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Cincinnati, OH

#1 Mar 24, 2012
We Need Food says a banner outside Your Father's Kitchen in Wilmington, Ohio. I've read articles in the News Journal about them needing food as well.
I don't know what it is or where people are coming from, but hoards of people have flocked into Wilmington over the past few years because they are wanting free hand-outs. I support organizations that give out food or offer free services to the needy. But the way YFK does things is completely wrong. Who is keeping track of each person who receives the services? Most places in this area have some sort of system in place. I bet half of the people who utilize the food services at YFK can actually afford meals on their own. No wonder YFK needs food...Anyone else concerned about this issue...Your Father's Kitchen needs to hold people more accountable and not rely on the "honor system." For starters, there needs to be policies and rules for each person to use the services at this food pantry. Income, driver's license or state ID, name...Just some sort of proof that each individual actually NEEDS the food services Your Father's Kitchen is providing.

Hamilton, OH

#2 Mar 28, 2012
yes i agree with u on this, i see people down there that can smoke ciggs but cant buy food, or half of them own a car and there down there everyday for a free handout, i can understand if u need the help then get it..
suzy biggs

Highland, OH

#3 Apr 22, 2014
"Judge not yest ye be judged". Do not donate if you disagree with YFK's policies, but please do not discourage generosity among others.

Cincinnati, OH

#4 Apr 22, 2014
I am new to this area, and sorry to disappoint you but I didn't move here for a food pantry handout. I have found you all to be the most hateful people and the most hateful community. I lost my job in 2009, and didn't find a new one for almost a year. I have a PhD. If it can happen to me then it can happen to you, and I can read your post and guess the level if education, so yes it can definitely happen to you. And should. Perhaps then you will understand what it's like. Perhaps then you will understand that a family of four cannot feed themselves based on the giving a of one food pantry.
I will not argue that smoking and the cost of smoking is irresponsible and shouldn't be a priority, because you are right, it should be the last priority. Until you understand someone's whole story though perhaps you should volunteer there and get some facts before slinging baseless opinion.

And while we are out it, too many people around here like to use the phrase "my tax dollars" thrown into some hateful opinion about those less fortunate, or those on public assistance. Here is a simple way of understanding something, you don't pay any taxes if you get a refund at the end of the year. And judging by your obvious way of communicating with hate tells me that you are not college educated and therefore you do not make enough money each year to actually foot the bill for anyone or any government program through the tax system. While I am sure this is over your head, it is a fact. Perhaps get an education rather than waving your rebel flags or jacking your piece of shit truck up with giant tires. Perhaps spend your beer money on something worthwhile. You see, the educated class in this country understand how things really work. It is us that also supports you through our taxes, we don't get the earned income tax refund, or any tax refund for those of us that make more than 100k a year. So it is my tax dollars that pay for your redneck kids to be educated, to have a kid at 17, for your streets to be paved, and the list goes on and on.
But, you sit there on your porch slinging hate at people that are having a hard way to go. If it helps you sleep better.........

Hamilton, OH

#5 Apr 22, 2014
Wow I agree with you completely...everything you said is on point! I also moved here a couple years ago and it is definitely one of the most redneck hate filled rebel flag flying communities I've ever been exposed to. A lot, not all, but mainly those rednecks you speak of are so hateful and make comments constantly about their tax dollars are going to feed druggies and people who won't work. What they don't realize because they are all so uneducated is the majority of their precious tax dollars is being used for's being used for the Congress men and women to buy their 15th house and get their free health care....only a very very small amount of anyone's tax dollars is actually going towards feeding the poor. A lot of them are the working poor...they work at Walmart or McDonald's for minimum wage while those corporations are making millions in profit each year. It seems to me that these redneck Republican s around here are hating and blaming the wrong people. If they would just educate themselves on where their tax dollars are actually going rather than just going along on hear say this would be a much better country. We all need to stick together as the America people and put a stop to how things are in this country and stop blaming the poor for loss of tax dollars. Blame the government and the corporations. The poor isn't trying to take your tax's the rich. Corporations have off shore a counts just so they don't have to pay taxes and the government makes sure there are loopholes in the tax codes just for these corporations. We are footing the bill...we are paying their taxes...that is why our taxes are so high.

Columbus, OH

#6 Apr 25, 2014
It's funny you'll see some of the people sitting out there smoking surfin' the net on heir laptops! And do any of them know how to park a damn car? Traffic is always gettin' backed up thru there cuz of the shitty parking jobs!
Cunning Linguist

Delaware, OH

#8 May 16, 2014
Wow, people get tax refunds because they paid the government too much INCOME tax throughout the year. Roads are usually taken care of because of gasoline taxes. Phds aren't usually sought after in this neck of the woods. Do you comprehend basic things in life or are you just book smart? Goddammit, it makes my head explode when people think they should be able to work at wal mart or mcdonalds at minimum wage and support a family. Minimum wage is there for people just starting in the workforce. If you are making minimum wage for any period of time at all then maybe you should leave or accept the fact that is all you are worth. Even at minimum wage you should learn some skills that make you marketable and able to make more money. I don't know about the whole rebel flag deal. I was born and raised in Ohio so I'm a yankee. I do think that if some jackass wants to fly a rebel flag he has every right to do it. If you don't like it then maybe you should move back to California.

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