Kodak may sell division

Kodak may sell division

There are 15 comments on the Windsor Tribune story from May 8, 2006, titled Kodak may sell division. In it, Windsor Tribune reports that:

Eastman Kodak Co., investing heavily in digital products, is moving toward a sale of its health imaging division, potentially affecting hundreds of workers in Windsor.

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concerned employee

Rochester, NY

#1 May 11, 2006
Wow!!!! I have been with Kodak for 14 years now and what a storm we are in. The news of HG being sold off is a shocker and a big blow to Kodak and KCD. It's going to take time for Digital to take off, not overnight like upper management is thinking. There are thousands of employees who have given there entire life to this company just to have this happen to them. It is a big slap in the face. I understand that tough business decisions need to be made but this one is just over the deep end. I always thought that I would be able to retire from this great company, but now I just wonder if I will have a job in the next few years.
concerned too

Charlotte, NC

#2 Jun 2, 2006
well..get used to it.
Management has changed multiple times, does not really have a handle on anything other than print and paper as means of revenue and so...anything that does not fall in that category seems to be a weakness.
Last but not least..when is the last time you have heard a rational answer to the following -
" Kodak wants to be ______ in 10 years time"
Take care

Oromocto, Canada

#3 Jul 13, 2006
For whom do the bells toll? Everytime Kodak sells a piece of itself or closes another plant is another toll for the demise of this once great company. Present and past employees of Kodak who have a stake in the Kodak's defined benefit pension plan should be concerned about the viability of that plan. Have any of our readers heard anything in relation to this?

United States

#4 Jul 22, 2006
Lets look at the past CEO's since 1983: colby chandler, kay withmore, George F--k--g Fisher, Dan Carp and now Perez. You do the math, every 4 years change CEO. There are alot of fundamental problems with this company. Next time you go to the BestBuy look at the digital camera shelf, look at the printer shelf, and see howmany kodak brand do you see? ZERO on the printer shelf-WOW digital world without a printer?. Look at the stock,$22 range and falling for so many years. This is a sinking Yellow box and it is sad to see that.
Bob Jones

Santa Cruz, CA

#5 Jul 27, 2006
Don't be too harsh on George Fisher. If he hadn't hit such resistance to change, Kodak wouldn't be going out of business now. As for the others named, they are by far the reasons for Kodak's demise. A company that does not listen to the people in the field about what is changing and what needs to be done to stay competitive is a company that goes the way of Sears, A&P, W.T. Grant, Kress, etc. Kodak's top management and Board of Directors are/were so inbred an un-innovative that they simply lived off of their fat for too many years. If Kodak disappeared tomorrow, the world would not even notice. That is how irrelevant past management has allowed this once great company to become. Don't blame the outsiders. Perez and Fisher could have made a difference once upon a time. That time has since vanished. Kodak will be cut up and sold off bit by bit until there is less than a billion dollar company left; if anything is left at all. Selling other people's technology does not make for a long term outcome.

Boulder, CO

#6 Aug 15, 2006

Midlothian, VA

#7 Aug 24, 2006
Yep, they are doomed. These henchman in Rochester have their thugs positioned across the US whose job is to micro manange and nickle and dim their own workforce for everything they got while the Rochhester Elites continue to wine and dine while the ship slowly sinks knowing well that its a company chasing the wind. Little do these useful idiots know that they too will be lined up and shot. This company is very good at the shell game and like to move things around on paper to create lies and screw their employees. All these people do is micromanage and rant off unofficial policies to to try to strengthen their case and if you dare speak up, you will be lined up and shot. I suspect that Kodak may very well be the next Enron scandal.

Midlothian, VA

#8 Aug 24, 2006
If your are in Kodak middle management and are proactive and you approach these Rochester directors with ideas and solutions to fix things that are broken, they throw you a bone by taking the suggestion and making you think they are discussing it thoroughly when in fact they are out playing golf or crusing on theri yacht. They will even spend a little bit of money to make you thins they are going to go with the idea and then they calmly explain it off and say thank you but no thank you. THEY DON'T CARE! They know very well it's broke and they can care less to fix it. They don't want to fix it. The corrupt system is place and it works. The boys club members will go great lengths to masquerade their scheme.

Buffalo, NY

#9 Sep 8, 2006
As a former employee (tapped after 34 years with no medical benefits) I know first hand that the word digital struck a nerve at the now little yellow box in the early 90's. Kodak new then that digital products would never come close to the margins realized in the silver halide world. Those margins were in excess of 60% for most films. Digital margins are in the 20% range on a lucky day. The fat cats in the Ivory Tower suppressed digital technology at Kodak for years in order to preserve the mighty conventional photography empire. Mr. Eastman's ashes are spewing out of his monument at the once legendary Kodak Park. I'm kinda thinking that ol' George would have embraced digital products and would have continued to run a company where "You push the button, we do the rest" was first and foremost and CEO salaries and compensations were last.
Health field worker

Allentown, PA

#10 Oct 8, 2006
I have always been a firm believer in Kodak. The image quality is by far the best.It saddens me to hear of this news.

