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Remembering our beautiful Stephanie McClure

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Lost Without You

Greenfield, IN

#1 Jun 25, 2008
This forum is being created to remeber a very beautiful, loving, outgoing, remarkable, unforgetable young lady.
Stephanie Michelle McClure at the age of 22, was taken from her loved ones by the hands of two murderers. Juctice has been served as they will spend eternity in prison! But that still doesn't heal our broken hearts that mourn for her return. I am posting this forum so we can keep her memory alive!

Steph was a very bubbly, bouncey, happy, outgoing, outspoken, individual who loved life! Her family meant the world to her, as she did us! We miss her more than words could ever express.

“†♥†Tabitha †♥†”

Since: Jun 08

Savannah, GA

#2 Jun 25, 2008
Stephanie is my sweet baby sister,there is so much i could say about her and it still would do her no justice!!!Beautiful can not even descibe her looks,she is FLAWLESS,she was always so happy and ready to do something she did not like to sit around and waste time she would rather be hanging out with friends.boating,swimming anything as long as she was in to something,she was a great aunt in so many ways,i cant believe she will not see them grow it is undescibable how i feel now that she is gone,stephanie is the type of person who would argue with you and 10 minutes later wonder why you are still upset..she was not only my first sibling but my best friend the one i do everything with and tell everything too,my heart will never stop aching for her until i am with her again,she is my heart and soul and i am incomplete with out her...she was a care giver and wonderful girlfriend to tim for 5years,steph loved him so much,she was a great daughter to my mother and could always make her smile no matter what was going on in life stephanie bubbaly,happy presence always seem to make it better,she was the type that would walk into a room and literally light it up with her beauty and her smile,when i look back on everything now i can almost say it was like stephs soul would glow and you could see it,it is funny how i was in the presence of someone so special for so long and did not reliese it until she was gone,i believe stephanie was held very close to GODs heart,and thats why she was able to have the outlook on life she had,stephanie was a doer and what i mean by that is if she saw something that was wrong being done to someone she would always stand up (step up)and not wait for someone else to handle it like so many do.She was very trusting(to trusting)of others and would always try an find the good in all.She has never let me down and always been there for me,i am just sorry i could not have did the same and protect her the knight she lost her life,Oh and i do not want to forget she loved to blaze me high as the sky!!!!Thats all i will write now because if i went on a bout stephanie i would never stop!I will be back though when i have in me to dive deep in to my memories and emotions they bring with them.Thank You all for remembering my sweet stephanie even though she is hard to forget.Love Always Tabitha....
Lost Without You

Greenfield, IN

#3 Jun 25, 2008
You are so right when you say she could light up a room! Her glow will continue throughout our lives! I know we aren't suppose to question God, I just don't understand why it had to be her! She was such a wonderful part of this family and it just seems impossible to continue without her. No family events will ever be the same now that she has parted from us! She is loved and missed by so many! Tabitha, my heart aches for you. I am so sorry you had to go through this! But I know first hand that Steph thought very highly of you and loves you more than you could ever imagine! She knew without a doubt you were always there no matter what the situation was. Don't beat yourself up over this, I know its easier said than done.....But you had no control over this and we all know if you were there you would have taken those bullets for her! And that says alot about you! You are a wonderful sister and Stephanie was blessed to have you for one, just as you were blessed having her as your sister!
We miss you and love you Stephanie <3

“†♥†Tabitha †♥†”

Since: Jun 08

Savannah, GA

#4 Jun 25, 2008
you will be remembered when the flowers bloom in spring,in the summertime remembered in the fun that summer brings.
you will be remembered when fall brings leaves of gold,in the wintertime remembered in the stories that are told.
and from early dawn to setting sun,each day my whole life through,my heart will hold a special place for memories of you...not to mention my every awaked moment you are always there no matter what i do....but i have to go now i am on my way to see you..well where your body lies because i know your soul is far above,where the angels are and your filled with you
Lost Without You

Greenfield, IN

#5 Jun 25, 2008
~~Missing You Stephanie~~

The lonely days and lonely nights
Just seem to linger on
One day turns in to the next
Now that you are gone
You were such a part of me
I failed to realize
Just how empty one could feel
When part of one dies

When joined before God and man
We that day became one
And now to have to let you go
How does one carry on

So many dreams we shared together
That now can never be
But memories of the good and bad
Some how has brought peace to me
I know now that your work is complete
And I must carry on
I will always hold a part of you
Close in my memories
I hold on to Gods'promise
That he will see me through
That He will fill that void left
When part of me went with you.

Loving you always Steph!

