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#21 Nov 24, 2008
why are you so down on the nurse? Doesn't appear that she is writting any of this.
CRMC Security

Owingsville, KY

#22 Nov 24, 2008
What is CRMC's termination Policy? Does anyone know? In the state of KY is it not at-will?
As for employees getting terminated or forced resignation there is proof of this. I do believe there are numerous employees that have been caught on video stealing ranging from Interium directors/managers to nurses, assistances, and on down the line. It is a known fact to select few that if you are within the supervisor, nurse category you are maybe written up, if you are down the line you are terminated.
There is also valid proof on why a doctor would be concerned about losing nurses or select female staff.
Maybe the board should be more involved in how the hospital is ran rather than meeting over how to "BS" the community/employees into thinking they are striving to be the best.
So Much For Quint and the Studer Group
me again

Grayson, KY

#23 Nov 24, 2008
Well, "miss Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago", it is obvious that you are the same person, why bother using all these different names? You are simply tring to make it appear that there are several people against this particular nurse. Perhaps you don't even realize you are posting with several different names b/c of your "schizo, bipolar and/or split personality" issues....

This nurse was terminated because she has an enormous respect for not only her patients but her fellow co-workers as well, which is what lead her to speak to her CNO regarding the SEVERE LACK of management skills which continuously lead to daily tasks being performed inaccurately and inefficiently. She worried that the lack of management skills and the low level of professionalism with one or two specific women (I choose not to call them nurses) was going to lead to a fatal error. Also, the two who formed their own clique were wrecking havoc on the morale of her and her co-workers.

Curiously enough, she never had a negative evaluation in all the years of working there, UNTIL, she spoke to her CNO regarding the worrisome issues at hand......then, and only then did she suddenly terminated. Pure, clear cut case of retaliation!

Over the years of my employment at CRMC I personally have been written up 3 times for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately they were valid reasons such as charting errors and high numbers of missed days. In reality I should have been terminated at one point but wasn't. Therefore, to think that a fellow co-worker placed a brownie on a toilet seat, on her lunch break, no where near the patients or general public, leads one to realize the cold hard truth...this nurse was retaliated against b/c of her recent visit with her CNO in which she discussed alarming facts concerning *****.

By the way, I have to know, just who or what was she supposed to have harrased? Would it be the toilet seat or the brownie? Also, it would be nice to know why the rest of us who were playing around with her and "harrassing" the brownie and/or toilet were not repremained, wrote up or even better...terminated? I did just as much as she did with the brownie, and even admitted such but I did not get so much as a hairy eyeball.......but then again, I had not just a few short days before, been before my CNO with a list of concerns about "you know whos" pitiful, disgraceful, embarrassing, unprofessional, ect., lack of management skills!!

This is the most obvious case of retaliation I have ever seen.
Dr House

Houston, TX

#24 Nov 24, 2008
It is clear that Chicago and Atlanta are the same person. Perhaps she was involved in the lies and termination of this nurse. It does not take an educated person to figure out RETALIATION????? The fact is this nurse is one of the best nurses CRMC has ever employed. Highly respected by medical staff and loved by patients. She was always happy with a great sense of humor. Bottom line from what I understand is that an attorney is invloved and that possibly there needs to be an investigation conducted by the state into allegations made. Several board members are aware of the matter and are going to want answers. If I were the CNO and these supervisors I would not get to comfortable with my job.

Winchester, KY

#25 Nov 25, 2008
oh really then why was her name mentioned survey after survey. Outstanding customer satisfaction and a few of the girls were intimidated by her. Looks and smarts. The best think to ever happen to her was to get out of this hell hole. Hold your head high and good luck in the future.
look out


#26 Nov 25, 2008
nurse bowling steals drugs
where is the class

Winchester, KY

#27 Nov 26, 2008
The current CNO wasn't even at CRMC when the stealing or whatever occurred and did not hire the current "management" so how could you expect her to be responsible for past behaviors. Also, I work on this unit and there was more to the "brownie" about the embarrassment to the innocent employee that was implied to be the depositor of the "poop" brownie? How distasteful. Some professionalism please.
just wondering

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#28 Nov 27, 2008
So were you there or did you just hear about the story? Because I heard from several that it was not "implied" that anyone had did the depositing. So is this a fact or just hear say, or was someone just wanting to get someone else in trouble? How does the "innocent employee" feel about the situation?
I know that where I work we do alot worse than this, come on we all have to laugh at some time.
I think I am going to go with RETALIATION for now, but I will keep an open mind and consider any further information.

Mount Sterling, KY

#29 Nov 27, 2008
It doesn't matter who hired anyone, and of course she isn't responsible for anyone's actions before her employment there, BUT she was informed and this was the result of her being informed...see.
It appears the brownie incident was all in fun, stress relief on break, have a sense of humor people, who wants to work with a crybaby tattletail as* anyway. Grow up. Maybe she could have just laughed about it. It's just silly humor.

