Things don't always go like we thought they should, but that's not to say they went wrong. We're not always able to see what lies ahead, however, by giving it a try we may have changed things to the extent that it kept the competition (just a little) more honest.
These may seem like difficult times if we fail to remember that America was forged through rough times, some of which came during it's very inception. The next time you see a copy of the famous painting which depicts Washington kneeling to pray in the snow before a battle, remember, there have been millions upon millions of prayers for this Nation and those prayers are not forgotten nor overlooked by the Almighty.
Now is not the time to question where (if at all) we went wrong because we (who believe deeply in the consummation of the profound movement which created this Nation) can never go wrong when we put our trust in the Creator of all living things.
There is an old flag (which just happened to be the banner flown on Washingtons fleet of ships) that depicts a great tall pine tree emblazened with the words "An Appeal to Heaven". This phrase was used to remind us that once all attempts towards seeking jusitce have failed, "An Appeal to Heaven" still remains available to us.
That's my opinion and you're entitled to it.