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Lewis Center, OH

#1 Sep 11, 2012
I want to make something very clear to ANYONE who might be seeking out a place to rent in the Wilmington area. If you find a nice set of Apartment on Farmers rd called the Cross Creek Apartments owned by Mike Thompson and Chritina Poe please STAY AWAY. My family and I moved in our apartment in January of 2012. Mike seemed so caring and compelled to help get us into the apartment. The first day we looked at the apartment we felt like it was nicely located and because we don't have a lot of money when Mike offered to cut the deposit in half we agreed the same day. On February 1st I woke up to my four year old standing in the doorway and MIke Thompson sitting on our porch with a recipet book very anxious to collect rent. The next couple months were uneventful. In April we had some financial problems and a relative of ours was killed in a tornado in Kentucky. Since we were short on Case we asked Mike Thompson if we could pay him 550 instead of 650 so we would be able to go to the funeral and he looked straight in my Fiances face and said that's not my problem I'm not concerned if you can make it to the funeral...

Now the good stuff.. we ended up being two months late in rent plus 200 dollars in late fees.. I lost my job and we just werent making it. Mike called and stopped at the house everyday for two weeks to harass up. We always answered the door and the phone and just tried to be honest each time. Finally, he called and said I had to come up with money by the next day or he would be shuting off our water. I have a one year old and a four year old dauhghter and this man failed to file an eviction or give us a three day notice but instead left us and our children in a home without water. Mid August Mike Thompson filed an eviction through the court. Mike called and explained he had filed the eviction but if we came up with a decent amount of money he could stop the eviction at any time. September 1st we recieved eviction papers in the mail court was to be on the 11th. My family and I gathered all the money we could which was 1000.00's and on September 5th called to make arrangements. Keep in mind that with late charges we only owed the man 1500.00, Mike Thompson agreed that if we brought him the money he could stop the eviction. My fiance asked him please if you are going to evict us we need this money to make sure we can get our daughters into a place to live. Mike Thompson agreed that he would not evict us. My fiance gave him the money and Mike replied good I will see you in court. Still not sure what was going on Mike told us that he could get things cotinued in cout while we come up with the rest of the money. September 11th we go to cout and without even being able to talk to the magestrate we were given 7 days before the sheriff would be here to escort us off the property. So now my fiance, myself, our four year old and one year old daughter had no notice that we were going to be evicted and no idea that when we handed the man 1,000.00 he would lie and still kick us out. We have no family and no one to ask for help so in 7 days when the sheriff comes we will probably be living in our car which is also on it's last leg. I'm not sure what the out come of lieing to us about being able to stop te eviction. Now living in fear that my daughter will be taken from me because I will not be able to provide prope place for them to live. My fiance and I are good people and never intended to have problems with our jobs and never expected to have problems paying our rent. Even though we are no competly in the right because we should have been able to pay our rent.. these people MIKE THOMPSON AND CHRISINA POE FROM THE MIDLAND OHIO AREA are absolutely heartless and use lieing and deception to get what they want. Shutting off utilities to evict tenants is illegal. There is a proper eviction process and no body is exempt from it. PLESE DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE IT WILL ONLY BRING PROBLEMS INTO YOUR LIFE. THANK FOR READING.
golden buzzard

Delaware, OH

#2 Sep 14, 2012
This is so sad apparently they have no heart or conscious-how do people like that sleep at night?
Used to be a landlord

Delaware, OH

#3 Sep 15, 2012
Sorry - I feel your situation, but, having been a landlord many years ago, HE still has to pay his payment on HIS rental properties. As for the $1000 paid, you already OWED that anyways. There are legal processes to go through, but, the fact still remains that HE has payments to meet as well and if someone can't afford to live in HIS house, it is time to pay up and move on. I know I sound cold hearted. I am NOT and that is why I chose to get out of the landlord business. I am very tender hearted and knew that I could not afford to continue being a landlord. I hope things work out for you and your family...

