Avoid this doctor at all costs!! She`s treats patients like a merry go round doesn`t listen to one word said, only concern for her is to get you out of her office so she can make more money off the next patient. Also has a particular habbit of skipping over any non indian patients to see choice patients even when appointments made. Waited 2 hours past appointment so that she could take "choice" patients who never even made an appointment. All in all waste of money and time, there's plenty of other doctors in central New Jersey who actually treat patients and listen. Its easier to go to a walk in office who takes patients in order and will not skip over you to see more important patients, atleast to her. She will give an indian patient for a flu shot more time than someone from another race. All in all avoid this doctor, its time to patrionize more hispanic, latin, and caucasian doctors, very few in number.