This is just expeculation on my part;Since I didn't see possible that his wife was able to take him out of the car by the back window ?? it is a SUV Cadillac ( big car)How come from the back window she reach to him to pull it out ??
Husband & Wife fight, he try to leave, she broked back window of car trying to empeded him to leave, the noise & impact inside the closed car was unexpected and loud making him loose control of the car for a minute and that is when he hit the Fire Hydrant and Tree.
Very possible that his face marks are from scratch from her nails, because how he can be scratch from a back window glasses ??

Tiger Woods if you think this situation may ruined your beautiful life, get a Divorce at once, don't allow to happen again, you are so kind and young with a wonderful career in front of you, don't let any one destroy that, maybe you loose control and something worst thing may happens.