Police Chief of Willow Springs, corr...
Jerry Smith

Ava, MO

#115 Apr 6, 2009
Willow graduate wrote:
When was the chief of police in Willow ever been on the up and up? Does anybody remember a story in the paper a few years ago about a cop that left and told all of Jerry Smith's dirty little secrets? Like how to hide the police car so the town didn't know he was playing video games. What a joke.
The cop that I think you are referring to was reprimanded by me, former Police Chief Jerry Smith, and he left the department unhappy. Those accusations you refer to are totally false. I have never played video games while on duty and I have never hid a police car unless it was for surveillance purposes!

Yes I used the computer before it became the rage, and just before it became a necessary tool for Law Enforcement. I was one of the first few police departments in Missouri that developed a computerized traffic accident report form that was approved by the Missouri Highway Patrol.

Did you ever hear of a lie by a disgruntled employee? These charges were not true, Educate yourself.

Did you know that by mentioning my name in connection with FALSE charges, just TRASH TALK you can't prove, could possible set yourself up for a lawsuit! Didn't anyone ever tell you that you can't believe everything you hear.
New Chief Wanted

United States

#116 Apr 6, 2009
Hey Jerry I would vote for you if you would of ran against Danny. My vote will be for Randy Barton, every one dont forget to vote tomorrow..........
Jerry Smith

Ava, MO

#117 Apr 6, 2009
New Chief Wanted wrote:
Hey Jerry I would vote for you if you would of ran against Danny. My vote will be for Randy Barton, every one dont forget to vote tomorrow..........
Thank you very much for that compliment but I had about 23 years as Chief and about 7 as patrolman so that's enough for me.
john b

Hollister, MO

#118 Apr 10, 2009
Resident I wrote:
This is pathetic. You people act like you've never lived in Willow Springs. So let me add my two cents.
WSPD Will Beat Your Kids!
When I was 16 some friends and I were driving a friend home when we were pulled over by the WSPD. After some borderline verbal assault I was thrown against the car, held down by the neck, where I busted my lip, and the back of my legs kicked into the side of the car. Then we were patted down. They illegally searched our car and when they didn't find any booze or drugs they continued to verbally harass us. Then as mysteriously as they came they disappeared. Not exactly something you want to tell your parents that happened. I guess we just looked like trouble makers. I've never since been treated as such by any law enforcement outside of Willow Springs.
And since you were on the subject of the police officer at the school's myspace. For those of you in her defense just know that both of her sisters are methamphetamine addicts. Wonder how that never got in the newspaper either. Maybe because WSPD uses them as confidential informants. Not maybe that's exactly why the've not been busted. The WSPD supply thier informants addictions. That's what being a rat is....they let you go after you get busted.
And for the rest of you who started this blog why not have a meeting. An anti-city council city council meeting of like minded individuals. The only reason the city council increases Marshal Danny Dunn's yearly income from $34,000-$37,000 is because you people do nothing about it. Protest outiside of every city council meeting until your voices are heard. Or you cowards can die as slaves.
Well said!!!

Hollister, MO

#119 Apr 10, 2009
Idiot Buster wrote:
<quoted text>
Im going to have a little fun with this one....
You say you were 16 at the time?....what are you now?..18, 20 , 22?..and you say you didnt tell you parents?...how come? maybe they would be asking you some tough questions to?
yeah yeah we know, you were comming from a church social and everybody in the car was carrying their bibles and singing gospel songs right?...and along comes a big bad cop and pulls you over for nothing right?....and who said what to who first?...then he roughed you up and you bumped you poor widdle wip after you did everything he told you to do right?..and how do you know he was lookin for booz and dope in your car?...and maybe you were so polite and resperctfull to the cop right?...by the way what time of the night was it you all were out?
oh by the way did you know that even a rookie cop in other places starts out with zero time with lots more than 34 to 37 thousand dollars?...thats chicken feed for a police chief but im sure you dont know that right?...maybe you should bring your baby dolls and toy cars to a protest to a city council meeting for all the good it will do you.
grow up!

Willow Springs, MO

#120 Feb 24, 2012
Just moved to this town. And im suprised this town has a heartbeat nothing to do in this town. Been here a month and seen drug deals go down infront of the police like they don't even care all i can say is the town of willow springs is on it's last leg. My family is allready looking to move because the crime rate is up here no jobs. I wanna raise my kids in a town with hope and life to not a ghost town.people of willow stand up go to meetings and take your town back and make it as nice as it use to be when you seen people walking up and down the streets during the day and business's all down main street.

Fordland, MO

#121 Feb 24, 2012
So why did you move here to begin with? It's no different than it's been for the last 5 years. I think you'll find in this economy that things aren't much different anywhere else.

Willow Springs, MO

#122 Feb 24, 2012
Why wrote:
So why did you move here to begin with? It's no different than it's been for the last 5 years. I think you'll find in this economy that things aren't much different anywhere else.
did not know it was this bad and that the town was this dead big mistake
new kid

West Plains, MO

#123 Feb 25, 2012
speedster wrote:
They make more money for the city by writing citations for speeders and as long as the highway is in the city limits then they can legally do that.
No they are alowed just to write a% of what they write in town. But Willow is so piss poor manage they have to have the extra money to get by.

United States

#124 Mar 4, 2012
I guess ole grub must be in good with the cops cause he drives all over and rides his motorcycle in the parades lead by the chief himself and ole grub brags he don't have no drivers license wonder why he gets that and gets away with murder to.

