valley hill anomaly

Shepherdsville, KY

#1 Jun 26, 2012
I'm not seeing the skull.

Radcliff, KY

#2 Jul 3, 2012
See a face that appears to be a lady. But I don't see the skull either?

Since: Jun 12

Shepherdsville, KY

#3 Jul 4, 2012
Hello Stephanie,

The primary relevance of this image is to indicate the setting around which the anomaly appeared. The second photo submitted gives an enlarged view of the anomaly.

This image was captured on 35mm film, and the effect on photo paper is stunning. Reproducing that effect in digital form uploaded to the net is difficult---partly due to variances in website settings respective to the color and brightness of each individual monitor.

Also, I've noticed when this thread opens it yields a smaller image. By clicking that image, it will then revert to the originally intended size. Even in that final result, and knowing what to look for, I can just barely identify the skull.

Try the next image of the enlarged anomaly, the skull is more apparent.

Jeannie Burchett

Richmond, KY

#4 Jul 18, 2012
I can't really say! I know I visited there today...July 18, 2012. It gave me a very warm feeling! Feeling good , to me, is a good thing!

Elizabethtown, KY

#5 Feb 8, 2013
I'd like more information on this photo. Please contact me at m. I enlarged the photo in benevista photozoom software and the face looks as if it were metal or shiny plastic. If the photo is legit i'd like to do a very extensive investigation of the area..thermal, nightvision, audio, elf and emp recordings (Frequency recordings) also test the magnetic waves around the area. If this photo is legit there could be a vortex in that spot. That would be very interesting.

Since: Jun 12

Louisville, KY

#6 Feb 9, 2013
Have you checked all the comments under the Valley Hill photos here? If not, you might find more info of interest. I'm currently heading out of town for a few weeks and will have to contact you later.

Not sure if you noticed, but there's no need to zoom in on this image to better identify the Skull-Flame. There's an enlarged crop of the anomaly here that's far more revealing.

As for paranormal activity at Valley Hill, you never know. There was something going on there once (no question), but I've encountered almost nothing of interest there since 1999. Good luck if you go, I'd very much like to see something of interest occur there again.

Regards for now,

Fort White, FL

#7 Feb 9, 2013
iphone app-ghost cam-look it up

Since: Feb 13

Elizabethtown, KY

#8 Feb 9, 2013
Thank you for the reply. WE have 1000's of dollars worth of equiptment for paranormal studies. This face looks more like whats reffered to as a "Grey" then any spirit i've seen. With benevista photozoom I can zoom in on the lips of it without loosing detail. Please feel free to come to our site and discuss or look at some of the other things we've posted. Our old website was loaded with content but alas got erased. We look for vortex's etc.. to study.

Since: Jun 12

Louisville, KY

#9 Feb 27, 2013
I attempted to post the following in response to the comment on your site, but it never showed up. Feel welcome to re-post it there for me if you like:

"Just seeing it wouldn't be a problem, I also have 4 more interesting images from Valley Hill.

I'm not entirely clear on how you produced the enlarged Skull-Flame image. If it's derived from the image containing the chair, that then accounts for the extremely poor quality. The image containing the chair is a low-res JPEG intentionally used on the net to inhibit high quality productions. Enlarging it will result in an overly pixelated effect that poorly represents the actual anomaly.

I'll send you a better close up of the anomaly. I'll also try and send a 1995 clip of an Unsolved Mysteries segment regarding Valley Hill - if possible.


Since: Jun 12

Louisville, KY

#10 Feb 27, 2013
Actually it's not possible to zoom in on either of the anomalies I've posted here without loosing detail. They are both very low in resolution and attempting to enlarge them will produce a pixelated distortion of the true image effect.