Delaware, OH

#4 Sep 15, 2012
It is very unfair to post names like this and I don't know either of them.
It was NOT his problem that you had financial issues any more than you could convince a bank where you have a loan that it is their problem! Times do get rough, but, stop blaming everyone else for your issues! You will raise your daughters to be just like you if you don't change your mindset. Life happens and it is stupid to post your personal life online where anyone can see. If I was a landlord in your area, I would get your names and make sure I never rented to you. Enough already!
stop blaming others

Delaware, OH

#5 Sep 15, 2012
After reading the long story, my suggestion would be to stop blaming others for your personal problems. Now, did you happen to stop and think that this landlord could tell others YOUR names and keep you from getting a place to live in your area? Why do people post their personal lives for everyone else to read? I don't know the landlords, but, they have bills to pay too. Renting properties is part of their income and they can't let people LIVE off of them. I'm sick of people that always blame others for their personal life situations! If you want to learn a good lesson from this, change YOUR attitude so that your little girls won't grow up and blame everyone like you are doing now. Life hurts sometimes, but, it is how we respond to what happens that makes or breaks us. Let this experience MAKE you and not BREAK you!

Delaware, OH

#6 Sep 15, 2012
Sounds like deadbeat renters blaming everyone for their problems

Carroll, OH

#8 Sep 15, 2012
Wow, you have some nerve. You were given a break on the deposit, and then dare ask for a break on the rent too? You should be grateful that they took a chance on you. It is obvious that it’s a chance they shouldn’t have taken because financially you are irresponsible. He should have processed you for eviction the first month you didn't pay rent. You should be thanking them for letting you stay there as long as they did. Instead you bitch as if it were their responsibility to ensure you visit your dead relatives. Remember, for you its rent, for him it's a mortgage. If you don't pay he may lose his property, and even if he could afford to carry you, he shouldn’t be expected to. I certainly hope that your next landlord calls to check on your references from the last place you lived. You’ll find that your options will get smaller and smaller, and your rentals will get crappier and crappier.–As you screw your landlord –your reputation will get around.
Please don’t apply to rent one of my units. I won’t rent to you based on your post!

Saint Louis, MO

#9 Sep 22, 2012
What a dick , first for taking your money, and shutting off your water , my cousin also rented from this pos . Same treatment as well , so before you other folks judge this lady , dont think its all her fault. I heard alot about how horrible it is renting from this guy at cross creek apartments is. Sure she is at fault for getting behind , but does this man know that his actions are illegal ? good, luck to your family and dont worry about what anyone else says , go find a better place and a better landlord. I know if he did that shit to me and my kids , he would get a good old fashionable , ass whoopin. You have no character taking money like that and then still evicting her. heartless and cowardly.
Read it all people

Saint Louis, MO

#10 Sep 22, 2012
Did you lowlifes READ THAT THEY TOOK HER MONEY CLOSE TO HER COURT DATE? WHY WOULD YOU TAKE MONEY FROM HER THAT CLOSE TO GETTING HER OUT AND TOTALLY FUCK HER OVER? Some witt. I wish I could help you. Especially with babies??? What is right about that ? Comeon people if it were you , you wouldnt be judging.

Ashville, OH

#11 Sep 22, 2012
Ok - who cares WHEN the landlord accepted the money he was already OWED!!! It doesn't matter how close to the court date it was you silly person. He did NOT f*** anyone over. They owed the money in back rent and it was HIS to collect regardless of when the court date was. I am not judging. I am getting sick and tired of the guilty person becoming the VICTIM! Pay up or shut up. What has happened to this country? I'm glad the landlord got SOME of the rent money... why should HE pass it by when it was DUE him? These people still owe MORE and will never pay it. I don't know the landlords or the tenants so I am not biased either way. I am NOT judging - only stating facts.
definition of OWE

Ashville, OH

#12 Sep 22, 2012
Definition of OWE - to have an obligation to pay, be indebted in the amount of; to be indebted to someone.... An example: A landlord agrees to let a tenant move in. That tenant owes rent each month by the agreed upon date. When a tenant does not pay the rent, he/she OWES the money to the landlord. Period! Fuss, cuss, cry or scream - that landlord was lucky to get what he deserved and it matters not if it was close to the court date. He/She probably stills owes the landlord more money, but, unfortunately, will never receive the balance OWED. Get a life and pay your bills.