“†♥†Tabitha †♥†”

Since: Jun 08

Savannah, GA

#6 Jun 25, 2008

“†♥†Tabitha †♥†”

Since: Jun 08

Savannah, GA

#7 Jun 25, 2008
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,love leaves a memory no one can steal!
Those we have held in our arms for a little while,we hold in our hearts forever!
Gone,yet not forgotten,although we are apart,your spirit lives with in me,forever in my heart!

“†♥†Tabitha †♥†”

Since: Jun 08

Savannah, GA

#8 Jun 25, 2008
Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glint on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you wake in the morning hush,
I am the swift, uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft starlight at night.

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
(Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there, I did not die!)

We've known lots of pleasure,
At times endured pain,
We've lived in the sunshine
And walked in the rain.

But now we're seperated
And for a time apart,
But I am not alone -
You're forever in my heart.

Death always seems so sudden,
And it is always sure,
But what is oft' forgotten -
It is not without a cure. I'm walking now with someone,
And I know He'll always stay,
I know He's walking with you too,
Giving comfort everyday.

There may be times you miss me,
I sort of hope you do,
But smile when you think of me,
For I'll be waiting for you.

Now there's many things for you to do,
And lots of ways to grow,
So get busy, be happy,and live your life,
Miss me, but let me go.

“†♥†Tabitha †♥†”

Since: Jun 08

Savannah, GA

#9 Jun 25, 2008
Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free
I’m following the path God has laid you see.
I took His hand when I heard him call
I turned my back and left it all.

I could not stay another day
To laugh, to love, to work, to play.
Tasks left undone must stay that way
I found that peace at the close of day.

If my parting has left a void
Then fill it with remembered joy.
A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss
Oh yes, these things I too will miss.

Be not burdened with times of sorrow
I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.
My life’s been full, I savored much
Good friends, good times, a loved one’s touch.

Perhaps my time seemed all too brief
Don’t lengthen it now with undue grief.
Lift up your hearts and peace to thee
God wanted me now; He set me free.

“†♥†Tabitha †♥†”

Since: Jun 08

Savannah, GA

#10 Jun 25, 2008
Do believe I'll never leave you:
Always I'll be in your heart.
Don't forget my soul is near you,
And so we'll never be apart.

“†♥†Tabitha †♥†”

Since: Jun 08

Savannah, GA

#11 Jun 25, 2008
I screamed and shouted,
"What in the name of sanity
is going on?"

God sat.
Impassive. Listening,
and let me continue.

I beat my fists on His chest
and threw myself top the floor,
thrashing an kicking.

God sat.
Unflinching. Watching,
and let me continue.

I hurled abuse and blame,
daring Him to respond
so I could smash His argument.

God sat.
Patiently. Silent,
and let me continue.

Finlly, when I had spent
my anger and frustration,
I cried.

Only then did He move.
Taking me gently in His arms,
God sat, crying with me.

I sat there closed my eyes
and thought of life without her
I held my breath and thought
of not breathing her in
I kept my mouth closed
and thought of our last kiss
I felt my pulse and knew
it was the rhythm of her heart
I touched nothing around me
but remembered her feelings
I listened but my ears heard nothing
I walked in the darkness without light
I took the path towards love
The sunrise lit my way
I breathed in her spirit
syncronized our hearts
reached out for her
And I heard her sigh

You could tell me
I could not take another breath of air
and I would inhale water.
You could deny me the right to speak
and I would write
But what substitute is there
for my true need?
the true meaning of my being?
deny me your love
and I would crumble.

“†♥†Tabitha †♥†”

Since: Jun 08

Savannah, GA

#12 Jun 25, 2008
Stretching before me
a vast expanse of green.
like patchwork blankets
so familiar to me
they comfort my soul
my piece of heaven
here in the hills
my eyes drink in every drop
as the road takes me up,
leading me there
this place, my place
where troubles leave me
to float down the mountainsides
and the empty space that is in my heart
is filled with a joy.
And I want to scream at the sky
I am here, I am loved
I belong
I am not alone
I find him with me here
her spirit

you came to me
as a vision
invading my mind
when sleep was upon me
you led me to a place serene
where warm breaths
of summer days
kissed my cheek
and emerald waters
soothed my tired limbs
you showed me heaven
reflecting the stars
that shone so brightly
in your eyes
we drank freely
of the beauty
we tasted paradise

every day the same
the tedium of life
dragging me down
with every slow and weary step
no sun to be seen on my horizon
no somewhere over my rainbow
but i know its there just waiting
for me to take in both hands
and shout to the world
its here, my moment was waiting
somewhere in time

“†♥†Tabitha †♥†”

Since: Jun 08

Savannah, GA

#13 Jun 25, 2008

Rainbows and Flowers are not mine alone
My love for Thee is mine alone

Ask for Peace and Blessing alone
Rest all things are dust alone
Desire for unknown is better left alone

Suffering in my life are not mine alone
Tears in my heart are not mine alone
Lord with me, share these alone

I believe in Faith and Faith alone
Jesus is my saviour is the Truth alone
Lord always with me and I am His alone...