Wilmington, DE

#11 Oct 8, 2006
You're absolutely accurate with your comments. Kodak's is a tragic story. Actually, we were doing Digital Imaging at Hawkeye in 1983! Recorded pictures of board memebers to disk right before there eyes. I'm sure they had no understanding of what it was all about. By the mid 80's we had the best imaging SW as well. But couldn't get away from those 60% silver halide margins so the projects were regularly scrapped. Their were many visionaries in the company at that time that kept brining them back to life, only to be crushed again. I'm proud to have worked with and known some of the brilliant staff that Kodak had at the time. Too bad the bean counters trashed it all.
Fed up worker

United States

#12 Nov 3, 2006
This is terrible what is happening to Kodak. We have a new CEO that just wants to get rid of all the hard work that people have put into this company and outsource everything. Why can't we outsource our management? Now the sale of HI is really pissing me off. I work in HI and with everyone around me feeling the same way I do, I hope they do sell us off so we can work for a company that actually wants us. I really use to love coming to work, but anymore it is just a paycheck until I am either layed off or sold to another company. In the meantime, our upper management is making their millions and saying how they reget making these decisions while they are sitting in their mansions or on their yachts. If any management reads this, please just make your decision on HI so that everyone can get move on with their lives and stop worrying about there fate.
Bob Roberts

Dallas, TX

#13 Nov 9, 2006
Looks like Kodak is having trouble dumping the Health Group. Maybe waited 4 years too long. No new products in 5 years; film going away fast ; PACS is a dead horse after 4 half-tries. Looks like a harvest mode is only solution. Sell all through dealers...Cut back on anything new requiring money...Cut dealers in on film profit until down to nothing....Only viable business left in Kodak is commercial graphics which is largely someone else's products that were acquired.
You just can't rest on the past laurels of 40
years and expect to survive.
Positive thinker

Tel Aviv, Israel

#14 Nov 20, 2006
Bob Roberts wrote:
Looks like Kodak is having trouble dumping the Health Group. Maybe waited 4 years too long. No new products in 5 years; film going away fast ; PACS is a dead horse after 4 half-tries. Looks like a harvest mode is only solution. Sell all through dealers...Cut back on anything new requiring money...Cut dealers in on film profit until down to nothing....Only viable business left in Kodak is commercial graphics which is largely someone else's products that were acquired.
You just can't rest on the past laurels of 40
years and expect to survive.
Hi Bob,
I think you are right in most of your comments. Kodak main business was consumer filming and cameras (about 70% of income), Health Division added no more than 3B out of 13B. Traditinal Kodak finds itself in unfamiliar territory in most of its production divisions - 1. Consumer: the Digital photography is here and traditional film is diminishing rapidly. Kodak Digital cameras are not hot sales, consumer printing can't fight giants like DELL and HP. 2. Integrated Circuits division, is very special (mainly high grade Display chips) that can't compete with major manufacturers. The division income is non-significant for Kodak ballance sheet., 3. Graphic and printing division: this division is based on new acquisitions and is not real Kodak material. It is based on Creo people. It might succeed and fail as well. Kodak tradition and know-how has nothing to do with this Division. 4. Health Group: Traditionly kodak provided equipment and films for "out of x-ray room". Lately it entered the x-ray room with its DR equipment competing directly with some of its better OEM customers. Several yers ago it acquired the Laser Printer business of 3M. That move added value in the printing business but serviced two lines of printers (also the old Kodak brand). In general Kodak did many mistakes in acqusitions -Algotec PACS co. from Israel is the third PACS company it bought and the first to succeed. Kodak developped the patent for CR mammography some 25 years ago but let Fuji using it without penalty (why!). Fuji is now the leader in CR. Kodak was known for its film quality in dental, radiology (especially mammography and speciality) but didn't go after any x-ray equipment (mammography or regular). Now it is on the verge of loosing the profitable mammography film business that is beeing replaced(as we write!) by Digital Mammo (FFDM and CR - Fuji has FDA). There are so many things to be done in the HG that can turn the future of it and maybe all Kodak to a brighter one....but someone has to have the guts to do it.
Kodak has to reinvent itself and it is still possible.
Remember the Disposable Camera!

Boulder, CO

#15 Dec 13, 2006
Kodak is going to lose big time they are so far behind the time's they should have been in digital along time a go but when you have an ex hp employee as a ceo what do you expect he has no interest in the employee's all he see's is dollar signs for him self and screw every one else just like carly at hp he had a good teacher who ever buy's the HI group they need to get rid of the kodak mentallity
and all the management and supervison I am an ex employee and that was the worst company to work for the management has there head so far up there ass
they need a glass stomach to see where there going go FUJI

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