Bardstown, KY

#11 Feb 27, 2013
You people are ignorant. This place is not haunted. A woman many years ago whom (may I add) died in a psych ward witness what she said was the "Virgin Mary". Take into consideration she was a mentally insane former nun.
The place has been investigated by Unsolved Mysteries, and most if not all of the information on this place is hearsay. Some of the authentic photos have been deemed explainable by photograph experts. If you happen to go to the location there is a sign that says "Mary appears" on such and such days. Really? If that is the case how come nobody has gone up there and actually videotaped this apparent reoccurring occurrence.
Because its bologna.(my sensitive way of saying bullsh*t)

Campbellsville, KY

#12 Feb 27, 2013
Bow please continue this conversation at our website on our forums please.

Since: Jun 12

Louisville, KY

#13 Feb 28, 2013
How do Mr. Stupid,

To so sweepingly accuse others of ignorance is rather ironic considering your facts.

The primary incident which resulted in Valley Hill’s reputation had nothing to do with hearsay (hopefully your not representing someone in court anytime soon). That segment on Unsolved Mysteries regarding a miracle at Valley Hill arose from first hand testimony involving 8 girls and their Sunday school teacher. For those who don’t know, upon reaching the hilltop there in April of 95, this group suddenly encountered a sequence of strange visions which began after glancing at the sun. After that incident the crowds of people and some investigators started visiting the location. During the Unsolved Mysteries segment about Valley Hill they interviewed those very girls who experienced that event. I wouldn’t give you a definition of it, and I would suggest looking it up before using it again, but that is hardly hearsay.

As for Valley Hill being haunted, I’ve never made any such assessment - my interpretation of the Skull-Flame has nothing to do with spirits and apparitions. That in my opinion is an explanation overly simplistic for those events back then.

As for Iona Wright dieing in a psych ward, if true such evidence is of interest to me. However, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this were just another wild rumor espoused by ignorant people. Personally I saw her at Valley Hill on a number of occasions years ago, but I never had any contact with her or their group which met monthly on the 3rd and 23rd (unintentionally on a few occasions I happen to stop by on the days they were meeting). Like yourself I find it hard to swallow Mother Mary’s rigid schedule. However, I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if Mrs. Wright genuinely encountered visions at that locations. I myself encountered something there that was visually extraordinary, but the problem can rest upon a persons ability/opportunity to distinguish the physical from illusions of the psyche. If Mrs. Wright did end up in a psych ward at the end, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised considering the types of dangers present in such phenomena.

Furthermore, if she were a nun at some point I’d like to document that too. Unfortunately it wouldn’t surprise me if this was just another ignorant rumor. My reason for questioning this pertains to information associated with her having grandchildren.

Regarding the photographic evidence presented on Unsolved Mysteries, at least on that point your not entirely ignorant. The program presents a thorough evaluation appearing to debunk the possibility of anything paranormal in those images (although I’ve never reviewed them beyond the video). There is however something the programs photo analysis tends to overlook: authenticity. This is profoundly displayed by one photo where a girl who, along with everyone there, perceived the presence of gold radiating from the ground and rising up to cover her body. From a mythic/archetypal context the symbolism in that aspect of their collective vision is to me extremely interesting.

What strikes me as interesting is the reaction such facts can evoke in skeptical zealots. They tend to most often gloss over such facts, and can make insinuations akin to something along the lines of mass hysteria, while eagerly shifting the discussion to some other incidental attribute more easily disproven. For me, their vision was the most phenomenal attribute encountered that day by those girls at Valley Hill, and similar to the 1917 Fatima miracle it appears there is no physiological explanation that serves to scientifically account for what appears to be some sort of mass hallucination. In my opinion, anyone who can unquestioningly brush aside such facts as nothing special or worthy of investigation, serves to in turn suggest an inability to critically evaluate reality.

Sorry to be so blunt Mr. Stupid, but like you I too can get a little annoyed by ignorance.


Bowling Green, KY

#14 Feb 28, 2013
ms Iona Wright did not live or die in a mental institution, she was a very sweet lady. I visited her home many yrs ago when she was going to sell the property. so please get your facts straight before slandering this lady, i live just up the road from the shrine and i see people there all the time and its a great place to go and think. I have never seen anything out of the norm there

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