Willits Watcher wrote:
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My goal is to make it so pot is not available to kids. There are some who believe that legalizing pot would do this. I disagree. Legalizing pot would make pot even more available to kids than tobacco or alcohol is today and as long as the under 18 pot market goes unimpeded, pot will continue to negatively impact the health, educations and futures of our children.
Some Ideas:
I think we should make cultivation, sales and possession of over an ounce a serious crime with serious consequences especially if kids are involved. This way people who place smoking pot more important than anything else in the world will just have to take their chances.
Those who are caught first offence with under an ounce may receive consideration from the court plus rehab and community service time.
There needs to be an entrepreneur that starts a cruise ship line that leaves out of San Diego CA. on the west coast and Corpus Christy TX. on the east coast and heads south into Mexican waters with an affordable cruise where the passengers are over 18 and certain party goods are "Wink, Wink" made available. This way people can "responsibly" party and we don't have to have our streets or schools full of drugs.
Just a thought.
Thank god for spell check.
This has been tried, not the cruise ship thing, but similar destination spots. The problem is the cost.....I don't want to spend $5000 just so I can smoke a joint with my wife. I can do that at home with a nice fire going and a movie on my own couch.

As for the enforcement thing....Nevada imposed life sentences for high quantity, a seed or crumb would get you ten. Things have changed. The feds need to get on board, they too are going broke and more states are making their laws more and more relaxed, the feds will not have the resources to do State and Local enforcement. Pot WILL not go away, your DREAMS of tough enforcement are just that....DREAMS. Get your card, grow some pot, and meet some people that are not really as bad as the picture you paint. You need to come down from your pulpit and meet the congregation you preach against, not all of us are as criminal as you would like. Even with a card I refuse to pay the prices at the clubs, they are outrageous, and until a clear effective system is in place there will be a black market. The whole rehab thing is ludicrous, who will pay for these "medical" facilities? Rehab is for drugs with true physical consequences, withdrawals, vomiting, seizures, and possibility of death. Medical care is outrageous and going to double in the next ten years, this is a huge financial burden for a plant which is used in it's natural state, with no real processing. The rehab you want has been tried, 1942 Nazi German RE-EDUCATION CAMPS.