sep 27, 2012
TOPPER wrote:
Obituaries reported in this week's paper :
Tennie Irene (Gaar) Henderson
She used to cut my hair, when I was a kid. She was full of piss and vinegar. Loved her.

Powhatan, LA

#74 Oct 3, 2012
As I read from my Oct. 3, 2012 Winn paper
( expanded text can be found at Winn Library)
Page 1
City police find /seized 21 marijuana plants on Amos Will St.. a 15 year old was arrested

Headline says unemployment down this year compared to last year at this time in Winn. In body of article, it is stated that there are fewer people employed this year compared to last year.. The state reports Winn has 8.4% unemployment.

October 8 is the last date to register to vote in the presidential election to be held November 6.

Charles Crain wrote an article on Colonial Bed and Breakfast considered to be "haunted'".

PBS offers free flu shots to their employees and their immediate families. The shots are to be administered by Winn Parish Medical Center .

Article about Jane Purser to be honored Oct. 20, 2012 at the new Trade School
Remainder of page is ads.

Page 3
Local WSHS, student, Lamar Walker, has traveled the world as an ambassador for Louisiana as part of the People to People campaign and earned college credits.

A new sign was installed for The Business and Career Solutions Center by students in the Building Technology program at Central Louisiana Technical and Community College.

Remainder of page is ads

Page 4- Opinion/Editorial page
A 2 column , full page length discussion of Gallbladder problems by Dr. James Lee

Dr. Steve Payne has a 4 column article discussing need for adding more strategic concepts to guiding decision making.. He points out that a recent Federal Reserve report states the Great Recession has claimed 40% of American's wealth through the mortgage crisis, drop in home values, falling incomes and stock-based accounts. U.S. income and employment levels have been close to stagnate in recent years, he says.

Powhatan, LA

#75 Oct 3, 2012
Page 7
Dr. Ryan Lee Bates weds Erin Elizabeth Williams

Ingles Reunion to be Oct. 6 at Winn Rec. Center.

Jordin Wooten had first birthday, Sept. 28, 2012

Lowell Hubbard spoke to Rotary Club

Kisatchie quilt show will be Oct. 20 at First Assembly of God Church on Hwy 167 form 9-4.

Page 8
Mickey Parker spoke to Kiwanis

Morgan Ashley Nosser and Zachary H. Nelson to wed Oct. 20

WGHA recently met.At their fair booth they will give packet to those wanting to know more about genealogy.

Page 9-10
Church news

Page 11
School News

Georgetown Christmas Festival Pageant Oct. 27, 2012

Winn Western Riding Association will present Championship Rodeo Oct 5th and 6th

Page 12
Sports Spotlights

Football contest week 5 winners announced-Linda Wells won first place
HLHS will meet Oct 9

1/2 page ads

United States

#76 Oct 3, 2012
thanks for posting Topper. i have made it a month without buying a paper. i don't feel that i missed a thing so i will continue to do without it & keep 75 cents in my purse each week.

Powhatan, LA

#77 Oct 3, 2012
Page 13

Fair Queens are Annalise Austin, Kayla Wolfe, Aliyan Barton, Heaven Jordan, Kiara McDaniel, Dolcy Matilda, Cami Cockerham and Myleigh Grace Bolton

Senator Gerald Long named winner of Lousianan Family Forum 2012 Legacy Award .
Remainder of page is ads

Page 14
...continued form page one about Southern Colonial Bed and Breakfast .
Remainder of page is ads and crossword puzzle

Only ads

Page 16
The Old Newspaper page from Oct. 1, 1962

Page 17
Classified ads

Page 18
Public Notices
City council had two citizens in attendance
One was concerned with electrical service
One had concerns with his residential area and action of citizens in that area
Fire Chief Pat Keith recognized the accomplishments of his staff
Tax millages were announced and voted on;
7.34 mills for Winnfield General Alimony Fund Yeas; Ball, Demery, Junkin, Mattox
Nay: Miller
Resolution to set forth the adjusted millage and roll forward to millage rate not exceeding the maximum authorized rate for 2012 tax year Gen. Alimony fund adjusted rate 7.3 mills 2012 levy 7.41 mills
Yeas: Ball, Demery, Junkin, Mattox
Nay: Miller
All voted YEA to make application to state bond commission for consent and approval of issuance , sale and delivery of not exceeding One Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars of Sewer Revenue bonds and other matters in connection therewith
Some of the other miscellaneous actions of council concerned cable television franchise,, amend pay structure of PD and FD, public advertisement of vacant city positions , approve hiring by Chief Carpenter, training expense reimbursement, and hiring volunteer firemen

Page 19
More legals -Seizures and Sales,
Police Jury advertisements for bids on water system improvements , and accepting applications for Truck Driver /backhoe operator

Page 20
Girls Scouts visited Winn Community Food Pantry

Samantha Fredrick and Sharon Brian presented an account of Samantha's' day's at Girls' State

Powhatan, LA

#78 Oct 3, 2012
Page 5 an d6 out of order , but here it is now:

Page 5- Police.Sheriff Arrests, Emergency Calls and Conveyances

Headlines state that City Police taking applications for volunteer reserves. Volunteers will first be tasked with current city officers to provide additional security for all sporting and community events, check businesses after hours, and will later assist officers with criminal patrol (same as last week)

Police made 2 arrests- 2 black males

Sheriff Arrest Report
White male 4
Black male 3

Emergency calls
Someone in a white F-150 was in the middle of the road and hit the side of someone's car
Looking for a 4-wheeler on North Boundary
Loud music on Jones
Caller said she and boyfriend are getting into it.
Son was beating on the door and she wants him to leave
Caller heard banging outside
Granddaughter reuses to go to school
Someone shot or threw a rock through her window
2 loud music complaints
Someone has fallen at residence
Someone harassing the neighbors
Someone just sitting in their car on top of bridge on Lafayette St.
Minor S-20 at Wal-Mart
Owner of abandoned house evicted people from property
WPMC reported a patient walked out with and IV in his arm
Employee at McDonald's won't leave
Someone is swinging a machete on S. Jones
Fight at H.Y. Bell
Someone stole window unit from home

Page 6
Dr. Lyndon Rayford Greene age 51
Oleen Temple Shively age 90
Marjorie Marrie Dixon Jackson age 85
Nettie Lee Taylor Stephens age 91

Notice: Any patient desiring a copy of their medical record may obtain one at any time L.R. Collier, MD FACS

Powhatan, LA

#79 Oct 3, 2012
lenny wrote:
thanks for posting Topper. i have made it a month without buying a paper. i don't feel that i missed a thing so i will continue to do without it & keep 75 cents in my purse each week.
Yo are welcome and congratulations. That will be $39.00 extra in your pocket in a year's time! Very Good.

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