Interesting how the police are not releasing the discription of the magical second robber? LOL, you'd think they'd be hot on the trail of the other robber with APBs and an amber alert, after all...don't most southern states have a law that says if two people commit a felony and one dies as a result of violence during the commission of a felony, the surviving felon gets charged in the death? If that's true, then the second robber is really a suspect in the first robber's homicide. So, why aren't the cops releasing a description of the second robber?

This whole thing smells of this robbery of an Arby's a long time ago, where the inside worker had another show up after closing when no one was around to act like he was robbing the place to capture the robbery on security cameras so the manager wouldn't be seen as complicent in the robbery.

After all, if robbery was such a risk to this restaurant, why was the store open for two robbers to simply by accident, come to find the wendy's open for robbery and why was there money still in the store after the store was shut down, why wasn't the store's money put in the night deposit at the bank like most comon sense would dictate and why didn't our pistol marksman shoot the second robber?

This thing stinks a little, I wonder how this one will pan out in the end?