I am a volunteer firefighter now and when i was 18 years old i tried to join the US army, with no success, today i still offer my life every day when we have a emrgency call, you can say it is not the same, i can tell you the only diferrence it is how you die killed with bullets or in the fire, if you check the records of how many firefighters get killed on duty every day, you really dont know when and how yow are going to die because you are on duty 24/7, this comment is so you know, that i am proud of reyes, he was a good kid, he is the first USA soldier that i really meet in person in places where my family got togeather, his family and my family are good friends, so i can say even do this is not my country yet, i still fight for it, and i can say that he is "MI HEROE MEXICANO/AMERICANO" and to his family i can say that his life, was given to keep the freedom of this country, so be proud of him, i am soory for your loss, but it is for a good cause.
Gregorio Rodriguez Oropeza