Lord send my angel
to sit at the foot of my bed
and shelter me from the crown of my head

Lord send my angel
to wake me in the love of Christ
to always conquer my days with peace and not strife

Lord send my angel
to watch over me all day long
as I go to and fro to keep me from all harm

Lord send my angel
who is powerful and strong
who shall guard my life forever long

Lord send my angel
and keep my angel dear and near
that I will feel no fear

Lord send my angel

“†♥†Tabitha †♥†”

Since: Jun 08

Savannah, GA

#14 Jun 25, 2008

A sister
Someone you cannot replace
To be there for you
When you have no one else
A sister
Someone who is always by your side
When the walls are caving in
There thorugh thick and thin
A sister
The one person in this world
That can make you laugh
When all you want to do is cry
A sister
The person who knows you best
From the inside out
The one who can read your mind
A sister
Can see your thoughts
She can see how you feel
And be there to make the memories
A sister
The one person
Who you'll share the most memories
Of humerous and horrible

A Sisters

A sister is someone who leads you when you are having a problem.
A sister makes you laugh and cry.
A sister is someone who likes to fight with you.
A sister is the one who stands with you in all your ups and downs.
A sister makes you remember who you really are.
A sister sometimes makes you cry when they are very sad.
A sister is someone who is always there for you through all the laughter and tears.
A sister is real.
A sister never will pretend.
A sister is someone like you whom I treasure everyday in my heart.

My little sister,
always keeps shinning
like a star
and make others shine.
My little sister,
so much loving and caring.
My little sister,
Helping poor and needy
understanding their problems.
My little sister,
so sweet and lovely like queen.
My little sister,
reading the reality of the world
brings a message of love to all.
My little sister,
so humble and good
never shows haughtiness.

You Are Wanted
My Sister
More than anything
You are wanted and accepted
by the King of Kings

You are a Princess
fearfully and wonderfully made
you are unique an original
I'm so glad you stayed

so, dismiss the lies

Because YOU are beautiful and
Precious in God's Eyes

and you are my Sister
you'll be Ok
Never forget that you're a princess
that's just God's way

He Loves you and even gave His Life
so that you could come to know Him
and even have eternal life

You are my sister
God says your Beautiful
So rejoice my Sister
isn't that Wonderful!

Made I a Friend.
Friend from Far.
Distance was immense between me and her.
Shared us thoughts.
Thoughts shared by two.
Thoughts being of life, care and things which are small.
Small is size with the importance of being important.
Important she is to me.
She is the one I call sister.
Sister she is to me.
Sister who loves unconditionally.
Thanks sister for being you.
You are the sister I learnt meanings from.
Meanings of caring and sharing.
For a sister whom I love.

“†♥†Tabitha †♥†”

Since: Jun 08

Savannah, GA

#15 Jun 25, 2008

My Sister, My Dearest Friend

You're the best sister I could have asked for
I pray thanks to god, that he gave you to me
We laugh together, and we cry together
We play and we fight
But in the end it's all alright

Your my sisterly companion, my partner in crime
You're my trustee confidant
We keep each others deepest secrets safe

And even though we're cousins by law & blood
We're sisters at heart, which is where it counts =]

Simply because you're my sister and you're my friend
Thank you so much for being the best sister I could EVER have!

I love my sister so dear to my heart,
I love my sister even if we are apart.

She does not feel my love for her,
even though it is so apparent.

She is like an darling angel,
fluttering her graceful wings.

I hope she sees my love one day,
my sister so dear to me.

“†♥†Tabitha †♥†”

Since: Jun 08

Savannah, GA

#16 Jun 25, 2008
The Day I DIE
Don’t forget to remember me
My last breath
My last smile
My last wish
My last Love

Don’t forget
To tell my Boyfriend I love him
To tell my mom to remember me
To tell my dad I will be with him soon
To tell my Big sister I love her
To tell my friends I will miss them

That when I die I will all was remember you and I will never be alone I will have my father to take care of me in the big blue sky Don’t forget to tell every one I love them Remember to tell my boyfriend I’m not leaving him I’m just going away for a while Remember to tell my sister that she will all was be my big sister even when die Don’t forget to tell my sister I’m not dead just reborn And last but not least one last thing....

