Matt Dunne shines. If you're looking for a smart senator to be your next
Lt. Gov., someone on-the-ground, bold, and with his roots and heart close to Vermonters (his grandma lived in Perkinsville; his dad made open Vermont lands possible). Matt Dunne is unafraid but modest, outspoken, and--best of all: an attentive listener.

I have no doubt we'll see this guy leading Vermont, big time, in the future. Even on a rainy day in West Windsor, he spoke clearly and brightly--which came naturally to him (because he has the experience as a state rep. and a state senator; and--now that he's been driving all over the state to meet people everywhere--he's got the drive). Dunne gets it.

We need a determined and motivated human being in the Lt. Gov's seat--especially as the federal government tries to push more and more onto Vermont which is antithetical to what is in the best interest of Vermonters. We also need a really good listener. Matt Dunne is the one.