So the city is shutting down rooming houses for 200 residents and they will help relocate them. Is the city aware that they are the reason the residents are one step from homelessness. The lack of true low income residences in Savannah is appalling. The city eliminates housing projects and re-establishes them with mixed housing projects where only 30-35% are section 8 related, credit and background checks are performed. So rooming houses are the transitional residences for those who live on fixed incomes of 600.00 a month. They cannot afford rent, security deposits, utility deposits, and eat. I am not a fan of rooming housing but what alternative the city offers? They are asking hotels to accommodate them at the rate of 200.00 week with a amenity deposit from 5.00 day to 50 week. And without daily cleaning and fresh sheets and towels. This should be a wake up call for Savannah residents. I don't know Mr. Lewis but if you are trying to tell me he is the only one then I would like to sell you this little bridge over Savannah River for 10.00. Who has a vendatta against Mr. Lewis and not the others? This is someone's master plan at work and once again the city council is putting on its puppet show for the public. Enough is enough let's concentrate on crime crime crime.