Don’t forget to remember me for ever

“†♥†Tabitha †♥†”

Since: Jun 08

Savannah, GA

#17 Jun 25, 2008
Heaven, where the streets are made of gold,
Heaven, where you never age or grow old,
Heaven, where lifes secrets unfold,
Heaven, where the secrets are told,

Heaven, where flowers grow wild,
Heaven, once again your a child,
Heaven, the weathers always warm and mild,
Heaven, where wings lay open in piles,

Heaven, where we are free,
Heaven, cant you see?
Heaven, its for you and for me,
Heaven, when we are free.

Tears swelling up in my eyes every night
Rain drops fall from heaven
Simply a walking disguise in the light
Rain drops fall from heaven

Wondering when i will be alright
Rain drops fall from heaven
Growing so weak no energy to fight
Rain drops fall from heaven

Losing all hope in my mind
Rain drops fall from heaven
Wishing that i could simply unwind
Rain drops fall from heaven

As time goes love makes me blind
Rain drops fall from heaven
Wishing i didn't have to leave her behind
Rain drops fall from heaven

Wanting to make everything right
Rain drops fall from heaven
Wishing i could could see her in sight
Rain drops fall from heaven

Wishing I had the strength to fight
Rain drops fall from heaven
Wishing i could hold her tight
Rain drops fall from heaven

Never knowing if she remembers me
Rain drops fall from heaven
Never know if we were meant to be
Rain drops fall from heaven

Wishing i had more time to see
Rain drops fall from heaven
My family that always loved me
Rain drops fall from heaven

Thinking back to the times we had
Rain drops fall from heaven
Smiles and laughter but yet so sad
Rain drops fall from heaven

Just sitting here all alone
Rain drops fall from heaven
Wishing i was way back home
Rain drops fall from heaven

Now the only thing that is on my mind
Rain drops fall from heaven
Is the memories i have way back in time
Rain drops fall from heaven

The tears from my eyes and deep inside
Rain drops fall from heaven
Matches the drops that come from the sky
Rain drops fall from heaven

If you could even begin to wonder why
Rain drops fall from heaven
It is simply those tears from lies
Rain drops fall from heaven

Every time it rains i stare to the clouds
Rain drops fall from heaven
Hoping one day she will simply fall
Rain drops fall from heaven

Right into my arms where she belongs
Rain drops fall from heaven
So that i can sing her a song
Rain drops fall from heaven

A song that tells her how i feel
Rain drops fall from heaven
A song that is nothing but real
Rain drops fall from heaven

That will be the day that will bring me joy
Rain drops fall from heaven
Too bad it wont happen to this girl
Rain drops fall from my eyes 24/7

“†♥†Tabitha †♥†”

Since: Jun 08

Savannah, GA

#18 Jun 25, 2008
*********[STEPHANIE MICHELLE McCLURE***YOU ARE LOVED AND MISSED ALWAYS****]]]***>>> >3333333>>>>*** *
Lost without You

Greenfield, IN

#19 Jun 26, 2008
If tears could build a stairway and memories were a lane,
We would walk all the way to Heaven, to bring you home again
No farewell words were spoken, no time to say good-bye
You were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why
Our hearts ache in sadness, and secret tears will flow
What is meant to lose you, no one will ever know!
Lost without You

Greenfield, IN

#20 Jun 26, 2008
"I'll lend you for a little while,
a child of mine" God said,
"for you to love the while she lives,
and mourn for when she's dead.

It may be two or three short years,
or twenty-two or three,
but will you, till I call her back,
take care of her for me?

She'll bring her charms to gladden you,
and should her stay be brief,
you'll have her lovely memories
as solace for your grief.

I cannot promise she will stay,
since all from earth return,
but there are lessons taught down there
I want this child to learn.

I've looked the wide world over
in my search for teacher's true,
and from the throngs that crowd life's lanes,
I have selected you.

Now will you give her all your love?
Nor think the labor vain?
Nor hate me when I come to call,
to take her back again?"

God fancied he heard the parent's say,
"Dear Lord, thy will be done.
For all the joy the child shall bring,
the risk of grief I'll run.

I'll shelter her with tenderness,
I'll love her while I may,
and for the happiness I've known
forever grateful I'll stay.

But should the angels call for her,
much sooner than I planned,
I'll brave the bitter grief that comes,
and try to understand."

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