United States

#13 Sep 22, 2012
So when we lanlord says he wont evict a tenant thats back 2 months if they pay all of it except a small amount within 4 days of court and still evicts them after giving the man all of their money that could help Them find a more affordable place and not to be fucked completely and it is ethical?? Naw bullshit. Do you understand I was only behind 2 months cause the man told me I couldn't babysit for income in my home and I wouldnt have been back ? Yeah , so before you people Ride this mans jock understand he is a crook that moves people in cheap , to self evict and to claim judgments . Its ok for his ok for his maintence man to be 4 months back at all time and he Is better than me ? So if you really think misleading me to think he isnt putting me and my 1 year old and 4 year old out just to take all my money is ok cause I owe him is fair treatment as if im a bum and never paid my bills then your obviously a crook too . He could have just let me go on with my life and not tormented my family.

United States

#14 Sep 23, 2012
These people dont and won't rent to us blacks . my auntee applied several years back and they said they weren't any apartments available, and there was for rent signs up . I recognized their names from the womans post. I was a freshman in highschool and living with my auntee &was glad we didnt move cause I didnt wanna be that far from my friends. Now im 22 & im glad we didnt and never will , if they treat white people this bad imagine how it would have been on us .
Victim of crosscreek

United States

#15 Sep 23, 2012
We rented there too and it was a horrible experience. I wouldnt recommend renting there either, and we were never late on rent so unless you've rented from these dirtbags you shouldn't judge , id say alot of harrasment goes on there and threats too , the landlord is so cheap he wont pave the drive way and thinks his hillbilly antics by dragging the gravel will save him a buck. Not a professional individual whatsoever. they dont do background checks either cause they are that cheap and money hungry I heard there are sex offenders there. Stay away.
Cunning Linguist

Athens, OH

#16 Sep 23, 2012
So you couldn't pay the rent and were evicted? Leave the kids out of it. Don't use them to make it seem so terrible. I'm going to assume that you went to the library to post this message and don't have internet at home because you are cutting as much as possible for shelter. I really do feel sorry for your kids. It's not there fault.

Cincinnati, OH

#17 Sep 27, 2012
Sorry about your luck, but when rent comes due, rent comes due. Im sure you would have had no problems if you paid your rent. My landlord is the nicest most understanding woman you could ever meet, but I guarantee you if I didnt have the money to pay my rent, I would be evicted as well. I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old too so stop putting pity on your poor children! Find another job and stop blaming others for your ignorance!
Cunning Linguist

Athens, OH

#18 Oct 2, 2012
Oh, and this too. If you don't pay your rent, the landlord can't pay the bank. If the landlord can't pay the bank, do you think he can go there and say "well this one tenant is down on their luck and can't pay their rent so I'm not going to pay you this month." No. I guess maybe the landlord is at fault. Maybe he should apply to be section 8 and have the govt. pay the rent.
ha ha

Northfield, OH

#20 Mar 7, 2014
So you lived there for 2 months free, because you was 2 months behind... and when threatened with eviction while not having jobs and no family or friends to live with came up with $1000 huh?? Sounds to me like you had that saved up, stop blaming other people for your life that you guys are choosing too live....

Dublin, OH

#21 Mar 30, 2014
OK I understand he has payments to make to how it works my grand parents owned rentals my whole life and not one time ever shut off someone's water illegally also never lied to anyone about eviction or took money and put babies homeless go grow up ppl life happens and look around u folks and if or not having a hard time then thank god and count or blessings and oh ya give a helping hand to someone in need
Truth Facts

Chillicothe, OH

#22 Apr 1, 2014
Stay away from Fred Haught Reality. He's a real dirt bag slum lord.

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