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smar tass

Pineville, LA

#21 Nov 20, 2012
Winn Parish wrote:
You get what you vote for.
well put!
me first

Pineville, LA

#22 Dec 7, 2012
Josh wrote:
If the sales tax is not reinstated they will just raise property taxes. The city will get the money it needs one way or another and I for one as a home owner am for the sales tax. I want everyone to pay their fair share, not just those of us who have worked hard to actually buy a house. People who are unemployed and living in government subsidized house would be more than glad to put the burden solely on me with higher property taxes and higher income taxes. The sales tax allows everyone to do their part. Even the drug dealers. And if you don't want to pay any taxes, don't make any purchases, but look around and you won't find a much cheaper sales tax rate in the area. Just this employed landowners perspective.
NO, if this sales tax fails it will be put on the ballot again. Within the city, property tax will not generate near enough money, because of homestead exemptions. The mayor is wanting big money this time. Vote NO and every time it is on the ballot vote NO
today we have a chance

Olla, LA

#23 Dec 8, 2012
Taxed too much wrote:
Did anyone else notice our City of Winnfield trucks(yes, more than one truck)and crews working in the yard of the privately owned Woodlands Behavioral Center today ( Oct. 24, 2012)? They were loading BIG TREES that had been cut and were USING the city's big trash truck. Ground crews got out rakes to do a really thorough cleanup.
Our taxes are being used to pay for manpower and equipment to benefit(and save money for) a tax-exempt company. REMEMBER THAT THE NEXT TIME THE CITY SAYS THEY NEED MORE TAXES FROM US TAXPAYERS.
If you have trees that you have cut or limbs in your yard just call the city to send trucks and crews out to do the job for you.
Get out and vote to save your money. Let the city live lean like we do.
all are troubled

Pineville, LA

#24 Dec 8, 2012
With the economy down, good jobs hard to find, ever increasing sewer and water rates in the city and already voted by the council to increase for the next 5 years it is no time for a sales tax. The mayor calling a special election instead of being a good steward of our tax dollars and putting his request on the ballot when other elections are being held is poor management of our tax dollars.
Until those elected to represent us do their job, and prove themselves working for our interest we don't need to pass any more taxes.
No Joke

Haughton, LA

#25 Dec 9, 2012
The tax wasn't a new sales tax. Winnfield already has a ridiculously low sales tax rate of 8%. The tax was just a renewal of a sales tax that was voted in approximately twenty years ago. It isn't anything new, and it generates approximately 1.1 million dollars a year for the city to operate on.
short on money

Pineville, LA

#26 Dec 9, 2012
No Joke wrote:
The tax wasn't a new sales tax. Winnfield already has a ridiculously low sales tax rate of 8%. The tax was just a renewal of a sales tax that was voted in approximately twenty years ago. It isn't anything new, and it generates approximately 1.1 million dollars a year for the city to operate on.
Our sales tax is 8.5%-not 8%. Have you tried buying $1.00 worth of taxable goods and having 8-1/2 cents taken out? What do you think they do? Do they let you off without paying any tax or do they take out 9%?
When the medium family income of Winnfield is just slightly over
$25,000 and about 31.7% of our citizens ( including many elderly)are living below the poverty line, to take 8.5 cents out of every dollar spent is NOT ridiculously low. And when you add the entire tax burden we bear ( property tax, licenses, fees, federal tax, state tax, increasing utility rates within the city, etc.) to impoverished people of this poor rural parish, it is unreasonable HIGH! Maybe not high for a rich parish, but we are a poor parish..let's face it.
"Renewal"?? You must work for the government. Politicians love to use "renewal" and add," you won't be paying anymore ". Our Constitution has no provision for a tax "renewal". Once a tax is voted in, it is for a specific rate and a specific time period. Neither rate nor time can be changed once the tax is in place. Once that time period expires for which the tax was passed, the tax is dead. You can't renew a dead tax! You have to have a new tax if you have one.
This NEW 1.5% sales tax will take MORE money from the tax payers than the one that just expired. Yes, the rate is the same. But, with the Federal Reserve printing fiat money, the cost of taxable goods and services is ever increasing as the value of our dollar declines. For example, 20 years ago (when you say the expired tax passed) gasoline was between $1.00 and $1.13. Today the price per gallon is between $3.21 and $3.36 more than tripled in cost. Any purchase we make now is at least 3 times what it was when the expired tax was passed. Though the rate is the same in the old and new tax, confiscations will be much greater now further impoverishing the citizens. The sad thing is, incomes have not increased proportionally.
"it generates approximately 1.1 million dollars a year for the city to operate". TAX DOES NOT "GENERATE" MONEY! They confiscate from taxpayers that much. How do they operate? They raise their salaries and benefits, use our trucks, gasoline, vehicles, equipment and men on our payroll to remove limbs from private property for a very wealthy business man, whose business enjoys TAX EXEMPTION!
No Joke

Haughton, LA

#27 Dec 9, 2012
So in essence you are saying that there shouldn't be a government at all. No schools for children to go to, no roads to operate a vehicle on, no trash collection, no police, no courts, no fire department, and no military. No government funded clinics. I'm following you. You're an anarchist. That system works great. Just a thought, if you didn't pay taxes to fund government employees and facilities there would be no american dollar for you to bitch about being taken from you. That may work for you, but it doesn't work for over half of the population. The reason American's are being taxed more is because we have an ever increasing number of americans that are dependent upon government services. Unlike most of the people in Winn Parish I've been to "third world" countries where people live in shit because they have a government that doesn't protect them and actually does steal from them. We pay a small percentage of taxes in the U.S.(compared to most developed nations) in order to secure our way of life. If you don't want to pay taxes, feel free to move somewhere besides the U.S. Chances are it will be an underdeveloped nation and you'll be lucky to drink water that may or may not have sewage in it. Oh, and no. You're taxed 8.5% on a dollar. It's called rounding up. By your stupid principal if you buy $1 worth of taxable goods yes you are probably charges $1.09. If you buy $2 worth of goods your are charged $2.17. That's eight and a half. I'm glad I could solve the conundrum of how a half a cent is figured in.
No Joke

Haughton, LA

#28 Dec 10, 2012
Oh and to add to further cast doubt upon your mental stability and intellect here are a few more facts.

1. You don't pay local sales tax on gasoline. A state and federal fuel tax is included.
2. If you're a poor person you don't pay federal income tax.
3. If you're poor, you probably don't own enough property to pay very much property tax at all. If a "poor" person is a home owner that property is most likely homestead exempt. And they aren't that poor if they own a ton of land. Your assets are factored in to your overall wealth.

There are very few people in this town who are actually poor as it should be defined unless it's their choice to not better themselves.

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