Why do women always accuse their men ...
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Fort Lauderdale, FL

#44 May 10, 2012
i think most of the time woman think her husband r boyfriend cheating cause they r doing it to cover them self

Lexington, KY

#45 May 10, 2012
I trusted my husband, but last week i was on internet and seen a dating web site in the history. First time I've ever seen anything like this. If it was in the history it couldn't have popped up like a e-mail thing could it???
asheeka adams


#46 May 15, 2012
Hey I just wanted to know if your husband tells you he hates this particular girl but when I'm not around he greets her but when I'm around its like yor i he can't stand her

Candler, NC

#47 Dec 7, 2012
Me n my girlfrnd we hve two beautiful children we've bn together gon on two yrs n all I get frm her is im out with sum hoe n her words I cn spend every day at hme with a cell phn with no services tex/nor call n repeatively b accuse of cheating we argue to the point of no return were at the point were theirs no return me personaly put up a front infront of the kids them bn 1n 3 I want us to b able to stick it out until their old enough to understnd butt pegasus continues to interfear with tht happening wat should I do for my childrens future sake? ill recognize the motive wn answerd by who ever

Candler, NC

#48 Dec 7, 2012
By the way im 26 n my girlfrnds 20 dieing to turn 21 for sum reason

Marietta, GA

#49 Dec 7, 2012
I am 40 and I have had a few reltioonships end due to the other cheating. They always accused me of cheating and a couple kept a tight leash on me. It has been my experience when one is accusing you of cheating and you know you are not, it may be time to start paying attention to them and their activities. Start preparing for the worse outcome but hope for the best. If you do find your proof, it is best to let them know, but to do so with a cool head and let them know your plans and that you will not deviate from them.
As for the fact that you have children, your children MUST come first. However, for you to make sure they do come first, you do need to take care of your well being. Physical, mental, and emotional. If you are not happy in your current relationship no matter what you do, then it will eventually hurt the children. Too many people say they stay together for the children and in the long run it ended up hurting the children, mentally and emotionally.
#50 Dec 7, 2012
most of the time the one doing the accusing is the one doin it

Winchester, KY

#51 Dec 7, 2012
mee wrote:
women accuse men of cheating usually because they are doing it themselves.
truth be told

New Haven, KY

#52 Dec 8, 2012
most of the time , they have , they will or they have thought about it.

Tucker, GA

#53 Dec 8, 2012
truth be told wrote:
most of the time , they have , they will or they have thought about it.
right . They have probably gave her a reason to think so . We aren't crazy and just accuse for no reason . It may be small but there's always a reason for our actions and accusations .

Paintsville, KY

#54 Dec 8, 2012
I've got a question: If you are cheating, do you get mad when she accuses you? I think if you're innocent it wouldn't bother you and if you're guilty, you're going to get mad as he!! Am I wrong?


#55 Dec 8, 2012
what wrote:
<quoted text>
He is lying! I am sorry, but if you put another lady in front of him naked and saying hey baby touch her, he is not gonna back off! I promise you almost any man will and do think about other women. With or without you they dream about having other women in the bed! You lie to your self and think NO MY MAN DON'T, you are sooooo wrong! I know I think about other men and I know my husband thinks about having sex with other women!! Why should I care if he comes home to me every night and buys me everything I want and takes care of the kids like no other man would? I shouldn't worry about a frickin thing cause I know its only to make his D!@$ hard and nothing else! Grow some balls and if he leaves for the other woman you decide to put in your bed than he didn't deserve you anyway!
god made us to be pairs not threesomes if my husband had wanted somone besides me to touch he,d have been gone like wise with me he,d have stroked out true love is respect ,compassion ans morals find u a good romantic movie and watch it together leave youre hands off other people that just leads to destruction of youre relationship

Tucker, GA

#56 Dec 9, 2012
Question wrote:
I've got a question: If you are cheating, do you get mad when she accuses you? I think if you're innocent it wouldn't bother you and if you're guilty, you're going to get mad as he!! Am I wrong?
exactly !! You perfectly right

Winchester, KY

#57 Dec 9, 2012
My boyfriend lied every time, and got furious . And still says it was all my fault.


#58 Dec 9, 2012
need help wrote:
i think i have a problem. i have come to the conclusion that i cant be in a relationship. i mena...dont get me wrong, i love being in one. i love having someone, but idk what happens. its like..after i'm with someone for a while like a couple months, i'm just not too turned on anymore. like after so long...it hardly even gets up anymore like i'm tired of them or something, even though i really still like the person i'm with! its just something inside i guess. some desire that takes over that i just have to have someone or something new for the sex to be exciting again. and i'm not posting this to be funny or make fun. its serious problem to me and i hate it. idk what to do.
a relation ship should never be based on sex thats a treat god gave us to make us closer and to bear kids i agree if u cant keep it in youre pants u dont need to be floating around hurting innocent women

United States

#59 Mar 29, 2013
My wife accuses me of cheating all the time but I never have. I don't beleive that a person should be unfaithful. If you are not happy with your spouse just tell them. But sorry girls not all men cheat about twenty four percent of men and twenty three percent of women cheat the rest of us don't. Cheaters often cheat because they think they have a right to. Rich men cheat because they can the same for women cheaters. But to say all men or women cheat is just plain wrong.
hell yell
#60 Mar 30, 2013
when an if you catch the cheater,,,dont try an make it work,,,,cause most of the time it wont,,,,well i know it thay di it once that do it agan,,,,

Cleveland, OH

#61 May 30, 2013
thats all true but when they do come clean about cheatin its a whole different story and you know who ends up hurt at the end us females and have you ever thought about why a man would want to cheat....

something else that i dont get is when a female knows her dude is cheat she goes and do the same DAMN thing like it okay no that shit aint cute what you need to do is get yourself together and move on because you deserve better just because he cheated on you that dont mean you do the same because at the end of the day he's going to still do the same and then there you are left heart broken

It's some woman out here that does'nt even know what their worth and it's sad cause they dont see the beauty in their selfs and u may not know but some woman take that shit serious and it fucks them up.

United States

#62 Aug 21, 2013
Believer wrote:
I don't cheat. I have friends that don't cheat. I've never met a man that didn't cheat. Would like to though.
I think you probably have a good man that you accuse of cheating who is not. You probably do and have and are trying to clear your own guilty conscience! Believe that. Im in a situation like that also a so called believer. Ha! Really she just a slut on drugs.

United States

#63 Aug 21, 2013
yupp wrote:
most of the time the one doing the accusing is the one doin it
I agree that is about the best post yet

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