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#30 Nov 29, 2008
me again and nurse terminated are cut from the same cloth . and me again its clear who you are. same attitude as nurse terminated. It's still only half the story you all kling to hear lets hear from the employee your joke was aimed at. and the two of you on the standards of behavior comm. how do you explain yourself. nurse terminated has worn a rut to the door of her cno to tell her that she and her fellow administrators dont know how to do their jobs. and nurse terminated has been talked to or even warned about her attitude many times . as have you . if shes happier out of there so be it maybe you should join her.
Dr House

Houston, TX

#31 Nov 29, 2008
The terminated nurse was warned? About what holding peope accountable for their actions, actions that could very well lead to to severe ramifications for patients. Attitude? I would work with this nurse anyday before working with some of the other lazy wanna be nurses on that unit, including you UNBELIEVABLE. You appear to know so much, we shall see when the investigation by the state and Fedral Government starts regarding this matter! Oh yes medicaid and medicare payments to a facilty that provides false inforamtion on patient charts. I know these supervisors and can tell you now, that this one nurse has more knowledge that both combined. I have personally written a letter to each board member to the same.
me again

Olive Hill, KY

#32 Nov 29, 2008
You know what unbelievable, perhaps we are cut from the same cloth..although I can promise you that the nurse who has been terminated for retaliaton has not posted on this site, this I know for a fact.

Back to what I began to write, we may not have a problem bringing it to one's attention when someone is not doing their job properly and we may have a couple of nurses who love stabbing us in the back but at least we don't hide behind false pretenses. If we have a problem with someone, we are willing to discuss the matter at hand. Neither one of us has ever been written up for less than perfect patient care, the "terminated nurse" has excellent professional rapport with the doctors, secretaries, and her co-workers.

Also, you could not be further from the truth about her being "warned" about her attitude even once, let alone "many times" as you state-nor have I. Sorry to burst your imaginary bubble but that has never happened, maybe you have shared a few too many meds your buddy was caught know those drugs can do funny things to your brain and memory...of course you are a nurse and you should realize that...Even if she or I had been warned of anything, wouldn't that be breaking employer/employee confidentiality laws for an administrator to divulge such information to you or anyone else? Hmmmm....just keeps getting thicker and thicker.

It is really sad for you to be jealous and/or intimidated by her. She is a really fun person and the best friend you could ask for. She would give you the shirt off her back if you asked. She also (as you are well aware of) a superb nurse who takes her career serious (nursing is her life and her passion). So what if she and a few co-workers had a moment of fun during their break? We didn't hurt anyone and we definitely did not accusse any one of "depositing" the brownie! As I mentioned in my earlier post, it was more than just her playing with the brownie, so why is it that she was the only one terminated? Never mind, I remember, b/c we had not just spoke to our CNO regarding the lack of professionalism and slacking of duties of someone hours before her being terminated.

Just let it go. Accept the truth the she was never "warned" and that all of her evaluations were excellent, not to mention all the patient surveys regarding her caring bedside manner and how she went out of her way to make the patient feel better and took above expected care of them (of course you know this).Just accept the truth and let it go. You got what you wanted and she is gone. As I told her, with the harrassment she tolerated from a couple of you, this all worked out for the best b/c God works in mysterious ways.
me again

Olive Hill, KY

#33 Nov 29, 2008
Oh, at least she was never caught stealing drugs and placed on probation for such henious actions.

Anderson, SC

#34 Nov 30, 2008
Former Employee wrote:
This has been in effect for quite sometime of CRMC's ways. They have broken the law in many ways terminating employess, however it is hard to go up against them since NO attorneys will face them around this area. For public relation reasons they do not want to win a case against CRMC to many big wigs in town that have to much involvement. I guess Bob has padded a few pockets. I have enough evidence to prove my case however no one will take it on. Any information of a known attorney willing to go to battle with them would be greatly appreciated.
The problem isnt only that lawyers wont take the case but in Ky.the law says that an employer doesnt need a reason to terminate an employee

Anderson, SC

#35 Nov 30, 2008
taxpayer wrote:
It doesn't surprise me in the least. Whistle blower's will almost always be reprimended for telling on someone, especially if it is mgmt or a well liked person. If the story is true, hopefully the nurse will contact a lawyer. Best of luck!!!
lawyers not wanting to take the case is the least of it, in ky. the law says that an employer does not need to have a reason to terminate an employee

Anderson, SC

#36 Nov 30, 2008
not only is it hard to get a layer to take the case but in Ky. an employer doesnt have to have a reason to terminate an employer
whistle blower protection

Olive Hill, KY

#37 Dec 1, 2008
Um, you are correct that an employee can be terminated with little reason, however, there are laws (yes, even in Kentucky) to protect whistle blowers. So, sorry to burst your bubble but if she were to decide to take legal action, she would be covered under these such laws, sorry but the truth hurts. If it were me, I would have already been all over this ridiculous, absurd, petty, cry-babyish,.....incident with several feet, mine, an attorney's and the whistle blower legal team.
whistle blower protection

Olive Hill, KY

#38 Dec 1, 2008
BTW, the same person who uses different aliases, and obviously works at that hospital, continues to rant and rave about the "brownie" nurse speaking to a CNO regarding lousy and less than professional work...well, if you do your job right in the first place than what do you have to worry about?

I bet the media would have a field day with a nurse with an outstanding record being terminated b/c she and fellow co-workers left a brownie on a toilet seat for a few minutes during their lunch break! Remind me again, why were none of the other employees involved terminated?
you go

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#39 Dec 4, 2008
right on
Taking A Stand

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#40 Dec 4, 2008
I work for CRMC and heard that several doctors had written the Board regarding this matter. Is this true. I know the nurse in questions, everyone loved her. We had severael patients that requested her and her only.

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