Plattsburg, MO

#125 Mar 7, 2012
dunn is not ever going to get anything done in willow springs, but we keep voting him in
new kid

Ozark, MO

#126 Mar 16, 2012
speedster wrote:
They make more money for the city by writing citations for speeders and as long as the highway is in the city limits then they can legally do that.
This is because willow spring can't manage their money so they have to have the money from ticket's on the bypass. I glad to know my town is so broke.

Branson, MO

#127 Mar 20, 2012
vote 4 randy wrote:
Randy Barton filed for chief of police yesterday!! Yay!! He's got my vote!! Goodbye and good riddens to danny DONE!!!!!
THATS GREAT NEWS Im glad he is gonna try again. Ivoted for him last time and will do so again. We proudly put his signs in our yard after he came by to campaign we were sitting outside having a beer he stopped was very mannered had some good ideas for this soon to be ghost town if things dont change, anyway he was new blood and thats what this town needs,it wasn't long till we were comin into town on 76 hwy, right to a check point my husband had a few beers and told the officer that the cans were in the back of the truck so they put him through all the tests 3 times which is totally uncalled for they used the handheld machine 3 times also they didnt like the reading so they had a HC Deputy take him to the PD to take another one i mean really thats a little much but it was election time. Well he was of course charged so they got their fine money and publicity for those to hear he does a wonderful job. WHATEVER Im sure that comment will bite me at some point. I've lived here all my life and grew up with a drive-in, theater, skating rink, game rooms pool hall koa camp grounds, and yes I also set at the star foodstore with frineds nad hung out had a few we had no sonic or mickey ds just A&W and also the Daisy Queen by bacons and we cruised that loop. Now it has nothing for families or teens its sad. And with the way the hwy went in it has cut willow off they want this to be a retirement community its just gonna completely dry up, no jobs high rent and outragious utilities people cant stay in town which my opinion makes those of us who stay pay more to make it up. I hope things get better but i dont really feel they will an its sad.

De Soto, MO

#128 Mar 20, 2012
All of that stuff was gone before Dunn became chief. How could he be responsible for all the things you miss and ranted about?

Regarding the check point, your husband shouldn't have been drinking and driving or have open containers. Period. He deserved the fine. The checkpoint did what it was intended to do.
stinky pants

Ozark, MO

#129 Apr 1, 2012
WTF??? The new head shop in town has only been open 2 weeks, and already the Police Department has ran them out of town. I dont know how this happens when they spend all their time on the bypass. Now I have to go out of town to buy my K-2. As if it isnt bad enough I have to drive all the way to springfield to get a prostitute, now this!!! Thanks for ruining a well needed business in our town, next they will probably try to ruin the meth trading around here! stupid cops!

Columbia, MO

#130 Apr 2, 2012
I can't believe what I've read above. How dare the police do there job. What were they thinking arresting someone who was drinking and driving. What really scares me is that there are people like you, Lisa, that can't see a thing wrong with what you just wrote. My son can't walk now because of a drunk driver, but of course that don't affect you so why should you care. I'm so sick and tired of hearing these kind of things from people. Danny works hard on getting drunk or stoned drivers off the road. He should be praised not put down. You don't have to like everything he does but on this issue, take a second look. What's more important to you? Someone's life or you and your husband getting to drink and drive because your special and my son and countless others don't matter.

Willow Springs, MO

#131 Apr 2, 2012
it was only a couple weeks ago my 14 yr old came home from school and told me that some older kids were buying K-2 at a store in town. I thought that all of that had been outlawed. I work in an ER and have seen what horrible things that junk does to people, and I was outraged that our kids are able to buy that here in Willow Springs. I then heard that it was all legal according to the owner of the store. And then a few days later or so I heard that the police raided the store and ran them out of town. Good Job Police !! We dont need that junk here. go buy it in Mtn View from that crack head Antrim the city there doesnt care as long as they are getting tax revenue.

And as far as the post from Lisa. OMG you must have been drunk when you wrote that. First of all the chief election isnt for another year, and second of all if you dont like Dunn because he took your drunk husband off the rode, then you really have some issues. I hope you dont have kids to raise to be an idiot like u are. Im not the biggest Dunn fan around by any means but I do respect the local cops here for being proactive and doing what they can to get rid of the dope and drunk drivers. And as far as the bypass is concerned who cares if they write tickets out there, drunk drivers and dopers are on the highway too.
CorbittGotWhatHe Derserved

Hitchin, UK

#132 Jun 10, 2015
Well what can I say, things never change in Willow Springs! Corruption still seems to run rife through this little turd in a toilet bowl. Back in 1979 Corbitt was running the town and I was stopped on the way back from a softball game. The officer said I appeared to be under the influence and was arrested for DUI. Got back to the police station and was tested for alcohol which came up negative. They went and got someone else out of the cell and made him blow and stated that I was over the limit. Well I protested while being threatened to be beaten as a trumped up charge which the court would believe. So nice to see things never change.

Springfield, MO

#133 Jun 11, 2015
gardengirl wrote:
With the election in Feb 09 for a new Chief of Police in Willow Springs, it's time everyone knows how corrupt Dan Dunn is. A Chief of Police is supposed to be impartial and not biased or swayed by individuals. They are to uphold the law and not make their own laws!! It's time for a positive change in the town of Willow Springs.
So is sigmans,Gerald of Cabool they are drug supporters,and they stalk people,worthless police force!!!
no name

Atlanta, GA

#134 Jun 17, 2015
Totally agree with speedster u could even walk downtown with ur kids and kids could go and hang out with their friends but not anymore thanks to dunn

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